Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Zhu Tian’s Performance!!

Simone’s idea is naturally not without reason.

The current Barça is no longer the dream team that was just formed a few years ago.

If it is Barca at any time, Simonsi still has to have a good headache.


Now Barcelona?!

All three of them were in their thirties.

Now, although it can be said that it can be regarded as a top midfielder by virtue of empirical awareness.

Such a staffed Barça can no longer kick the tik-tak that was invincible in the world like a high-precision machine.

In Simeone’s eyes, barca’s three midfielders now only need Zhu Tian to blow them up!


Zhu Tian’s performance did not disappoint Simone.

On the field.

Under Simeone’s arrangement, Zhu Tian’s position was always firmly nailed to the midfield of Atletico after the start of the game.

For Simone’s arrangement, Zhu Tian naturally had no opinion.

Although the current Barça has already passed the peak of the third dream.

But it’s not so easy to grasp.

After the accumulation of recent competitions and usual training, Zhu Tian’s free points were also used to strengthen his speed.

This speed is not simply running speed.

Specifically, it is the three categories of turning speed, ball speed, and movement speed.

After that friendly match between the national team and samba.

Especially after becoming a teammate with Messi, Zhu Tian has been constantly reflecting on himself.

There are shortcomings about yourself now.

Zhu Tian also had a profound plan.

And speed is what Zhu Tian has been deliberately pursuing in recent times.

As for why?!

Wasn’t it stimulated by Messi?!

Don’t look at Messi now that he is over thirty years old.


Messi’s breakthrough is still so strong.

No one in the world dares to say that messi can be 100% successful in single defense.

Why?! That’s fast.

In the past, Zhu Tian felt that Messi was just changing speed in the process of running at high speed, so he relied on talent to complete the superiority of many incredible dragons.

But when Zhu Tian directly became a teammate with Messi, he was directly a little autistic by his previous simplicity.

Messi’s speed shift is his big killer, but it is definitely not the only trick.

Because Messi’s foot speed is also the best in the world.


How did tricks like crotch-piercing or croquettes come out?!

At the end of the day, Messi’s foot is too fast.

When the defensive player reacts, Messi can make a second move, or disguise or even directly wear the crotch.

When facing Bayern, he directly broke Boateng’s leg, which is actually how it was operated.

And zhu Tian, who has accelerated in all aspects, will be monetized when facing Barcelona?


Zhu Tian made the whole world sigh his perversion again!

The last time he faced Barca, Zhu Tian would still have some difficulty in defending Barca’s small-area transmission penetration, and could only rely on God’s perspective to move ahead of time.

But now?

In the face of Harvey’s breakthrough in midfield, Zhu Tian firmly followed Harvey, and the constant oppressor Harvey could only move towards the sideline with the ball.

Seeing that Harvey was about to go out of bounds with the ball, and looking at Zhu Tian, who was beside him like a wall of human nature, Harvey had no choice but to knock the ball back.

The next few midfield interceptions were almost identical.

Such a result.

It just makes everyone dumbfounded.

Once is fine, twice can also be said to be luck or good state.

But now the game has started for 13 minutes.

When facing Barca, although atletico really did not have the ball.


Every time Barca pushed forward in midfield, when they met Zhu Tian, it was almost fruitless, and finally had to pass the ball back.

Such a performance is very unscazard.

If it weren’t for the players on the field wearing red and blue shirts, even many people would have thought that this was Bayern after The Transformation of Guardiola!

Return! It’s an almost impossible choice for the entire Barca team.

The result was in just ten minutes of the opening session.

Whether it is Harvey or Xiaobai’s attempt, or even Messi’s return to the midfield and retreat to meet, the result is that when facing Zhu Tian, it is fruitless…

Now Zhu Tian is like a dam by the sea.

In the face of wave after wave of powerful impact, the results are not falling.

Again and again, Barca’s advance was fruitless.

【Good boy! 】 He’s growing up too fast, right?! For Zhu Tian’s performance.

Simone was directly surprised.

In terms of his pre-match deployment, Zhu Tian’s task for today’s game is to directly intercept Barca’s deadly breakthrough in the midfield.

Even in order to make Zhu Tian’s pressure less, Simeone even gave an account to all the midfielders, and when necessary, others directly adopted foul tactics, as long as Zhu Tian’s body was not yellow, the rest was not important.

In addition to foul tactics, Simeone’s second arrangement for this game was to learn Mourinho’s high regional defense pressure.

Anyway, under Simeone’s devilish discipline, almost everyone is the kind that can’t run.

Look at The Barcelona side.

In Simone’s eyes, it was a nursing home! I just run you to death with the one who runs!

As a result, now that 13 minutes have passed since the opening, who would have thought that just one Zhu Tian would directly make everyone in Barcelona helpless?!

Looking at Suarez’s dazed stall in the front, Simone was naturally happy at this time!

Lao Tzu only needs one Zhu Tian in his hand to stand up to your barca’s entire midfield!


How could such a Zhu Tian let him go?!

The midfield attack was directly intercepted here in Zhu Tian, and this result made Barca very painful.

Deliberately wanted to bypass Zhu Tian and go to the other side.

As a result, Zhu Tian’s God perspective played a role at this time.

Bullying Barca will not transfer a wide range of long passes, so every time Barca wants to transfer the ball through local passing, Zhu Tian is able to move with the other party at the first time.

And messi not far away.

At this time, staring at Zhu Tian’s gaze was directly revealing a different light.

[This guy is growing up too fast, right?!] However, in this way, if Zhu Tian can officially join the Blue Eagle National Team, then the World Series has Zhu Tian’s partner?! 】


Messi couldn’t even think about it!

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