Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 136

Chapter 136 Aftermath of the Game!!

In the highly anticipated Copa del Rey quarterfinals, Barca vs Atletico ultimately lost to Atletico Madrid in a rare 0-4.

For this result.

Even the most optimistic Atletico fans before the game did not expect it.


People who watched the whole game did not have any doubts about this score.

In the game, Zhu Tian showed his dominance, especially after the start of the second half, leading Atletico to play Barca-style football.

To this.

Everyone felt that Atletico deserved to win this game.

After the game.

At a press conference.

Simone has not yet arrived.

It is estimated that at this time, he is celebrating with his disciples in the locker room.

And the reporters are also bored at this time.

Because on the Barca side, the manager disappeared directly after the game.

Only Barçal’s assistant coach came to the scene.

For assistant coaches, reporters naturally have no ideas.


When the reporters were all looking at each other, The red-faced Simeone was finally late.

But at this time, no fool would complain about Simeone’s late arrival.

Compared with Simeone’s late arrival, everyone is more looking forward to it, and Simone, who is in a good mood at this time, can meet everyone’s questions more.


Before Simone could take his seat, countless reporters had already raised their hands and signaled that they had questions to ask.

Simeone then ordered a reporter, and the press conference finally officially began.

[Please ask Coach Simeone, what do you think of Atletico’s four-goal massacre of Barca?] 】

[I am naturally extremely satisfied with this result.] Of course, the gap in strength between the two sides is not so big, and it is only because of Pique’s red card that he started with Barca having to face the situation of one less person fighting at the beginning.

[Coach Simeone, what do you think about Zhu Tian’s performance after the position of this game is advanced to the right frontcourt? Are Atletico also imitating the way Barca play? Are Atletico paying homage to Barca in this way? 】

Hearing this question, Simeone, who was originally in a good mood, changed his face

But after seeing that the other party was a reporter for the Catalan newspaper, Simeone resisted.

[The advance of Zhu Tian’s position is naturally something I have to arrange.] As for the way the whole Atletico played after that? Quite simply, we have to win the race in the most labor-saving way, after all, Barça has no worries about the Copa del Rey, and we atletico still need to fight for the Copa del Rey! 】

Hearing Simeone’s answer, the other reporters at the scene burst into laughter at this time.

That’s right.

Simone seems to be telling a simple truth.

In fact, it is the reporter who satirizes the Newspaper Catalunya, and we atletico still need to pay tribute to you, the loser?

Be aware.

Now that the game is over, you Barca are the ones who lose.

Don’t hurry back and lick your own wounds, Qi Ran still wants us to salute!

Idiots, huh?! But.

For the reporter of the Newspaper de Catalonia to be able to ask such a question, the reporters on the scene, even Simeone, were not very surprised.

Because the people of Catalonia are all with inexplicable arrogance, no, even arrogance.

It’s just that this reporter obviously forgot that the person interviewed in front of him was not a gentleman.

It’s a famous bandit in european football!

The name of the bandit marshal is not given casually.

[Mr. Simeone, please ask, Michael Irving has read the evaluation of Zhu Tian’s table today, saying that Zhu Tian alone can stand up to the entire barca team, what do you think about this?! 】

【Hahaha! Although Michael’s words are a bit exaggerated, Zhu Tian’s influence on the entire stadium is indeed quite terrifying. 】


The whole press conference ended with many reporters praising Zhu Tian and Simeone.


For the aftermath of this game, it has only just begun.

The first to strike was The Bild, the most widely circulated newspaper in all of Europe.

As a newspaper of the Chariot Nation.

Naturally, it reflects the rigorous attitude of the chariot people.

The content on the Bild newspaper is actually just a simple photo of Zhu Tian about this game.

However, in the text, it is a serious analysis of the comparison between Atletico under Zhu Tian’s combing and the dream 3 people at the peak.

The result is.

If Zhu Tian’s physical strength is sufficient, then under the leadership of Zhu Tian, Atletico’s pass success rate and the threat of passing are even higher than the entire Dream 3 team.

Bild is not a casual talk.

Instead, they came up with a lot of data for comparison.

At least when the football was at Zhu Tian’s feet, Atletico never conceded a goal.

The strength of the Dream 3 team is that even if the football is snatched by the opponent, the success rate of the Barca players in the first time is too terrifying.


Bild concluded.

Zhu Tian alone is indeed worthy of the whole Of Barcelona!

And at the end of the article, Bild is also a bold prediction, Zhu Tian after this game, the value is directly taken off.

The specific amount can not be estimated, but conservative estimates, will not be lower than Messi and C Ronaldo, the current value of the three should be a level.

As for who is high and who is low, it depends on the operation of the final transfer

In addition to Bild, fleet street newspapers also reported a lot on the performance of the game and Zhu Tian’s phenomenal level.

There are also Manchester newspapers that if a player like Zhu Tian can’t come to the Premier League to play, it will be the biggest loss in the entire Premier League.

Of course.

In addition to the media reports, the speeches of some bigwigs have detonated the whole of Europe.

[After this game, I am sure that Zhu Tian was born for Real Madrid!] 】

Florentino was the first to publish his thoughts on Zhu Tian in the Marca newspaper.

Although Zhu Tian is not the first time to contact Real Madrid, but before that, there was no official real Madrid personnel to speak, to a large extent, in fact, the two sides are just a scandal.

But now it’s different.

Florentino’s statement was directly addressed to the world.

Real Madrid is already a little impatient for Zhu Tian’s ambitions!

In addition to Real Madrid, all the other giants who are worthy of Zhu Tian also spoke at the first time and expressed their desire for Zhu Tian.

This time.

About Zhu Tian’s winter transfer news.

Once again, it appeared in the reports of the european media and large

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