Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 132

Chapter 132 Red Card!!

Now Simone has given Barca a world-class problem!] That’s how to successfully flip the tables with Atletico leading the way! 】

[That’s right! The most insoluble puzzle in world football today is how to reverse Atletico! 】

After seeing the successful sneak attack of Atletico under Zhu Tian’s planning, He Wei and Liu Jiayuan also interpreted the form of the scene at this time.

Although Liu Jiayuan is a newcomer to the commentary, it seems that he still put considerable effort into it before the game.

At least he knew.

Now when Atletico take the lead, what a nightmare it will be for their opponents.

And yanguo’s explanation of the problem is known, and for Sky Sports, it is naturally also known.

After all, every time Sky Sports, in addition to the resident commentator, it will also be paired with a former football related person.

It’s either a famous coach, or a retired star, and so on.

In this game, former Liverpool legend Michael Owen came as a special commentator to explain this game.

Michael, what do you think about the current score?] 】

【How to say this?】 Although Barca are the more confident side before the game, the scene of the game is not as confident as theirs! 】

Why?! 】

[Quite simply, because Zhu Tian’s point is something that Barca can’t handle.] Before this goal, Barca’s attack came to the midfield, and it was always ended against Zhu Tian. In the end, the football was either passed back or directly destroyed by Zhu Tian. Even this ball, after being snatched down by Zhu Tian, directly played his unparalleled vision and accurate long pass, and finally created this goal! 】

[Indeed.] Although this goal is Diego Costa’s, 80% of the credit is actually counted on Zhu Tian’s head! You know, the Copa del Rey is a single-game elimination system, and now Barca are in trouble! 】

[It’s much more than that!] You know, it’s Atletico that’s leading now! The biggest problem in world football now is how to reverse Atletico! You must know that Atletico under the leadership of Simeone, defensive counterattack is an unsolvable problem that the world has no way to solve at present! 】

What would you do if it were you?!] 】

[To be honest, I don’t have a very good way, I can only put all my hopes on Messi’s body!] After all, he is Messi! If there is anyone in the world who can defeat a team with his personal ability, then this person can only be Messi! 】

[Michael, you mean, this kind of scene, C Ronaldo is not OK?! 】

[Well, now C Ronaldo is more of an offensive terminator, and now the scene, it is clear that Barca is not capable of creating such opportunities]

After saying this, Owen also wiped a cold sweat while looking at the narrator who was smiling at him.

At this time, Owen was also a little speechless.

Sure enough, Sky Sports’ money is not so easy to take.

Actually want to dig a hole for yourself all the time?! Your uncle’s!

On the field.

The whole of Barcelona at this time is indeed as Owen said.

There is no good way for everyone.

And as the much-anticipated Messi.

Because I think more in my heart, there is still a picture of Zhu Tian after joining the national team, so it does not seem to be particularly in the state.

And atletico.

After receiving Simeone’s gesture, it was natural to start changing the formation.

In addition to Villa still staying behind Barca’s half,Diego Costa has retreated to the middle of his half and waited.

In the face of Atletico retracting into the shell of the turtle, Barca really felt a little desperate at this time.

Can’t you afford to play?

Now give us a little chance?! Pity.

Although everyone at Barca wants to scold Atletico about this choice, there is no way to change it!

And just when Barca had a headache and Ma Jing’s turtle shrinking defense.

Zhu Tian once again dealt Barca a heavy blow.

When Messi lost the ball near Atletico’s big box by several defenders, the football was sent to the feet of Zhu Tian, who was not far away, at the first ‘interval’.

In the face of Xiao Bai’s counterattack, Zhu Tian simply shook the center of gravity of his body and rubbed it with the instep of his foot, completing the turn and getting rid of Xiao Bai.

Subsequently, without waiting for the rest of Barca to come forward to steal, Zhu Tian saw that Barca’s half was almost all white.

This means that almost as long as the football is passed out, then Villa is an absolute chance?!

A pass over the top, clearly in the style of Zhu Tian’s extreme arc, landed the ball 10 metres outside the Barca penalty area.

The landing point of the ball made the goalkeeper quite uncomfortable.

Don’t attack, this ball limit has obviously penetrated Barca’s defense! Now Villa’s speed has risen, and as long as he receives the football, he is destined to be a single knife ball.

But strike.

This distance.

He is actually farther away from football than Villa.

Watching the speed of Villa’s galloping, what if he will definitely get the football earlier than himself?

Wait online, I’m super panicked right now!

For a while, Barca’s goalkeeper’s face kept changing, but it was difficult to decide

As a result, while Barca’s goalkeeper was still playing a face-changing game, Villa had already taken the football one step ahead of Pique.

Watching Villa also shake herself off.

Pique’s mood at this time was also quite irritable.

Diego Costa is now physically strong and young.

Which of the balls he lost before was thrown away by him, although it was also his own responsibility, but that was also a matter of no way.

But now how can even Villa, who is also a veteran, directly explode himself in speed?!

As a result, the more he thought about it, the more angry Pique finally directly turned red-eyed.

When Villa had already entered the big box with the football, he still put Villa behind him.


The rapid whistle finally made Pique calm down.

It’s just that.

At this time, even if Pique is the winner of the Oscar Little Golden Man, there is no way to make the referee’s men merciful.

Red! Ultimately.

Pique paid the price for his impulses.

And the Atletico players, who were originally fierce, rushed towards Pique.

As a result, after seeing the red card given by the referee, he immediately changed to go forward to check Villa’s physical condition.

Fortunately, Villa has long since ceased to be the youngest.

When Pique kicked him naked, Villa fell to the ground with a protective movement.

After a few strokes of movement, Villa indicated that she had no problem.

And this time, it is Barca’s turn to be embarrassed!

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