Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Fierce Conflict! Bloody Red Card!!

“Hey! The players on both sides are in a lot of emotions right now! ”

“It was Banega who stepped on the back of Diego Costa’s left foot in the course of his defense.”

Banega did not spare, bowed his head, and taunted the injured Diego Costa.

Cork is the closest to the scene of the incident.

He ran forward and tried to push Banega away.

Valencia defender Ricciardo, with his backhand, knocked Cork to the ground.

The backcourt players of the Bat Legion surrounded Ma Jing’s young general.

Including goalkeeper Carrera.

They had a fierce expression and kicked their feet at Cork intentionally or unintentionally.

The mouth is constantly cursing and threatening.

The Atletico players rushed over in a frenzy.

A dark-haired figure arrived first!

Zhu Tian! Courtside.

Kik screamed wildly.

Simeone wanted to rush on the field.

Stopped from behind by Burgos.


The emotions of the fans on both sides also reached a tipping point! They frantically scolded the opposing players.

Facing each other’s stands, frantically throwing drink bottles, lighters…

Zhu Tianyi pushed away two Valencia players.

Stopped Cork behind him.

The expression was so calm that it was hairy.

“Hey! Zhu Tian ran directly from the backcourt! ”

“Maybe while the others were still in a trance, he started running.”

—【Feeling that Zhu Tian is about to be beaten!】 】

—[Zhu Tian is a bit rigid, and now he is surrounded by so many Valencia players, not at all! 】

—【Groove! Teacher Banega is going to do it! 】

—[Banega has already won a red card this season!] 】。

See Zhu Tian.

Banega’s anger was also completely ignited.

His feelings for the Chinese teenagers are mixed, especially in that game of the national team.

From receiving a call-up for the national team with great anticipation, to zhu Tian’s appearance at the training base in Ezeiza.

It was as if a thorn had stuck in the heart.

It can be understood as a sense of self-protection in the primitive instincts of human beings.

If an individual violates his or her own resources, then destroy that individual at this point.

This sense of self-preservation magnified his emotions to the extreme.

Banega had a vicious expression and squeezed zhu Qing’s neck with his hand!

Zhu Tianshang leaned back slightly.

Avoid this choke.

Just when Bane added the previous step and wanted to make further violations.

No one can see what’s going on!

Banega had fallen to the ground.

At this time.

Atletico players also rushed forward.

The scene is chaotic!

Referee Munula’s whistle is extremely false!

The staff on both sides of the bench, the players also rushed to the field! The barrel of explosives at the Calderon Stadium, completely ignited!

“It’s very chaotic! It’s a little worrying! ”

“We saw that Banega had just made a throat-pinching motion against Zhu Tian!”

“Zhu Tian dodged!”

— [Haha! A La Liga match turned into a fighting match! 】

—【Zhu Tian did not suffer a loss!】 How did he bring down Banega! There are too many people to see clearly! 】

—【Now it is not the invention of VAR technology, the National Football Federation is also in the experiment of some regional leagues, and it should be invested in the five major leagues in a few years!] 】

—【In recent years, fights in La Liga matches are still rare?】 C Ronaldo punches Godin violently, Messi slaps Yaleif! 】

– [If the fight is part of the football content, we can win the World Cup in the Chinese Super League!] 】

—【Yanguo national football team is not even good at fighting now, when Li Moufeng’s group of players had not retired a few years ago, he played the countries of the Middle East, the stick countries, the island countries, and carried them very fiercely! 】

Fifteen minutes later.

Assisted by dozens of security personnel.

The chaos stopped.

Munura was under tremendous pressure.

Showed a red card to Banega!

Ricardo and Zhu Tian each showed a yellow card!

Valencia manager Kik, very dissatisfied, complained wildly to the referee.

“Banega has been carried off the stretcher, and Zhu Tian should also receive a yellow card!”

“And Diego Costa! He sneaked up on Ricardo in the confusion! It’s also a retaliatory foul! ”

In 2013, La Liga did not implement VAR video technology.

When the event occurs.

Referee Munura’s line of sight was blocked by valencia players.

Munula looked displeased and immediately showed a yellow card to Kik as well!

“Please don’t question my sentence!”

Atletico fans frantically shouted Zhu Tian’s name! It seems to be at this moment.

Only then did they realize the bloodiness of the Chinese businessman teenager! That’s a good fit for Atletico!


Simone’s original big back hair style is also like a nest of chaotic grooves.

In terms of fighting, he never lost when he was a player.

Physically, he had only suffered Beckham’s losses.

Atletico manager and assistant coach surrounded Zhu Tian, handing towels and mineral water: “Zhu Tian! You have not been hurt anywhere! ”

During the conversation, he also picked up the jersey of the Chinese teenager and checked my injury.

Zhu Tian shook his head and said in a flat tone, “It’s okay, I’m not hurt.” ”

In the youth echelons of Europe and South America, players from both sides have experienced countless ‘bad battles’.

This little episode.

It didn’t affect the mood of the players too much.

After calming down.

Gabby begins to discuss tactics with his teammates on an ad hoc basis!

…… Yanguo live broadcast room.

The big screen uses slow motion to constantly replay the footage of Baoqing fighting back against Banega.

The fans have been hooked………

“Munura’s sentence is also very controversial!”

“It’s like both sides playing fifty boards each, only to give Banega, the most obvious foul, a red card!”

“Zhu Tian is likely to be punished by the La Liga official!”

“This conflict is largely due to Munura’s blowing scale.”

“A referee, who is not the 23rd man in football, is one of the key factors in ensuring the smoothness of the game!”

—【Zhu Tian is awesome! Tough enough! No encouragement! 】

—[Zhu Tian and Banega, aren’t they national team teammates?] How the fight is still going on! 】

—[I seem to know the truth about Zhu Tian’s violent beating of Wu Xiaofan!] 】

– [Yes! Zhu Tian’s balls have been very good, the defensive action is also very clean, this clash is really the first time, and it is a kind of self-defense counterattack! 】

—【You should not fight back, you will definitely be punished additionally, you should tell the referee if you are bullied!] The referee will punish the other party! 】

— [Tell the referee?]

I only then said to Munura, “Why bully you and not bully others?” “】

—[Think about it, if you’re surrounded by a bunch of people on the pitch and someone is going to you, you still don’t fight back?] Or to protect the point? 】

—【If it were me, I wouldn’t dare to fight back, so Zhu Tian is really fierce!] 】

The referee pulled out the foam spray at the spot of the foul.

A ‘U-shaped’ white circle was drawn on the ground.

In the human wall.

Diego Costa had a dismissive expression.

Provoking the opposing defender, Ricardo.

Ricardo held back his anger and ignored it.

He has already eaten a yellow card on him, and if he eats another yellow card, two yellows turn into one red, the situation in Valencia will become very bad!

“This free kick, or Zhu Tianlai to take the penalty!”

“Yes! Gabi and Villa are not going to pretend to attack either! Directly let Zhu Tian stand alone in front of the penalty spot! ”

“Zhu Tian’s free kick shooting rate, as of this round of matches, is the first person in the five major leagues!”

“His free-kick style is changeable! We are also looking forward to this time, what kind of wonderful goals he will bring us! ”


Kirk’s face was gloomy.

Banega is the core of the team’s midfield.

His appearance will inevitably have a huge impact on the offensive and defensive ends of the Valencia team.

If Zhu Tian scored this free kick.

The initiative in that race will be completely in the hands of Atletico.

The other side.

Burgos said: “Zhu Tian’s free-kick shooting rate seems to be 100%! But the angle of the ball was not easy to punish, and Munura drew two lines of human walls, which was too awkward! ”

Simone straightened his collar, “It doesn’t matter, even if we can’t get in, we will have the advantage!” ”

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