Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 110

Chapter 110 Legendary Chest Opens! Heroes of the Blue Eagle Nation!!


Zhu Tian is on the hot search again.

The media has also mastered the traffic hotspots.

A Super Reversal! Chinese genius shines in the South American Ratio! “Wonderful clip, popular all over the Internet.

In the video.

Zhu Tian’s passing and long-range shots, midfield dispatching ability, at a glance.

Let the audience breathe straight through.

The number of comments, likes and retweets is rising wildly!

—【Three Pride of the Absolute Generation!】 】

—【I really don’t want to see Zhu Tian’s news, blocked, and also on the hot search, what does it mean to play for other national teams?】 】

—[It’s not interesting, I just like to watch Zhu Tian’s game, just like watching Messi and C Ronaldo’s game!] 】

—[Abominable Zhu Tian, he has betrayed the dreams of more than a billion people! He betrayed Yanguo football! (Dog head life preserver)】

—【So awesome, why not lead Yan Guoguo to rush into the World Cup!】 】

—[Don’t be embarrassed by Zhu Tian, maybe when Iceland breaks into the World Cup, the Yanguo national football team is still struggling to calculate points in the qualifiers.] 】

Guanlan River Training Base.

The Yanguo national youth team played a ‘fierce’ group confrontation on the green field.


Gao Yu’s expression was very confused.

I can’t help but blurt out an island dialect: “How can it be so dished!” ”

It is not that he is unaware of the level of yanguo national football, but he believes that he can make greater contributions to yanguo football.

Therefore, he refused the call of the island national youth.

Resolutely return home!

His father was an international in the late 1980s.

At that time, the Yan national football team, without a big belly, was a body of tendon meat, and was the top team in Asia!

Beat up the stick country, abuse the island country!

Teams in the Middle East? Except for Iran, which has come and gone, everything else is slag.

In the Khrujin Cup, defeated the noodle country, the woolly bear country, the South American powerhouse turtle country, and shocked Europe!

If it weren’t for the ‘black three minutes’ of ’89, Guoding would have made history on the stage of the World Cup finals long ago.

His father later quit the stage of the Yanguo League, shined in the J League, married an island woman and started a family, settled down and took root.

In a sense, Gao Yu is now a planning player who belongs to Yan guo.

Guoqing’s teaching assistant interrupted his thoughts.

He shouted, “That little day… Good day… What a call! Gao Yu, you play to try! ”

“Team B just come down one at random!”


Gao Yu nodded vigorously.

Tidy up the vest and trot up.

The young national youth generals on the field immediately frowned.

Wu Xiaofan, the captain of the national youth team, did not like Gao Yu very much.

Gao Yu doesn’t just not ‘come to things’.

When the key came to the national youth team to report, he also took some specialties of Tu Bu La and stinky baking.

Wu Xiaofan hates this kind of ‘dirt bun’ the most!


National Youth Assistant Teacher Blows the Whistle! The game continues!

After Gao Wang came on, no one gave him a pass, he could only spare no effort to run back and forth in the midfield, trying to steal…

The national youth coach shook his head: “This boy can’t do it, wasted a planning quota!” What about his family conditions! ”

The teaching assistant whispered, “His father is an old international… However, the planning procedures cannot be approved in a year and a half. ”

The head coach frowned: “It turns out that it is also a relationship household that does not give money, no wonder it can enter the Yanguo National Youth!” Let’s go, go back to the office for tea, stand for half a day, but it will exhaust me! ”

On the pitch.

Something has changed.

Wu Xiaofan easily entered the hinterland of team B with the ball.

The B players took a defensive stand, consciously or unconsciously giving way.

Only Gao Yu rushed over.

Call! Easy steals.

Pick up the ball and prepare to counterattack.

I took a few steps, but found that no teammates were keeping up.

Everyone’s movements stopped.

“Has the training session stopped?”

He spoke fluently Chinese and looked at the sidelines, and the coach and assistant coach really went far.

Wu Xiaofan stepped forward.

Other national youth teammates also surrounded them.

“Don’t think it’s great to win an island college championship!” J-League AFC Champions League every year is dry up! ”

“Come here! If you want to mix, you have to serve me first! ”

Finish that sentence.

Wu Xiaofan suddenly felt that this scene seemed to be familiar.

He stared dead at Gao Yu.

“Hey! Has the training session been suspended? Sorry I don’t know the rules here, please ask the captain for more advice in the future! ”

Gao Yu could understand Wu Xiaofan’s meaning.

But in order to play in the National Team of Yanguo, he can endure.

The crowd laughed.

It’s ridicule.

I don’t know who blurted out: “This boy is a stupid fork, right?” ”

Wu Xiaofan also laughed: This boy is interesting.

He reached out and patted Gao Yu’s shoulder: “Remember! Back to the dorm and helped me polish my sneakers! ”

Gao Yu nodded, “Captain, what practice do we do next?” ”

Wu Xiaofan shrugged, “Practice? Practice a fart! Disband! ”

The teammates scattered.

Gao Yu asked, “Captain, is today a special holiday?” It’s only ten o’clock in the morning and we’ve only been training for an hour. ”

Wu Xiaofan smiled evilly and said, “As long as I am here, every day here is a festival!” You behave well and take you out at night after a while! ”

Gao Yu was born in an island country, and of course understood Wu Xiaofan’s subtext.

He felt more and more confused.

Purely from the technical point of view, can I help the Yanguo national football team? Can’t help it.

From the bottom up, it has rotted to the root.

Not to mention the current strength of the national football team, at least in the next few years, it is difficult to count on.

Football is the sport of eleven people.

Even in the World Cup when Maradona won the title, his team was a player who played for the top league in South America.


Gao Yu returned to the players’ dormitory.

Looking at a basket, stinking sneakers……… He hesitated.

Moments later.

He packed his bags.

Left the training base.

Two years later, Gao Yu used the name of the island country back, he led the island national youth team, all the way to the World Youth Championship, and finally lost the Three Lions in the final and won the runner-up.

Buenos Aires International Airport.

Several Blue Eagles fans waited in the night.

The Blue Eagle Hero waiting for the triumphant return!

When the players walk out of the pick-up gate.


Call! Call!

Nearby March 2nd Park, brilliant fireworks were lit! The fans frantically shouted the names of Messi and Zhu Tian!

Posters of the stars were also raised!

Padres was a little scared to see this twilight.

He also has some local fans at Empoli, but a squad of at most a hundred or so.

He nervously pointed to the distance and said, “Zhu Tian! You see, and my poster! ”

Mascherano urged: “Go fast, just smile and wave your hands, don’t shake hands, you two will be dragged over!” ”

Zhu Tian couldn’t help it.

Messi and Higuain, affectionately high-fived with the fans on both sides…

Return to the training base in Ezeiza.

Players’ restaurant.

Messi took out a bottle of wine.

His hobby is drinking.

As for alcohol affecting training and game status?

Only a 500 ml capacity bottle, 23 people divided… 23 cats drank it and it didn’t matter.

The Blue Eagles raised their cups high.

A slogan was shouted: “SomosCampeones!” We are champions! ”


The games room at the Ethel training base, very luxurious.

In the introductory short film.

The footage of the game room is as long as a minute.

Zhu Tianxin absentmindedly played a few games with Rojo and Padres.

He hurried back to his dormitory to open the reward chest.

Half an hour later.

Rojo and Padrez looked dejected.

“Yanguo people play games really well! We were like fools in front of Zhu Tian. ”

“Don’t play anymore! Always lose! It’s not funny! ”

“Sleep sleep! Back to Lisbon tomorrow! ”

Zhu Tian returned to the single dormitory.

Open the System panel.

Look at the radiant ‘South American Legend Platinum Chest’.

Couldn’t help but get a little excited.

This treasure chest must be out of the Star Module!

The last time it was opened was: Ronaldinho Devil Arc Module! No mind to look at the prize pool.

Directly on.

【Ding! Chest opening………】

[Congratulations to the host for getting: Riquelme ‘Insight’ module!] 】。

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