Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 105

Chapter 105 The Astonishing Long Shot Over the Maracanã Stadium!!

This time.

Samba’s fierce offensive has made countless Blue Eagle fans feel desperate.

The Blue Eagle Nation, which fought with one less man, was like a camp, occupied by the other side at the height of the battery, and could not organize any counterattack force at all.

Midfielder, completely crushed!

The back line was pulled by the samba star and was full of holes.

Far away in Buenos Aires.

Almeida and Gill, cursing the national team manager in front of the big screen!

“Savilia is simply an idiot, if you go to Zhu Tian early, won’t you be finished?”

“He’s a pig!” Read more “Aleph” novels! Stubborn and old-fashioned! ”

“What a shame! Does Savellia not know the significance of this friendly match? ”

Skeley smiled and shook his head: “He may be thinking about the personnel reserves of the World Cup, you know, every game in the finals, the opponent is different, and different tactics need to be developed.” ”

“Don’t panic, you see, Jieqing is on the field!”

Nitta painting.

Maracanã Stadium.

Saveria climbed on Zhu Tian’s shoulder and tried to stop talking, but finally retreated to the coaching bench.

His last hand has been played.

Although it sounds ridiculous: Zhu Tian has been drafted for the Blue Eagles national team for less than a week.

“We saw the Blue Hawks make two substitutions at once.”

“Zhu Tian replaced Raqi!”

“Padreth replaces Perez!”

“This formation is a bit incomprehensible!”

“Is Savilia planning to fight a war?”

“It’s difficult, two goals behind, plus ten people fighting, but this is just a friendly match, we should pay more attention to the run-in between Zhu Tian and the Blue Eagles national team!”

—【I bought millions of happy beans in the Blue Eagle Country, now show me this?】 】

—【It’s very difficult, Samba is not a fish belly team, one less person to play, you Zhu Tian is strong, it is useless!】 】

—[Oh, isn’t it fragrant for Zhu Tian to join the Chariot Nation or the Matador Nation?] Kick with the Blue Hawk Nation! 】

— [That is, the Blue Eagle Nation’s midfield is so dish!] Not as good as playing for the national football team! 】

—【National Football?】 Believe it or not, ‘Habaibu’ + ‘Merlot’ can’t save the national football team! 】

—【You don’t know the meaning of the ‘Ruby God of War Card’? 】

Razi and Perez were in a very depressed mood, and the burrows ran directly to the sidelines.

The referee immediately beckoned Zhu Tian and Padres to the field.

Nei Shao has his hands crossed at the waist and his expression is complex.

Oscar’s face is gloomy, and he has not forgotten the shame brought to him by Zhu Tian in the European Super Cup.


Romero sent a goal.

Garay’s form was a bit erratic, and he almost didn’t stop the ball.

At the time of Fred’s approach.

He hurriedly passed the ball to Mascherano.

Mascherano adjusts his position and touches the ball with one foot.

The football came to Zhu Tian’s feet in the blink of an eye.

Oscar, who was wandering nearby, waited for a long time and immediately bumped into him.

Zhu Tian leaned sideways and pulled the ball with his left foot.

Kankan avoided the other side’s collision.

Oscar lost his center of gravity, stumbled and nearly fell on the turf.

Followed by.

The Formation of the Blue Eagle Nation began to press forward like crazy.

Zhu Tian directly took the ball and advanced from the middle road! Neisho and Huck quickly retract bundles from both sides!

In Scolari’s tactics, three centre-backs are the first line of defense in the Samba formation.

Unfortunately, these two extremely offensive stars, defensive and card position abilities, could not form any threatening interference with Zhu Tian.

Less feet inside! Huke shovel!

Zhu Tianhou heel a flower arrangement pass!

The ball is attached to the turf, outlining a slightly curved arc! Cross out of the gap between the two!

Come to the feet of Padres!

Samba’s double backs: Fernandinho and Gustavo, have been tightly tied for proof of their interception capabilities in the Premier League and Bundesliga.

The cooperation with the samba national team is even more tacit.

Padres didn’t rub it!

Touch the ball with one kick on your back! Return!

Mascherano, who stepped forward, touched the ball again and split to the right! The Chinese businessman teenager who has got rid of Nei Shao and Huck.

Just happened to be in the most suitable position! Zhu Tian’s left foot outside the instep of the foot followed the trend to flick the ball.

The sky above the Maracanã Stadium is like a beautiful rainbow! The ball is in mid-air, swirling violently!

Fall precisely to the right of the front field!


“These balls are passing at a very fast pace, it’s gorgeous!”

“The Blue Hawks midfielder doesn’t look like he’s fighting with one less man!”

“Between Zhu Tian and Padrez, mascherano’s three, there was a wonderful chemical reaction!”


Before the game, Zhu Tian had already added the latest obtained attribute points to the pass.

His current pass attribute value is: 89.

Cooperate with the ‘Ronaldinho Devil Arc Module’.

Let this outer foot instep arc long pass, stunned all the audience! The Samba backline was also a little flustered for a while.

So far, they have not suffered any impact.

David Luiz and Marcelo, quickly heading towards the soccer spot, rushed past Fernandinho and immediately retreated to make up for David Luiz’s defensive area.

Scolari frowned, and the thing he was afraid of had finally come.

When Samba Guo learned that Zhu Tian was recruited by the Blue Eagle Country, the coaching team immediately began to study Zhu Tian, but there was no result for a while.

Saveria stood on the sidelines, extremely nervous.

“Yes! Give the ball to Messi! Let Messi end the offense! ”

This is the habitual thinking of the Blue Eagles national team, all the staff!

Messi can solve everything as long as he gets the ball!

Messi runs in an arcing position.

On the far right side of the Samba national backline, stop the ball early.

Facing Marcelo and David Luiz’s bag clip.

He didn’t make any extra moves.

Start in place!

The world’s unparalleled cadence………

Let all the Blue Eagles fans forget the score for a moment! Speed!

Slow down! Speed up again! Left foot sinks!

David Louis judged the direction of the interception! Easily shaken off by Messi!

Marcelo was decisive! Messi made another small change of direction! Done getting rid of it! Laterally into the Samba forbidden zone!

“In the 20th minute of the game, Messi finally had the opportunity to churn the sea in the opponent’s penalty area!”

“Wonderful! Is the criminal transfiguration we are most familiar with! ”

Samba’s back line.

It seems like a mess!

But Scolari was prepared.

Fernandinho blocked Higuain’s space to catch the ball.

Gustavo also stared at Blue Hawk full-back Basanta in front of him.

Messi’s opponent at this time.

It’s the ‘world’s no. 1 centre-back’ Thiago Silva! Gate God Cesar! The angle of the shot is completely blocked!

Other pick-up points are also locked!

Messi still made a footing move!

“Is it to knock on the door directly?”

“Cesar is not Courtois! It’s not so easy to be crotched! ”


Messi used his right foot in the penalty area very rarely!

Cesar subconsciously judged from the other party’s foot shape that it was sticking to the earth and immediately went to the ground!

Thiago Silva also immediately lifted his feet and tried to intercept in front of the goal! The next scene.

Wow everyone!

Messi’s footing action did not form a shot! The ball was inverted and back to the outside of the penalty area!

At this time!

A dark-haired figure is out! Greeting the ball! Bend the bow and arrow! Pointing straight to the right side of the Samba goal! A sword seals the throat!

… Scolari looked horrified!

Saveria clenched her fists!

The Blue Eagles fans in front of the TV set are full of excitement!

The whole Maracanã Stadium seems to be much quieter!

So much so that the sound of Zhu Tian’s instep touching the football seemed extremely loud! The Samba backline, which was disturbed by Messi, was too late to make any blocking! An extremely exaggerated arc!

Jump out of the sky!

The soccer ball spins violently in mid-air! It’s like a thunderbolt! Tough and overbearing!

Let the Ginga war dance stop abruptly, and let Samba, the world’s top backline, helpless!

Straight down to the top left corner of the Samba goal! An instant.

Zhu Tian, who was still maintaining his shooting action, was like a god! Cesar and Thiago turn back!

Football has crossed the goal line!



“This goal is in!”

“The conjecture of countless media has finally become a reality, and the chemical reaction between Zhu Tian and Messi is unparalleled!”

“The new combination of the Blue Eagles midfielder, Messi and Zhu Tian’s two connections! Created this arc for long-range shooting! ”

“Zhu Tian! With this goal, the blue eagles fought back! ”

“The Blue Eagle Nation, which has ten people fighting, has not given up!”

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