Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 135

Chapter 135 Conquer camp Nou!!

With this goal.

The whole spirit of Barcelona was completely hit.

Everyone on the field was like losing their souls, overwhelmed on the field.

After all, atletico’s goal.

It’s a way that Barca players are all too familiar with.

Barca players in the past have enjoyed this process.

It was only when such a thing happened to them that they first realized that the feeling of being scored by someone like this was terrible.

When Xavi kicked off again in the middle circle, the entire Barca players hardly reacted much.

Even if the head coach shouted loudly on the sidelines, asking everyone to cheer up.

Despite the live broadcast, the narrator has been cheering the whole team on.


For Barca’s players, there is really no courage to continue to face such a scene at this time.


Fortunately, the whistle at the end of the first half that followed saved Barca.

Accompanied by the whistle of the referee.

All the Barça players entered the lounge as if they were fleeing.

And on the field.

Zhu Tian felt a little pity at this time.

Because Zhu Tian believed that he only needed to continue for another five minutes.


Even if it is three minutes, Barca’s door will be opened by itself again.

Just when Zhu Tian was still chafing.

There is one more person directly on the body.

Looking back, it turned out that Villa had jumped directly to Zhu Tian’s body in excitement.

[Zhu Tian, your performance just now is really due to the awesomeness!] 】

It has to be said that Villa has a reason to be excited.

Villa, who was born in La Masia, was in that time just now.

There really is an illusion.

It was like returning to La Masia again.

Where the dream began.

Under zhu tian’s tandem, in that time just now.

Villa finally felt the feeling of enjoying the game again.

[Zhu Tian, if you can, the second half is still like just now, can you?!] 】

Looking at the anticipation in Villa’s eyes, Bao Qing naturally nodded.

[It can be, but, David, you have to know that being able to kick out the effect just now is all by relying on the tandem in the middle, which is very expensive for my physical energy, so if my physical ability does not allow it, I will give up, okay?!] 】

[Of course!] 】

Zhu Tian’s explanation, Villa naturally understood.

In the scene just now, although it is said that Barça, as the party that was ‘slipped monkeys’, has paid a lot of physical strength.

But the same.

As such an organizer, Zhu Tian also needs to constantly move and run without connecting.

Therefore, Villa naturally understood that Zhu Tian’s physical energy consumption was quite huge.


For Zhu Tian’s statement, Villa naturally understood.

【Hey! Brat! You’re simply the biggest genius I’ve ever seen! No sooner had he returned to the dressing room than Simeone greeted him. He rubbed hard against Zhu Tian’s hair.

Mainly Simeone was really shocked by Zhu Tian’s performance just now, except for constantly rubbing Zhu Tian’s hair, he really didn’t know how to express his excitement.

Not just Simone.

The other atletico players, looking at Zhu Tian’s eyes at this time, is similar to looking at God.

Last resort.

Zhu Tian could only repeat what he had just said to Villa, and everyone else naturally expressed considerable understanding and joking about Zhu Tian’s explanation.

Just one person in tandem can have the effect of Barca’s entire team.

If you can really stick to the whole game, then you will see the crest.


Fifteen minutes of the half-time break ended, and the second half of the game officially began after a rest adjustment in the midfield, and the Barca players who played again were finally a little more normal at this time.

However, because of Pique’s end, Barca had to face the indiscriminate bombardment of Atletico!

Especially Zhu Tian.

After trying in the first half, the work of helping the whole team in tandem in the second half was more comfortable.

[Michael, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I really couldn’t accept this scene in front of me]

[Don’t say it’s you, it’s me, and I still can’t believe it.] With Zhu Tian, it means having the whole of Barcelona! 】

【Hahaha! I don’t think you’re at all arrogant about this! 】

Inside Sky Sports’ live room, Owen was chatting with the host about the changes in the scene.

And Irving’s words, even Owen himself did not expect, what a huge influence will be emitted after the game…

The game continues.

But at this time, all the Barça fans have no illusions about the game.

Previously, under the leadership of the commentators on the spot, the entire Camp Nou still had considerable expectations for the team after seeing Zhu Tian’s position advanced.

After all, what the narrator said is not without reason.

At that time, even the most conservative people hoped that their beloved team would at least score a goal, even if it could not reverse the game?!

It’s just that.

Zhu Tian’s performance in the next game.

It’s crazy.

Defeat the whole of Barcelona in the most familiar way! Now don’t talk about scoring goals.

Under zhu tian’s tandem, the entire Barça even the ball right of football is almost impossible to get.

It’s been about fifteen minutes since the start of the second half.

As a result, Sky Sports’ data set gives a comparison of the holding times of the two sides.

The result was a staggering 2:8

Say it exactly.

Barca 18.6% Atletico 81.4%

What a striking contrast?!

In the past, this overwhelming ball holding comparison was above, and Barca was the winning side.

At this time, the Barça fans can only sing Barça’s team song in the cool night wind, hoping to tell all the Barça players that we are with you!

But even if the fans sing loudly, the help to Barca in the scene is almost zero.

On the field.

After 15 minutes or so of frantic trials, it looked like Barca were going to concede a goal at any moment.


When Zhu Tian organized the football to come to the vicinity of Barca’s big penalty area again, he suddenly made a powerful shot with a full concealment, and once again pierced the entire Barca goal.


After this goal, Zhu Tian signaled to Simeone that his physical strength had reached its limit.

Zhu Tian, who originally felt a little regretful, unexpectedly heard the loud applause issued by the entire Camp Nou to himself when he was replaced.

This moment.

Zhu Tian officially conquered this most famous devil’s home in all of Europe.

Now not only the fans, but even the commentators on the spot are on the radio, praising Zhu Tian’s performance in this game!

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