Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 111

Chapter 111 The Bat Legion Is Coming!!

When you see the words ‘Riquelme’.

Zhu Tian also thought it was a passing module.

After all, his advanced attribute points are added to the pass.

Riquelme’s ‘Insight’ module: Give the host unparalleled insight on the pitch! 】

People say Harvey’s pass: as precise as a scalpel.

But riquelme’s assessment is: Can the ball still be passed like this? Duo’s passing style.

As Barca and the Blue Eagle nation epitomize.

Barca pursues the most rational communication of time and space.

The gorgeous transmission of the Blue Eagle Kingdom is based on the ultimate personal imagination.

Before Messi joined the national team.

Riquelme is the real heart of the Blue Hawks.

He is known as the last ‘classical front’.

Some call him a philosopher on the pitch, always thinking about how to turn attack into goals.

Unfortunately, with the development of modern football, the tactics of relying on a single core were gradually eliminated in the years.

Under the increasingly scientific youth training system.

There will be no second Riquelme.


The phone rang suddenly.

Zhu Tian glanced at it, and it was Lun Xiche’s phone call to bed.

He swiped the screen and pressed the switch key.

“Have you returned to the training base?” Why don’t you go back to the hotel? ”

“The national team is only on holiday at noon tomorrow, and tonight I will have to live in the players’ dormitory.”

“Come here! There was a drunk guy desperately knocking on the door of the room! I called the hotel switchboard and was busy all the time. ”

With the triumph of the Blue Eagles, the hotel outside the training base in Ezeiza was also full.

Hotel hardware belongs to the top, as for the service, dare not compliment.

After all, it was built by relatives of the leaders of the Blue Eagle Football Association.

Zhu Tian smiled: Rentina’s strength is very great, a big man who can kick the first team of river plate, why would she be afraid of an alcoholic.

Then he said, “Then you lock the door, and I’ll go now.” ”

He hung up the phone, changed into civilian clothes, hesitated slightly, and put on a singing voice and mask to go out.

…… Fifteen minutes later.

Zhu Tian came to the hotel.

The sofas in the lobby are also full of fans.

Many are non-governmental blue eagle national team support teams.

They hope to meet the Blue Eagles at the gate of the Ezeiza training base tomorrow.

Zhu Tian pulled the mask.

Take the elevator and go straight up to the sixteenth floor.

Come to the guest room hallway.

He saw three security guards dragging away an obese drunk man.

Can’t help but sigh: this weight, a kick really can’t fly ah.

He immediately dialed Rentina’s phone.

“I got to the door, the drunk was dragged away by the security guards, I’m back at the training base now.”

“I’ll open the door for you right away!”


The room door opens.

Rentina hurriedly pulled him in.

She breathed a sigh of relief and said, “I was scared to death, I didn’t expect you to really come!” After the game, a lot of fans broke into the hotel, and every night I could hear the noise outside the corridors, and there were fans who knocked on the wrong door five or six times a night. ”

Zhu Tian was a little puzzled: How did I come in.

His eyes could not help but be attracted by the graceful figure of the South American girl.

Match that extremely seductive and beautiful look.

Extremely lethal…

He shook his head hard and waved some thoughts away.

In “C Ronaldo Training Secrets”, the sleep time of trainers is very important.

He had formed the biological clock during this time.

I couldn’t help but yawn and said, “It’s all right now, tomorrow we’ll go back to Putrajaya and go to bed first.” ”

With that, he went into the master bedroom of the suite.

He slammed the door shut.

Rentina froze in place, her face sluggish, and a hint of confusion could not help but show in her eyes.

That’s it?

Just like the star who had been defeated by Zhu Tian on the court, she stomped her feet in anger and went into another small room.

I have to say that Rentina’s thinking is very clear in the details of her life.

She thinks that the hotel room rate is paid by Zhu Tian, so she will not live in the master bedroom.

A night without words.

……… Next.

Zhu Tian returned home in Buenos Wenlis.

Rentina went to her grandmother’s house.

The two met two days later at Buenos Aires International Airport.

After the international competition, the five major United States will not be restored until the following week.

Atletico gave him plenty of time to return to Putrajaya to visit his family.

Dad was still not home.

Zhu Tianbai was bored and practiced at home.

During this time, he read many of Cruyff’s tactical books, including autobiographies, but still did not have the opportunity to find a way to trigger the “Cruyff Full Attack and Full Defense Module”.

It may be that the game is not very difficult.

It may be that the property has not yet reached a certain stage.

All he could do was stick to his daily training.

……… Two hours later.

Zhu Tian saw a missed call on his phone: Liu Yufei.

He thought for a moment and dialed back.

“Zhu Tian! Are you back in Putrajaya? Today is…”

“Today is not a holiday, I can’t go out now, only you can come to me.”

“All right.”

This time.

The two would message each other every night.

The relationship was also not cramped at the beginning.

Zhu Tian originally wanted to go back to Putrajaya to play with Liu Yufei, but on the way back, posters of Zhu Tian and Messi were hanging in the streets.

Many fans also wore jerseys with his national team numbers printed on them.

Liu Yufei came to Zhu Tian’s house with large bags and small bags of ingredients.

She smiled confidently and said, “I learned a few dishes from the chef of Yanguo City!” I brought chopsticks! ”

Half an hour later.

The two looked at a few ‘dishes’ in the dark on the table.


Zhu Tian used chopsticks to clip a piece of ‘black charcoal’ and put it in his mouth.

Reluctantly smiled and said, “Yes, this is a genius chef in Yanguo, and at this historic moment, she took the first step into the kitchen!” ”

Liu Yufei’s face turned red: “How do you talk like CTV5’s Yanguo commentary, what is Duan Xuanlai?” ”

Liu Yufei does not like to read Spanish commentary.

It felt like listening to a burst of machine guns clicking.

She is all broadcast live through the official broadcast of CTV5.

Zhu Tian asked doubtfully, “Do you also watch football?” ”

Liu Yufei’s cheeks became even redder, and her voice was like a mosquito: “I only watch your game. Madrid. ”

Espino training base.

Burgos said, “You see! The old man of Savilia really has some skills, he changed the position and playing style of Zhu Tian! ”

Simeone shook his head: “But in the position of the backward midfielder, I can’t find a better candidate than Zhu Tian.” ”

Turan has already decided to leave the team in the winter window.

Thiago is older and in a serious decline in form.

There is no better option in the bench.

Not to mention the academy: Torres, a genius like Cork, is too rare.

The problems facing Atletico midfielders are serious now.

Next, there will be a three-front battle.

Bertha put a big stack of information on the table: “There are six Dutch A, Ligue 2 defensive midfielders, they have had a very good steal data in the past season and a half. ”

Simone shook his head.

“I’ll take a closer look.”

Atletico’s coaching staff was in a state of rage.

They will face a dense devil’s schedule next.

The winter window is replenished.

Very important.

Burgos frowned, “Our next opponent in the next round is the Bat Legion.” ”

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