Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 106

Chapter 106 The Tacit Understanding between Zhu Tian and Messi!!

Yanguo live broadcast room.

The big screen replays the entire goal.

— [Sure enough, it’s the ‘Ruby God of War Card’! Meju connects awesome! One less person than the opposite side can score goals! 】

—【From zhu tian to the ball after the ball, the Blue Eagle Country seems to have changed a team!] 】

—【How can Mascherano’s foot passing technique be so good?】 】

After all, it is Barca’s main defender, and one of Barca’s conditions for reinforcement is that there are high requirements for the player’s passing technology! 】

— [Padreas is also good, the pass is very delicate!] 】

— “Just score one goal, what kind of happiness do you become?” Zhu Tian just got a chance, after all, Samba Guo had an advantage in numbers! 】

… On the sidelines, Scolari touched the brain door, a look of confusion.

He hurriedly called out to Fernando Diño and whispered, “Slow down and curb the momentum of the opposing attack!” ”

Samba coach is a big fan of yanguo traditional culture.

I especially like “Sun Tzu’s Art of War”.

“Those who are in the battlefield first and wait for the enemy, and those who are in the battlefield and tend to fight later are laboring.”

Waiting is the most advanced strategy.

Scolari thinks.

If the Blue Eagles, which have one less person to fight, want to maintain the balance of power in the scene, all the players must have more running!

Their stamina will be depleted very quickly!

As long as samba can maintain the lead, it will inevitably drag the Blue Eagles down in the second half of the game!

Normal friendly matches, no restrictions on substitutions.

However, the two countries agreed before the match to compete according to the rules of the official international competition.

The other side.

Saveria jumped up in excitement! Pull the teaching assistant to celebrate like crazy!

“Coach, what should we do next? Want to make tactical adjustments? We also have Di Maria…”

“Wait, wait for the samba players to make mistakes again!”

Buenos Aires.

Scley put down his cigar and muttered, “This is the offensive football we played when we were younger!” Zhu Tian’s time in La Liga, so fast progress? ”

Almeida wondered, “He seems to be more comprehensive than last month!” In just a few days, he and Padres were integrated into the tactical system of the national team! ”

Jill thought about it and worried: “Scolari is very cunning, his players, the defensive action is very big!” Zhu Tian can’t hurt anymore in friendly matches. ”

Friendly matches are not friendships.

Many stars have experienced worse fouls in friendly matches.

Because the additional penalties are not very strong.

A red card like Banega’s in this game will not allow him to be suspended at the club and in the next official matches of the national team.

In 2013, fifa’s relevant rules were not very comprehensive.

There have even been many broken legs.

A few years ago, a European star who played for the national team in a friendly match was broken, ruining his entire career.

Maracanã Stadium.

The applause was fragmented.

Due to the restrictions on the sale of away tickets, not many Blue Eagle fans came to the scene.

The Blue Eagles didn’t waste their time celebrating.

Zhu Tian’s goal boosted the morale of his teammates! The team is still one goal behind!

Hurry up and equalize! Even if you hit one less person.

They also believed they could equalize! Higuain picked up the ball and ran to the centre circle.

Thiago Silva and Cesar looked at each other and thought in unison: Messi is not the only player to be restricted in the Samba backline.

The lap reopened during the race.

Fred kicked off and passed back to Gustavo.

Under the command of Fernando Diño.

Gustavo passed the ball to David Luiz.

The football kept falling backwards in the samba backcourt.

The morale-boosting Blue Eagles players were very uncomfortable.

“Higuain and Messi pushed back and forth in the front.”

“We rarely get a chance to see that.”

‘The samba players are also very good at their feet and don’t want to give the Blue Eagles any chance to live.”

“Scolari wants to slow down appropriately and take the initiative in the game. Fernandinho has been waiting for an opportunity. ”

In the Samba backline, Thiago Silva is known as the ‘world’s first centre-back’ today.

But the real defensive core is the defender from Manchester City.

His ability is not only reflected in defensive hardness.

In last season’s Premier League, he had a 92% pass success rate.

What is he waiting for?

Wait for the Blue Eagles to invest more pressing personnel in the frontcourt.

He was the starting point of Samba’s backcourt attack.

Higuain was a little angry.

Walked by the samba players.

The Top Serie A shooter has always had a grumpy temper.

He once lost his temper and kicked the assistant coach because he always couldn’t grab the football in the lap-grabbing practice.

Messi hurriedly called out to him to calm down.

Savilia was also very anxious.

If Higuain acts irrationally, it is very likely that the Blue Eagle Nation will become a 9-man battle…

“These few minutes of the game, the scene is a bit crazy!”

“The Samba players want to keep the score until the end of the first half!”

“Hey! Zhu Tian went up! ”

“Wouldn’t it be a bit presumptuous, so it would be easy to be kicked through by the samba team!” Fernandinho receives a pass from Gustavo. ”

The opportunity to realize it finally came.

He observed the position of his teammates in front of him and did not immediately instigate a long pass.

Instead, he passed the ball to the retreating Oscar.

I was already imagining in my mind: Oscar would easily break the Blue Eagles with only two midfielders after receiving the ball!

Oscar’s usual foot is the right foot.

Fernandinho’s pass was also deflected into his right-hand zone.

At this time.

Zhu Tian, who participated in the frontcourt.

At the moment when Fernandinho came out, a turn back rushed to Oscar! Samba’s main back was shocked: Can this boy see through my line?

Oscar lifted his right foot and was about to stop the ball.

Zhu Tian also grabbed the position.

Tiptoe lightly poke.

Call! The football was successfully intercepted!

There was an uproar!


“Is it Fernandinho’s intention to play the ball, because it is obvious?”

“No, he has Gustavo by his side and Marcelo on the flank.”

“How did Zhu Tian judge it?”

“Zhu Tian, who plays in the center of the defender, can also bring enough surprises to people!”

On the sidelines, Scolari pounded the turf! I’m really afraid of what’s coming!

Saveria exclaimed, “Did you see that?” Zhu Tian’s position on the pitch only needs to change a little! You can make a difference in the game! ”

The assistant coach nodded as if he understood: “Except for the goalkeeper position.” ”


Zhu Tian quickly bypassed the confused Oscar.

Take the ball for a trip.

Run fast!

In front of the bag clips of other samba players! From God’s perspective.

A golden passing line appeared.

Could it be because the person who received the ball was Messi? He didn’t think much about it.

Push the instep of your feet! Call!

The ball is stuck to the turf and rolls at high speed towards the Samba national backfield!

“Straight ball?”

“Super long distance straight ball!”

In the amazed eyes of everyone.

The turf of the Maracanã Stadium seems to have been dried by a bouquet of brilliant fireworks! Gustavo, only to see a white shadow sliding past himself two meters away! Thiago Silva and David Luis rushed to intercept!

But one step too late!

The entire back line of samba was penetrated! Fireworks will finally bloom!

“Horrible Vision!”

“High quality straight plug long pass!”

The ball came to the right side of the Samba National Football Club penalty area.

Messi showed an extremely simple and top-notch level of stoppage.

He held out his right foot and buckled it.

Football is quiet! It’s not over yet!

Messi took a step and made a shooting move! Cesar immediately blocked the near corner of the goal!

The next moment! A perfect scrub!

Let the Triple Crown Gate God Hou regret it! The football went around Cesar’s head! Once again, we have entered the gates of samba!


Messi didn’t turn around until after the football was in the net, and rushed to Zhu Tian excitedly! Scolari looked sluggish.

Fernandinier felt like a fool.

Saveria cheered!

“It’s another world famous painting that can become a football classic!”

“This is the tacit understanding between Zhu Tian and Messi!”

“Unexpected script! Ten-man battle of the Blue Eagle Nation! After Zhu Tiantian scored, he scored two goals in a row! Equalised! ”

“Zhu Tian, make up for the most missing position in the Blue Eagle Country!”

“Messi finally doesn’t have to painstakingly retreat to get the ball!”

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