Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 108

Chapter 108 Super Reversal, Unsolvable Zhu Tian!!

Basanta picked up the football from the sidelines.

Rubbed it with the jersey.

Look at the opposing goal.

Thiago didn’t kick the ball too far in the break.

Savilia immediately ran to the sidelines, frantically directing, and the gestures flipped over.

He is a detail-type micro-manipulation master, and even the ball outside the boundary will not let go.

“Pass the ball to Zhu Tian!”

The Blue Eagles coach roared out in tongues, but the gesture pointed at Padres.

He and Basanta are fellow countrymen.

Don’t say the samba players don’t understand.

Messi didn’t understand them either.

David Luis and Fernandinho gradually approached Padres.

Thiago Silva, too, was clinging to Messi.

Gustavo retreated to the big penalty area to block Higuain’s forward insertion.

Basanta’s powerful out-of-bounds ball has always been known for its wide bombing coverage.

He stepped back slightly, took a few steps to help him run, tiptoed on the edge of the outer line, and the heavenly force was thrown!

Football is like a cannonball!

Smash into the right side of Samba’s half-court hinterland!

Samba’s back line was confused: that bad old man was so sinister! Not a restricted area.

Not the nearest Padres on the left.

It’s an empty area on the right!

The formation of the two sides changes immediately in an instant!

Scolari did not think of keeping an eye on Zhu Tian.

It’s just the position of the Chinese businessman teenager, the threat is not big, he let Oscar and Marcelo coordinate to keep an eye on it.

“This out-of-bounds ball… The Blue Eagle Nation doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to attack! ”

“After all, one less person to hit… Ay! ”

Zhu Tian’s chest stopped the ball.

From God’s perspective.

He’s in control of all the players’ movements!

Oscar and Marcelo clipped them separately from the inside bag.

Zhu Tian pushed the ball with his right foot.

Ran diagonally along the outside line! Marcelo quickly turned around and chased back!

Oscar was dazed: Going outside? Does the boy think he’s a full-back? No, how did he get so much faster than he did during the European Super Cup?

Foot balance?

Samba’s eyes grew more and more confused.

Marcelo’s explosive head, constantly shaking in the run, has a sense of rhythm.

In the bottom line position of Samba’s half, he looked to catch up with Zhu Tian.

And block his lateral pass!

David Louis also quickly assisted in the defense!

“There’s no more space!”

“David Louis’s defense is very timely, and for Samba, the situation is barely safe!”

—[Marcelo’s speed of recovery has always been a mystery, haha!] 】

– [La Liga data report shows: when attacking, super fast horse; Defensive when super snail! 】

—[You can’t believe those data reports, yanguo national football team has a player, no ball speed of up to 30km/h, higher than many players in La Liga, but he has not yet played in La Liga.] 】

—【Zhu Tian’s speed, in La Liga progress is very fast, it is true that the environment creates talents, we should send our Yanguo young players to stay in the ocean! Can’t learn the technology, learn some advanced techniques and tactics back to being a youth coach! 】

Since the 1980s, there have been underage generals from Yanguo who have been sent to South America or Europe for training. 】

In 1993, a domestic beverage company sponsored 22 Yanguo children to play football in Samba, and five years later, the group of players who came out was very good! In the 1998 Toulon Cup, they drew with Samba and Chariot Nations, defeating Figo’s leading grape country Super Platinum Generation, when the Yan people really saw the hope of Yan national football! But then… After returning home to play football, I will…】

—[I remember, I was sent to the Samba Country Sao Paulo Youth Training Camp for five years!] At that time, the foreign media evaluation was ‘the youth storm that has not come from the East’! 】

—【Zhu Tiangan don’t go back to China to play football!】 He is the last light in the darkness! It’s ruined when you come back. 】

With the help of God’s perspective and Maradona ball sense.

Zhu Tian made a sideways ball protection action.

Marcelo and David Luiz rushed to grab it.

A put shovel.

One card slot.


Zhu Tian’s heels slammed the ball.

Post-to-ground callback.

Quickly crossed between Marcelo and David Luis! Scolari looked horrified.

Saveria growled loudly.

Both managers, both saw Zabaleta!

The Blue Hawks full-backs are extremely explosive! Plug in at high speed.

Facing the football.

Push the foot arch!

A short pass was sent out with a foot sticking to the ground diagonally.

The end of the line.

It was exactly where Zhu Tian was about to run!


“Worthy of Being Manchester City’s meritorious full-back!”

“The years are not sparing, and Sa Barletta was blonde and handsome, and now she is also in a balding crisis.”

Gustavo hastily abandoned Higuain.

Rush to Zhu Tian!

Messi also shrugged off Thiago Silva and quickly approached, ready to respond! Alves stared at Padres.

The running position of the Blue Eagle Country junior was simply completely recognized by him.

Inside the forbidden area of Samba, there is chaos!


“The Blue Eagle midfielder, who was one less person, should have fallen into a desperate situation, it was Zhu Tian who stood up, and he let the Samba national backline churn the sea!”

The four-sided stands at the Maracanã Stadium.

More than 170,000 spectators made different voices.

People’s joys and sorrows will only become very consistent when they are green.

The football left Zhu Tian’s right foot.

Penetrated Gustavo’s interception! Messi held out his left foot to a pad.

With a sharply swirling football, it rose off the ground.

Over Thiago Silva’s shoulder.

Higua is interspersed.

Bend your knees and bow your waist.

Shake your head! Call!

Football is like a cannonball.

Blast open the gates of samba!

When Cesar fell to the ground, he still maintained the action of saving, with a helpless expression.



“This goal is in!”

“Higuain has finally broken the goal drought for the national team!”

“Super Reversal!”

“This is an assist belonging to Zhu Tian and Messi, and the two of them have a tacit understanding of football!”

“I can’t imagine that after Zhu Tiantian played, he pulled the Blue Eagles, who were two goals behind and played one less person, out of the desperate mire!”

“He decides the course of the game!”

“Goddess of Victory, smile at the Blue Eagle Kingdom again, smile at Zhu Tian!”

—[Digging, is this a cartoon?] 】

—[Scared me to death, thinking Higuain was going to spit on the cake again!] My millions of happy beans are alive again! Thanks To Zhu Tian! A lifetime of fans! 】

After all, Higuain is the top shooter of the giants, and his ability to grab points and copy is first-class, that is, he kicked in the goal of the national team, which makes people look very painful! 】

—【Zhu Tian is awesome! Messi is awesome! 】

—【What’s there to blow, if Zhu Tian joins the Grape Country and competes in the World Cup with C Luo, it will be better!] 】

– [Yes! C Ronaldo’s task in the national team is heavier, the grape country super platinum generation is old, leaving him, single-handedly carrying the national team into the World Cup! Zhu Tian’s style is also very suitable for C Luo! 】

– [Not the honor received on behalf of Yan Guo, it is not an honor; Such a good player, if he can’t play for Yan guo, I won’t watch him play again. 】

Higuain patted his forehead excitedly.

Pounce on Zhu Tian and Messi.

The Blue Eagles players, after this goal, completely relaxed their tense nerves and celebrated indulgently.

In the sky, an eagle spread its wings and soared.

Magnificent Maracanã Stadium, dead silence.

The cheers of that small cluster of Blue Eagle fans were like mosquitoes in the ears of hundreds of thousands of Samba fans.

Cesar pounded the turf hard.

Even in that year’s Champions League, Pinnacle Barca and Bayern could not break his goal.

He looked at Zhu Tian’s back.

Suddenly I felt really old.

Thiago Silva was expressionless and his face was footballing.

Oscar complained that Marcelo’s turnback wasn’t timely enough.

Nei Shao looked down at the turf, not knowing what he was thinking.

Eleven people kicked ten people.

Reversed by 3 goals in a row.

It’s not just the samba players who are at a loss.

It also left Scolari dazed.

The World Cup coach’s coaching path.

It’s like a role-playing upgrade game.

From the 1990 Gulf Cup to the 2002 World Cup.

Every year, he has to step on the podium.

Never been in such a situation.

Saviglia blossomed!

He raised his hands and shouted, “Core! Zhu Tian is the core of the Blue Eagle Kingdom! I also developed a fart rotation strategy! ”

“With Zhu Tian, I dare to reach the crown library of international competitions!”

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