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Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 125

Chapter 125 Score Reversal!!

With Diego Costa’s goal, the score between Atletico and Ajax also came to 1:1.

For Zhu Tian, this game is just the beginning.

Ever since he obtained the book on the history of modern football, Zhu Tian has been studying its contents.

It was just that before, Zhu Tian always felt as if he had realized something, but there was no way to reflect it in Bisse.

And now, Zhu Tian really understood.

What is the history of modern football?

Simply put, it is actually a confrontation between individual heroism and teamwork.

In the past long time, although football has long become the world’s first sport, it has long had a standardized professional league among countries around the world.

But the development of football has not actually made great progress.

Today, for example, everyone is still looking forward to the emergence of a new king after Maradona.

Like Ronaldo.

Like Ronaldinho.

Like Kaka.

Like Messi.

Like C Ronaldo.

Even, like Zhu Qing now.

Yes, even Zhu Tian, who has just debuted, has already been crowned by some European media as the successor of the ball king.

And these people, at different stages, have been called the most likely to become the new generation of ball kings.


Even Messi, who is closest to this title, is still controversial.

Some people say that Messi is now only one Hercules cup away from being officially crowned king.

But Zhu Tian, who was familiar with the subsequent development, knew.

Rival C Ronaldo also won a European Championship, but Messi has not won the Copa America for many years, let alone the heavier World Cup.

Before obtaining the history of modern football development, in fact, Zhu Tian also thought that with the blessing of the system, he could become a new generation of ball kings.


With the deepening of the understanding of the book on the history of modern football, Zhu Tian felt that the idea of the king of the ball was unrealistic.

Take the simplest example.

It is the Recently Rising European Red Devils Belgian national team.

For quite some time to come, the Belgian national team will be ranked first in the world by the World Football Federation.


Whether it’s the European Championship or the World Cup.

Belgium, with the golden generation of Aza II, Tintin and Lukaku, the best result was only the top four.

Although there are sayings that the heat must die, the root cause is actually that individual heroism has become a little weak in the face of increasingly strict modern football.

At the national team level, there are actually traces of changes in the position of the stadium.

Take the position of the classical front waist.

It can be seen that masters like Riquelme were directly shut out of European football later in their careers.

Compared to a waster who doesn’t help at all on the defensive end and a B2B who contributes at both ends of the attack and defense, all teams will naturally choose the latter whose team contributes more.

In modern football, even the specific position has been blurred that the winger is no longer a winger.

Defenders are no longer just defenders.

The most classic, of course, is the frontless tactics of the bullfighting country.

And Zhu Tian, who is well aware of the changes in the green shade field in the future, naturally has a clearer understanding of his future positioning.

Your own future style.

Even if it doesn’t reach the height of Modric, at least it can’t become a cup like J Ronaldo!


The whistle at the end of the first half began.

On the way back to the dressing room, Zhu Tian felt that he was finally breaking through as for the result of this game?

Don’t worry.

There are still 45 minutes left.


After returning to the locker room, even Simone gave Zhu Tiantian a hug every day.

[Zhu, your performance really shocked me!] It seems that you figure it out on your own, then I won’t talk nonsense, in the second half, you play according to your own ideas! 】

After hearing Simeone’s words, the other orbs just felt headless and brainless.


Villa, who had already seen the big scene, was also laughing and joking with Zhu Tian at this time.

[Hey, Zhu Tian, I also want to score in the second half, feed me more cakes!] 】

Although Diego Costa on the side did not understand what was happening, he was naturally not far behind when he heard that there were cakes to eat………

[Zhu, the cake in the first half is really delicious, give me a few more in the second half!] 】


The second half of the game began.

At first, Ajax’s side didn’t feel any difference.

However, when the opening rush failed, all Ajax players felt the change in Zhu Tian.

Zhu Tian’s position had begun to be no longer fixed.

Originally, he was still dragging on in the first half, but after the start of the second half, he was no longer fixed in a certain place.

Not only the interception of the midfield, or even the tandem of the midfield, Zhu Tian began to take care of it single-handedly.

【This is?】 Team brain?! 】

[That’s right! Zhu Tian is beginning to control Atletico! 】

Sky Sports’ commentators also quickly saw Zhu Tian’s change.

This time.

Zhu Tian has begun to enjoy the thrill of controlling the team on the field.

Whether it’s the interception sweeping and destruction on the defensive end, or the tandem and sudden acceleration in the midfield.

At this time, everyone at Atletico was acting according to Zhu Tian’s ideas.


The Atletico players have taken action, and Ajax’s side naturally has to respond to changes accordingly.

At this time, Zhu Qing was excited.

[Originally, Xiaofa’s feeling at Arsenal was like this?!] 】

After reveling in this feeling of being in control for a while, Zhu Tian finally remembered that atletico had not yet completely won the game.


Zhu Tian began to act.

When he once again cut off Ajax’s ball near his half-time mid-circle, Zhu Tian did not even carry the ball through the half, which was a foot of about 35 meters on the ground.

After the left foot slammed into the top half of the ball, the ball against Ajax’s artificial turf turned into a white light and appeared directly behind the Ajax defender.

Villa, who had been ambushed in the Ajax back line earlier, was also activated at the first time.

Anti-offside success!

Facing the onrushing Ajax goalkeeper, Villa calmly pushed the ball into the bottom left corner of the goal.


Atletico started in the second half in less than ten minutes to achieve a score reversal!

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