Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 133

Chapter 133 Wait and See!!

With Pique’s reddishment, Barca fell directly into absolute passivity on the pitch.

The 10ers are facing a team of strength like Atletico.

At this time, even the most optimistic Barça fans have no expectations for this game.

With the referee’s whistle, Villa easily scored the ball into the goal.


The Barça fans in the stands were silent at this time.

Tonight’s Camp Nou, what stays in everyone is not the joy of winning.

Pique’s red card really stung their hearts.

Lose and lose!

Although the first half of the game is not over, everyone knows that two goals behind, one less person to fight, this game, Barca do not have any chance!

The course of the match that followed was exactly as everyone had imagined.

Because one less person to fight, and Zhu Tian alone incarnated into a midfield meat grinder, directly freezing the operation of Barca’s entire midfield, resulting in barca even the number of times they even scored into The atletico half began to become very few.

It was also possible to see the competition between Barca and Atletico in midfield, accompanied by the absolute disadvantage of one less person, completely disappearing.


At this time, it is still dependent on the personal ability of Messi or Xavi Xiaobai to occasionally come to atletico’s midfield.

【Hahaha! You Barcelona also have today?! 】

Seeing that there was a one-sided situation on the scene, Simone was quite excited at this time.

No way.

Since the Dream 3 team set sail, this Barca team has been playing with oppressive dry feet.

Even if it is a lost game, at least in terms of the scene, there is no problem with Barca as a whole.

Who would have thought that just today, their own Atletico would directly kick Barca into an almost half-court attack and defense drill?!

As long as Zhu Tian carried out procrastination protection.

Then Simeone simply does not have to worry about Barca’s defensive counterattack.

Because no one can successfully break through from Zhu Tian!

Thinking that he was the first to lead the team to press Barca to the ground and rub it, Simeone couldn’t help but smile at this time!

It feels like this.

Sour! On the field.

At this time, all the Barça players naturally felt depressed.

After all, the half-time offensive and defensive drills have not been played.

Even in the Champions League, when facing Mourinho’s Inter Milan, they once blocked the other side directly in their own half to besiege.

And one less person to fight?

It’s not like I haven’t met before, but even if it’s one less person.

With Barca’s strong and smooth midfield cooperation, it is still possible to play with the other side without return.

It’s just that.

Look at the black-haired kid at Atletico’s half.

At this time, everyone’s heart felt quite irritable, and at the same time, deep inside, there was also a trace of fear.

Zhu Tian.

He was horrible!

Being able to directly freeze the three people of Xiaobai Harvey and Messi with personal ability to attack in midfield is simply a daily joke before today.


In today’s game, after the preface witnessed Zhu Tian’s performance, everyone was silent.

Although the age of teenagers is exactly the age of the ball.

But how long has it been since the last fight?! Why did Zhu Tian’s progress go so fast?!

For a time, many of Barca’s players were in despair.

They were all frightened by the despair brought by Zhu Tian.

【Detected that the difficulty of the game has changed, now release a new mission ・ Serve Camp Nou!】 】

After hearing the sound of the system, Zhu Qing was directly stunned.

After all, Barça now has one less man to fight.

As for whether this game can still trigger the system task, Zhu Tian has no hope of reporting anything.

After all, according to the previous situation, system tasks will only appear in the difficult Pese.

If atletico is one less person to fight at this time, then according to the previous situation, it should trigger the system’s task at the first time.

As a result, when Zhu Tian checked the content of the task, the whole person was a little speechless.

It seems that the system is also a belly black type!

【Beat the falling water dog!】 Since the establishment of the Dream 3 team, no one has been able to conquer the Camp Nou, and strong people such as C Ronaldo and others here only have the end of drinking and hating! Now ask the host to help the team defeat the opponent in this game, and become the first person to conquer the Camp Nou stadium in Dream 3! 】

This? Listen to the first sentence.

Is this human word?!


There is no reward or anything for this mission.

Compared to previous tasks, this task is very unsystematic! But.

Look at the system’s explanation.

At this time, Zhu Tian was still moved.

Because it is a conquest mission, the system does not give a specific score however.

For this task itself, Zhu Tian at this time was still quite interested.


Conquer Camp Nou?!

Let the whole stadium applaud itself?!

This is an irresistible temptation for any player visiting Camp Nou!

Zhu Tian, who had a plan in mind.

Immediately started to advance their position.

For Zhu Tian, the degree of freedom in the entire Atletico team is the highest.

In contrast is Messi’s position in the whole of Barca.


Even if he saw Zhu Tian’s position ahead of schedule, although Simone saw it at this time, he didn’t say anything.

Even, shouting on the sidelines to ask several other midfielders to pay attention to the protection of the neutral position behind him after Zhu Tian’s position was advanced.

And Zhu Tian naturally heard Simone’s words and made a gesture toward him that he was going to attack.

After understanding Zhu Tian’s meaning, all his teammates began to cooperate with Zhu Tian.

Diego Costa retreated directly and became a pillar of Barca’s midfield.

Villa went to the left, allowing Zhu Tian to come to the right frontcourt he usually liked more.

And the change in Zhu Tian’s position naturally attracted the attention of all the servants.

After all, according to Sky Sports’ evaluation, Zhu Tian is also the kind of person who can ‘influence the whole game with his personal strength’.

[Hey ~ Michael, Zhu Tian is no longer dragging his feet to defend, but has come to the midfield, does this mean that Zhu Tian is going to participate in the attack!? 】

[This is for sure!] Although Zhu Tian has the same deadly threat in the midfield, if he is closer to the goal, Zhu Tian can have the ability to score directly! 】

[You mean, Zhu Tian wants to score goals himself?!] 】

【Hahaha! This is not what I want to mean, it still depends on what Zhu Tian thinks! 】

[Well, then we’ll wait and see what Zhu Tian will do next!] 】。

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