Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 145

Chapter 145 Happy Family!!

When far east.

When the fans of Yanguo watched this game, they really did not expect that Zhu Tian would lead the entire Atletico team up and down to make such a show.

After all, when you watch the ball before, you can see that after the goal, some players give the goal to the newborn child.

Or compatriots who have suffered a lot in their hometowns.

Or give it to your sweetheart and so on.

Or even Ba Shen’s kind of lifting the jersey just to make everyone think along with him,’ Whyalwaysme? ‘, that kind of riot operation.

But it is still in the five major leagues in Europe.

There are no players who go to the fans in the ‘football desert’ of Yanguo to pay tribute.

So when everyone saw the actions of the entire Atletico team, the whole Yan country was not calm at this time.

[Hey ~ Michael, Zhu Tian, their clothes, the clothes are written on the shi yi ah?! 】

This time.

Atletico’s move across the team.

Nature can’t escape the eyes of sky sports commentators.

After all, at this time, almost all the cameras that can be used in the whole field are filming this scene.

“Well, I’m sorry, Charles. I don’t know this, but according to my speculation, it should be the script of Yanguo! Could it be that Zhu Tian has a girlfriend, and Atletico helps Zhu Tian to make a girl?! 】

But soon.

When inside the headphones, Charles finally understood what Zhu Tian meant by what was written on their T-shirts after receiving the prompts from the backstage director.

【Hey! Everyone, according to the interpretation of the Yanguo experts in our rear, I now finally understand what is written on Zhu Tian’s T-shirt! 】

Charles, who got the answer, was naturally quite proud at this time.

Deliberately benefit from the foreign when facing the camera.

And now more and more professional Irving, naturally has become a qualified praise.

Oh? Charles, don’t sell the pipe, let’s tell everyone! 】

【Hahaha! Ladies and gentlemen, Zhu Tian’s T-shirt is written on it, which is Zhu Tian’s blessing to his compatriots in the Far East! Because today, it is the Spring Festival of Yanguo!

Here, on behalf of all Sky Sports staff, I also wish the fans and friends of Yanguo a happy Chinese New Year! 】

【Happy family! 】 】

The popular science of Sky Sports was naturally quickly known by the players of Cadiz.


After knowing that, all the Cadiz players also have pain in their hearts

After all, at the critical moment of the season, I met Zhu Tian, who wanted to pay tribute to his compatriots.

Everyone in Cadiz felt that the team was really unlucky today.


A goal that did not fully satisfy Zhu Tian at all.

In the ensuing matches.

Under Zhu Tian’s active running at the expense of physical strength, Atletico’s entire midfield was completely fixed in the half of Cadiz.

Through Zhu Tian’s combing and conduction, Cádiz’s players feel that they are not facing a team like Atletico Madrid who is good at playing defensive counterattacks, on the contrary, they feel that they are playing like Barca.

The head coach of Cadiz, seeing that the form on the field was not right, finally was very decisive in the first time, asking the whole team to retract back to its own half to defend.


How could Zhu Tian, who was bent on a big victory, make Cadiz get his wish?!

22nd minute.

After nearly 20 minutes of siege of Cadiz, Zhu Tian finally found an opportunity in the bus of Cadiz!

When Zhu Tian was about 10 meters in front of the Cadiz penalty area, facing the defense of 7 people in Cadiz, the result was a very light crotch-to-ground pass, and finally broke the Cadiz defense.

Donovan, who had long been ambushed near the forbidden area, started at the first time.

Anti-offside success!

Face the goalkeeper opposite.

Donovan fired a violent shot and the ball hung straight in the top right corner of the goal.

Faced with such a one-foot shot, Cadiz’s goalkeeper was ultimately clueless!

And after the goal, Donovan.

Greeting the teammates around them, everyone came to the camera on the sidelines again.

But this time.

All of Atletico’s players had their backs to the cameras.

Neatly lifted the jersey halfway through, revealing the blessing of the back.

[I wish the fans of Yanguo, what they want to do, the family is happy!] 】

At this time, it is even more surprising to all the fans of Yanguo.

On the sideline billboard of Cadiz’s home stadium, Chinese characters were also played at the first time.

【All the staff of the Bullfighting National League, I wish the fans of Yanguo a happy new year! 】 All the best! 】

To know………

At present, atletico’s competitions are naturally quite high in Europe or the whole world.

So the cost of the side billboard for this game is naturally also a rather exaggerated figure.


In this situation, the Bullfighting National Football Association learned the news after Atletico’s first goal, and actually blessed the fans and spectators of Yanguo

Originally, Zhu Tian still had some regrets.

After all, this game is not at Atletico’s own home stadium, so there is no way to advertise directly on the sidelines, which is still a little regrettable.

Who would have thought.

Now the Bullfighting National Football Association has actually satisfied Zhu Tian’s little regret?! Have to say.

At this time, Zhu Tian was still quite grateful to the Bullfighting National Football Association in his heart.

And UEFA headquarters.

After Platini saw this scene, he was directly a bit defensive!

【What do the Football Association of the Rooster Country eat?!】 Football in the bullfighting country knows to win Zhu Tian’s favor through such an operation, and they don’t do anything?! Or is it that the Rooster Kingdom is already strong enough not to need a genius like Zhu Tian?! 】

At the thought of this, Cuašini could not hold his seat.

The first time I made a phone call with the football of the rooster country, I directly scolded the face with my head covered.

It’s not just Platini who watches this game.


Basically, the football associations of the five major leagues in Europe know the news.

Regardless of the development of the entire Asian market, Yanguo has the weight in it.

Or show favor to Zhu Tian, hoping to win Zhu Tian’s favor.

In a word.

In all the five major league matches that followed, almost all the billboards in the competition venues appeared to offer blessings for the Spring Festival of Yanguo.

As for the atletico and Cadiz match?!

At this time, naturally there are not too many people who care.

After all, when atletico scored a goal at the beginning of the game, everyone knew that the result of the game was already doomed.

In the face of Zhu Tian, whose desire to attack had almost reached its peak, a team like Cadiz naturally did not resist.


When the final whistle was pointed, the score of the game was played on the big screen.


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