Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Ways to Limit Zhu Tian? Guild Wars Will Begin!!

The city of Valencia is the third largest city in the bullfighting country.

Throughout the history of the Champions League, their influence in football has only lagged behind Barca and Real Madrid.

Why is Valencia called the Bat Legion? Because eight hundred years ago.

There was a dramatic Aragonese king: Jaime I.

This king’s life is hard.

The fate of both parents and children is tragic.

He died several times in his life, being called the ‘conqueror’ by later European historians, and he was defeated by the Moors and fled to a manta ray cliff for refuge.

When the Moors came in pursuit.

Suddenly tens of thousands of bats appeared.

The Moors were directly intimidated and considered a ‘miracle’.

Bats gave Jaime I the opportunity to regroup.


He became the first conqueror of Valencia.

The bat became the emblem of the city, the patron saint.

The city has two La Liga teams: Valencia and Levante.

Valencia FC, which has been very strong in the history of the Champions League, is called the “Bat Army”.

Levante is called the Frog Legion, but their crest is also marked with bat markings.

Three days later.

Zhu Tian returned to the training base.

Teammates gathered around cordially.

Diego Costa looked excited, and he said bluntly: “Well done!” You managed to scare that fat guy in Scolari silly! ”

His relationship with Scolari is very delicate.

Always wanting to play for Samba, Scolari just didn’t give him a chance, but instead reused Fred, who was far less powerful than him.

Wait until Diego Costa joins the Matadors national team.

Scolari openly accused at the press conference: “Diego Costa! A traitor to the samba kingdom! He betrayed our country! ”

Villa patted Zhu Tian’s shoulder and murmured, “Young people are developing fast, and it has only been a few months since you came to the horse, and you have grown tall again.” ”

Cork’s expression was eager, and he said: “You play in the national team as a central defender, we can change positions!” ”

Garcia hurriedly said, “If you want to change, you will change with me!” ”

Gabby shook his head and said, “If the coach will agree, we may have a Waterloo in Valencia!” ”

The crowd laughed.

Zhu Tian recalled: After a few years, Cork grew into a midfielder all-rounder, able to play any position and with excellent interception ability.


Burgos blew his whistle and shouted, “All right! You look like long-lost mother and son! Hurry up and train! ”

After the training is over.

Burgos led Zhu Tian to the club office.

“Nothing else, Beljita wants to talk to you about the salary increase.”

“He’s scared to deal with your agency, so you’ll have to ask about your attitude first.”

Atletico’s assistant coach has no scruples and never turns a corner in his speech.

Zhu Tian smiled: “I have no idea of transferring in the winter window.” ”


Burgos nodded lightly.

But a big stone fell in my heart.

A super genius like Zhu Tian, there are already many European giants who have made offers to Atletico.

Bayern, Manchester United, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus… Wait a minute.

There are even oil kingdoms in the Middle East.

Moments later.

Zhu Tian came to the office of atletico’s sporting director.

Bertha handed over a contract: “I’m sorry, Atletico are building a stadium now… It’s really…”

Zhu Tian shook his head.

Open the contract and take a look.

A very simple salary increase contract, not a regular renewal clause.

The series of numbers surprised him slightly.

Absolute club salary!

Looking at La Liga, it is also the top four amounts.

Atletico, who is learning from Real Madrid and Barca, regarded himself as Ronaldo and Messi, Berta, who said very ‘Versailles’: “Because of you, the club’s broadcast share of this year’s Champions League is very high, but because of the construction of a new stadium… We can talk about it again, if you’re not satisfied. ”

Zhu Tian was about to open his mouth when he suddenly saw a pile of player information on his desk.

Top of the profile.

A photo of ‘Little Black Carbon’, extremely familiar.

Bertha followed Zhu Tian’s gaze and explained: “These are the club’s reinforcements in the winter window, a group of Ligue 2, Dutch A youngsters… You know, we have a very good relationship with the Ajax Academy, the Caen Academy, Zhu Tian smiled. ”

Take a closer look.

He recognized it.

It is the essence of the stealing module: Kanter!

According to the timeline of his past life: Simeone took a fancy to Kante in 2013, but for some reason, Atletico failed to bring in reinforcements.


Match day is here.

Madrid International Airport.

Valencia coach Kirk led the players out of the pick-up.

Outside the cordon, many Real Madrid fans gathered.

They affectionately shouted the nickname of the Bat Legion commander.

“Super Kirk!”

Kirk shook hands with real Madrid fans! This scene is a bit hilarious.

How did valencia’s manager get so popular with Real Madrid fans?

The reason behind it is very simple: the Real Madrid youth team led by Flores that year, the results in the European Youth Championship, are too eye-catching, and in those years, it was simply a massacre of other youth teams in Europe!

Even in a friendly match, Serie A powerhouse Roma were no match for the fabulous super Real Madrid youth team.

A reporter handed over the microphone and asked: “Mr. Kirk, your coaching results have been very good in the past two seasons, but there are rumors that you are leaving Valencia, which is also overwhelming. ”

Kik replied with a serious face: “You should be a reporter for Marca, and I suggest that your technology club should pay more attention to this game!” ”

“For example, you should mention atletico’s genius, Zhu Tian, Valencia already has a way to limit him!”

Valencia finished fifth in La Liga last season, just one point less than Real Sociedad.

At the beginning of the season, they suffered two consecutive defeats, but they were against Barca and Real Madrid.

The 2-3 vs. 3-4 scores did not hit the club for a while.

It also reflects the strong offensive ability of the Bat Legion…

Banega had a gloomy face.

He is the midfield core of the Bat Legion.

He wants to lose face in the national team and win back from Atletico’s Calderon stadium!

“The opponent you face this time is your teammate in the national team, Zhu Tian! Do you have anything you want to say? ”

“Will Zhu Tian make your national team career more short? Do you still have a chance to compete in the 2014 World Cup finals? ”

Before the Start of the World Cup, the national team’s squad can be replaced at any time.

This is a very ironic question.

Banega waved away the microphone handed to him by the reporters.

Stride onto the club bus…

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