Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 11

Boca Youth Dressing Room.

The head coach pulled the No. 10 player aside.

Patient enlightenment: “Listen, Padres, don’t think about the transfer to the European giants! If you can’t even defeat a nobody! How to get a foothold in Europe? ”

“A back like Zhu Tian! There must be a lot of Europe! And faster than him! ”

It’s like a slap in the face!

Instantly woke up the somewhat groggy Padres.

If you can’t even defeat a nobody! How to get a foothold in Europe?


The second half of the game begins.

Boca Juniors U18 kick-off.

The striker passed back to Padres.

Players from both sides immediately dispersed.

Boca Youth Formation, Crazy Forward Press!

The ball passes quickly under their feet

The River Plate juniors did not make a futile scramble and steadily retreated with the formation of the team.

The eyes of the audience could not help but focus on the Chinese teenagers.

They were surprised to find that Zhu Tian’s speed was really slow!

The boca youngsters who crossed the translocation back and forth are not a grade at all.


Zhu Tian was in God’s perspective.

Early on, I saw the offensive characteristics of boca youth.

They built a tactic around Padres at the core that mimicd La Masia’s passing.

Unfortunately, the transmission ability of others is too poor.

Each time you advance to the rib position, there is a high probability that the ball will be handed over to padres.

He shifted his steps and began to intercept laterally.


Boca Youth’s formation advanced into the heart of river plate halfway.

Padres receives another pass from his teammate!

The familiar black-haired figure “walked” over again.

His eyes were solemn.

Adjust orientation!

Facing Zhu Tian!

Stomp the ball with your left foot!

The whole person quietly turned around!

The moment you turn around! Pull the ball with the trend!

One step and one buckle! Gorgeous footwork! Chic to the extreme!

Everyone began to exclaim: Marseille Whirlwind!

Padres was able to make such a smooth Marseille whirling!

A cheer erupted from the stands!

Jill frowned, “Oops! He’s going to pass! ”

Boca Juniors manager is thrilled!

Everybody knows!

Padres just got past Zhu Tian!

You can organize a stormy attack on the ribs!

The next moment.

Everyone was stunned.

Between the electric light and flint.

Zhu Tian withdrew his foot.

He’s not fast!

But it kept up with Padres’ rhythmic changes!

As the other person turns.

Zhu Tian took two steps back.

Wait until Padres finishes turning and pulling the ball!

He stretched out his foot again!


Football is cut off again!

The audience exclaimed!

It’s incredible!

Chinese teenagers are simply interpreting the art of defense!

Padres looked dazed: his Marseille slalom had been done perfectly! Why was it still successfully snatched by this nobody?

Yanguo live broadcast room.

Netizens were also stunned!

-【Groove!】 The first time you think defense can also look good? 】

-【Extremely ornamental!】 】

– [Just blow hard?] That Boca Youth No. 10, like a fool, turned half a circle and turned his head! 】

-【The South American Youth League is just that!】 】

-【In the past, the national youth team can abuse the South American youth team over and over again!] 】

-[It should be that River Plate and Boka Youth have negotiated an agreement, and give Zhu Tian brush to steal the data, so as to sell a high price!] Poor ghost operation! 】

– [Sick, huh?] Just hard black? River Plate and Boca Youth are centuries-old mortal enemies! How can it be acting! 】


After Zhu Tian’s successful steal.

Dribbled a few steps with the ball!

A striker of Boca Junior u18, falling to the ground and shoveling!

Zhu Tian’s ball control skills are not bad in the youth team.

He flicked the ball!

The whole person jumped high.

Dodged this flying shovel.

Keep advancing with the ball!

Immediately two more Boca U18 players approached!

Zhu Tian did not hesitate.

Push the foot arch!

Passed the ball diagonally to Babe on the flank!

Babe was very comfortable to stop the ball: Zhu Tian’s short-distance pass, not bad!

He took the ball and ran at high speed on the side!

Teammates go crazy forward!

Boca Juniors players are frantically chasing back!

In the stands at The Home Stadium of River Plate, thunderous cheers erupted!

Babe is keeping going!

Once again, boca junior full-backs!

Bring the ball to the bottom line!

He tried to cross the box!

Immediately encountered the interception of the opposing center-back!

An instant.

He glanced up: How could Zhu Tian appear in that position?

There was not much hesitation.

He subconsciously pushed the ball with the outside of his right foot!

Inverted triangle backhaul!

Everyone’s eyes are moving with the lines of football!

The end of the line.

It’s the top of the arc of the forbidden zone!

A dark-haired figure appeared!

Zhu Tian!

He’s in a position where no one is watching!

He ran slightly.

Heading for football!

Swing your legs!

Shoot hard!


The football let out a boom!

Blast into the near post of Boca Juniors goal!

The quality of the door is not high!

Straight line!

Boca’s young goalkeeper has already made a save!

This angle of shot.

Too easy to judge!


The strength under Zhu Tian’s feet! Also the best in the youth league!

The ball speed is extremely fast!


The tips of the fingers touched the football.

The direction of the football is slightly off.

Still set off boca youth’s net!


The audience was shocked!

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