Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 114

Chapter 114 The Smell of Gunpowder Is Even Fiercer Than the Derby Battle!!

Zhu Tian was brought down again.


The referee once again ‘gently’ gave a verbal warning! Banega continues the innocent argument.

Before turning around, he looked at the young Chinese general fiercely.

Anger is a primitive emotion.

Its threshold will constantly change with the change of the objective factors of the individual.

It is a biological system that was opened by the ancestors of human beings when they fought against primitive animals in the wild.

Driven by this system, the human body will be overloaded and emit more terrifying forces than usual.

So the trigger for super Saiyans is reasonable.

Maybe it was Banega’s foul — very experienced.

Perhaps under the influence of the Super Physical Recovery Rate, Zhu Tian did not feel too much pain.

I just think that the other party’s play style is very annoying.

In the stands, fans on both sides also had a fierce argument.

They greet each other with their own slang…

“Munura’s penalty is too lenient!”

“Barca and Real Madrid, in the game he blew penalties, suffered a lot of losses!”

“As a joke, this may be a referee that Atletico must go through on the road to rise!”

—[Laughing to death, Munura is the creator of the unpopular!] He blew real madrid, Barca’s game, there was a lot of controversy to punish. 】

—[Have you noticed that the Bat Legion players, their foul strength, are very well grasped?] 】

— [It’s also hard to define the referee, especially the ‘confused’ referee like Munura!] 】

…… Courtside.

Burgos is frantically complaining to the fourth official.

“You see, the first time Valencia has committed such a foul! The referee doesn’t give the cards yet! I can’t understand! ”

“The La Liga Football Association should not have let a Valencian referee blow valencia’s match!”

The fourth official did not hear the atletico assistant coach’s tongue twister for a moment.

He patiently used a very official recovery to appease the other party.


Valencia manager Kik, with a smile on his face.

He said slowly: “Zhu Tian’s time at Atletico is not very long, his playing style is too clean. ”

The coaching staff of the Bat Legion has long set the goal of this victory and defeat: at the Calderon Stadium, the whole body retreats!


They are getting closer and closer to this goal.

The game time passed minute by minute.

Atletico’s midfield was very uncomfortable.

Just Zhu Tian or Cork, a touch of the ball.

They will be violated by their respective foul actions.

The race became fragmented.

Dead balls happen all the time.

Referee Munura still made tepid verbal warnings.

That annoyed Atletico’s veterans.

The movement between the two sides is getting bigger and bigger.

Diego Costa’s presence in the front also caused Valencia’s defenders a lot of pain.

But there is no way to change the score.

28th minute of the match.

Diego Costa receives a pass from Cork.

I’m about to launch a frontcourt attack!

Luis and Villa have run out of the gap.

The referee blew the whistle ‘in time’ and broke the game.

Diego Costa looked back.

Katabia fell to the ground in pain.

The referee was gently warning Cork…

Diego Costa angrily rushed to the referee and shouted, “Do you want this game to become a colosseum?” Mr. Munura! ”

This picture.

Immediately let Calderon’s four-sided stand, ash exposed.

Munura’s expression remained calm, and he pulled out a yellow card from his trouser pocket!

Simone and Burgos were furious, and the two hurried to the outside of the middle circle and frantically complained to the fourth official!

“Munura finally showed his first yellow card in this game.”

“Atletico’s No. 19 player, Diego Costa, received this yellow card and we don’t know exactly what he said.”

“Munura has not only become a Real Madrid and Basak star, But atletico has also received this prestigious honor.”

A good referee can really determine the fluency and ornamentation of the game. 】

—[Haha, Munura is only at the real level when he blows the national derby!] 】

— [Nonsense, last year he misjudged a penalty for Real Madrid!] 】

—[You just said that in last season’s derby, even the blind man could see that Barca’s goal was offside, but he thought the goal was valid!] 】


During the live broadcast of Yanguo, Barca fans and Real Madrid fans also began to spray each other.

Banega couldn’t help but want to applaud.

He wanted to prove in this game: I am not much worse than Zhu Tian!

The coaching staff of the Blue Eagles national team is a group of blind people.

With a whistle from the referee.

Valencia’s free-kick from the front was issued.

Zhu Tian was in God’s perspective.

Suddenly found that the opponent’s formation was 4-1-4-1 changed to 4-3-3!

“Valencia’s offensive firepower has always been very strong.”

“They have scored a lot of goals in the match against Real Madrid and Barca! Banega’s ability is not bad. ”

Not after joining Sevilla in the future.

It also helped Sevilla become the ‘king of the Europa League’! He didn’t have fancy footwork.

More inclined to Europeanize the midfield.

The dribbling action is simple and efficient, and the cavity transmission technique is very good.

Just a few moments.

Valencia reached the heart of Atletico’s half!

Banega took a look at the Atletico defence.

Pull away, make slight adjustments, and swing your legs! Blast out a powerful blast!

Courtois was expressionless and did not make a save move.

The football roared out of the stands!

Banega spat disdainfully at the turf.

“I didn’t expect it was Valencia who got the first chance to shoot!”

‘The long-range shot here, though substandard, ignited the enthusiasm of the away fans who came from afar.


Boos in the stands mingled with cheers.

The gunpowder flavor of this game, for a while, was better than the same city derby.

Cork’s jersey was stained with grass clippings and dirt.

Diego Costa and the opposing defenders spewed garbage at each other.

Juanfran gradually lost strength during the battle with Bernat.

Gabby rubbed the kicked red calf and let the team players calm down first.


Yanguo live broadcast room.

Netizens are talking about it.

— “I finally know why Barca, Real Madrid, Bayern playing a weak team will also be slow to score!] 】

—[Valencia’s players are not bad in their own ability, plus they have a good grasp of the referee’s blowing scale, so the scene becomes a balance of power]

—[Actually, this kind of fragmented game is very good, I can play with my phone while watching.] 】

—【Zhu Tian, can you still do it!】 My millions of happy beans! It’s all on the horse! 】

—[Although the dead ball has a lot of time, he looks good.] 】

45th minute of the match.

Zhu Tian received a pass from his teammate in the backcourt.

From God’s perspective.

Suddenly, a white pass line appeared.

He then jerked the bottom left of the ball.

Above the Calderon Stadium, a beautiful arc is outlined.


“Diego Costa!”

Burgos exclaimed, “It’s this kind of exaggerated pass again!” Valencia’s backline is indeed inferior to Barca and Real Madrid! ”

Simone frowned.

He saw that two Valencian players had begun to tugging on Diego Costa’s shirt and was a little worried.

Valencia half-time on the right side!

Diego Costa, distracted by Ricciardo and Banega, steadily stopped the ball.

I was about to charge at the opponent’s penalty area.

Suddenly, there was a sharp pain in the instep of his foot.

He fell to the ground in pain.

This scene.

Infuriated Atletico fans.

Holding back a half of resentment, it seems that it is about to be vented at this moment! A referee blew a whistle and was about to run to the scene of the incident.

Atletico players are running faster than he is again!

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