Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 104

Chapter 104 Scolari’s Worries! Zhu Tianshang went on the field!!

[Ding, detected that the difficulty of the task increased. 】

【Quest Rewards Increased!】 】

[Mission Description: The situation seems to be a bit confusing, but for you, there is still a chance!] 】

【Platinum Chest→ South American Legendary Platinum Chest! That’s a good thing!

The last time samba’s legendary platinum chest was released, the ‘Ronaldinho Devil Arc Module’ was opened!

Than the golden chest of La Liga, what Maradona’s red bottoms, C Ronaldo’s son’s biological mother secret… Much more reliable.


10 players played 11 players, and the opponent was still the top star of the five major United.

It’s a little hard to complete the reversal.

Nothing else.

Samba goalkeeper Cesar, who now looks ‘starless’ by Yanguo fans alone.

Only veteran fans remember: this guy is also a generation of top door gods!

Is the king of a single knife, a very strong existence for secondary saves!

During his time at Inter, he helped the club achieve the great cause of ‘Treble’! The only full-time player!

One husband and one hand, no one can open.

It made the Nerazzurri laugh to the end.

At that time, he was in the hearts of Inter fans: Superman in a red cloak could not score the ball behind him.

Most notably.

His wife, Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend.

It was the goddess of the 1998 Summer of France, countless cameras and spotlights, Suzanne…

In the midst of the growing shouts.

Zhu Tian withdrew his thoughts.

Look quietly at the pitch.

At this time.

Nei Shao was already standing in the penalty area.

The ball was placed on twelve yards of free throws.

“The implication behind this friendly match is particularly profound.”

‘If The Interior Major-General scores this goal, the Blue Eagles’ chances of winning will become increasingly slim as the players stand outside the big penalty area line.

This is a duel between Neishao and Romero.

Penalties, in 2013, have derived a lot of theories, but also verified countless ancient laws, none of which are game theory.

The famous economist, Pure, published a paper in 2002

He took data on all penalties from Ligue 1 and Serie A in a certain period, 459.

Discovered the mixed strategy of the game, which is consistent with nash’s equilibrium logic!

Simply put.

Goalscorers and goalkeepers who play in the same league.

In the process of penalty, the psychology of both sides is ‘stone scissors cloth’!

On the sidelines, Scolari concentrated, staring dead into the box.

“The Blue Eagles can’t get out of the way at The Maracanã Stadium!”

“A penalty here will destroy their confidence!”

The other side.

Saveria squeezed her cheeks vigorously with both hands.

This is a peculiar action when he is nervous.

He grabbed the assistant teacher’s shoulder and muttered, “Don’t panic! Romero is very good at saving penalties! Don’t be nervous! Calm down. ”

The assistant teacher cried with a sad face: “I am not panicked, coach! ”


Neishao began to help run.

Broken steps.


Swing legs, short distances.

He completed four tempo variations! Romero was unmoved! Call!

Straight stop the football left the inner less feet.

He was still unmoved.

An instant.

He knew he had misjudged.

Football slammed into the bottom left corner of the Blue Hawks!



“Romero’s thoughts at this point must be: Why not the spoon penalty?”

“During the Santos era, his favorite way to take a penalty was a spoon penalty.”

“He’s mature! He used a very mature and reasonable angle to break through the gate of the Blue Eagle Country again! ”

“Nei Shao Mei opened twice! Samba has expanded its leading edge! ”

“Two perfect goals without controversy! Belongs to Maracanã! Belongs to samba fans, belongs to Ginga football! ”

“The Blue Eagle Nation is like falling into the abyss!” They only have ten men left to fight, how to deal with the attack of samba football! ”

“This game is likely to turn into a massacre!”

—[Duan Xuan is a Samba fan?] It feels a bit off! 】

—[It’s better than Sister Ningxin’s explanation, right?] 】

—【Sister Ningxin’s commentary: The ball hits, and then hits, the ball comes and goes, and hits again…】

—【Sister Ningxin’s commentary: Although Singis’s mother is wearing black clothes, her heart is closely connected to her daughter!] 】

—【I feel that as long as I practice Mandarin well, I can also enter CTV5 to explain!】 Ha ha! 】

—【This game does not need to be watched, it is either slaughtered or messed up, and the Blue Eagle Country has no chance!] 】

—【What about Zhu Chui and Mei Chui?】 Stand up and take two steps! How much fun to shout before the game! Now punch in the face! Slap loud! 】

—[Samba goalkeeper Cesar said he was bored!] Blue Hawk didn’t have a single chance to threaten! 】

Less crazy celebrations!

The Samba players rushed up and threw him to the ground.

The samba fans in the stands also entered a carnival state.

Many spectators stood up and danced the samba hot dance! Samba! It is the hegemon of South American football!

Blue Hawk! You’ll finally fall to the ground at the Maracanã Stadium!






Scarari smiled and blossomed.

He patted his belly and raised his hands with the samba bench players, the coaching staff.

Crazy celebrations.


He saw two men coming out of the Blue Hawk bench.

The smile suddenly stopped!


Saveria excitedly pulled Zhu Tian and whispered, “Zhu Tian! Listen! This game… Belch! Don’t worry, you warm up first! ”

He calmed down and straightened the collar of the youngster’s jersey.

Zhu Tian nodded.

Padres took a deep breath, his eyes firm, no longer nervous…

The lap reopened during the race.

The Blue Hawks, who play one less person, are extremely passive.

Perez is actually a very stable, simple midfielder.

However, under the intensive offensive of the Samba state, there were repeated mistakes.

Messi frowned and began to retreat to the middle.

Unfortunately, there are too few pick-up points in the frontcourt.

Even if he got rid of two or three players in a row and advanced to the samba half, he was always under siege.

“Scolari’s tactical targeting of Messi was very successful!”

“Samba’s backline is extremely expensive!” Thiago Silva, David Louis! ”

“The double back is also an absolute treasure combination, Gustavo from Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga, partner Fernandinho, very stable!”

Why can’t Messi have five people in every game? 】

– [Yes! Then the cows! Five people in a row! Reverse Samba! 】

—【Every time you get to a desperate situation or a headwind, Messi can’t rely on it, look at my Luo’s adversity performance!】 Judge from above! 】

– “Don’t get black! The Blue Eagle Nation is already miserable! 】

— [If Messi could have played five people in a row, the Blue Eagles would have been world cup champions long ago! As for being led by samba by two goals now? 】

20th minute of the match.

Perez was distracted by Oscar.

There was a mistake in the pass!

Marcelo halfway out! Successfully intercepted! Immediately diagonally dribble the ball.

Bursting out at an extremely alarming speed, it bypassed Mascherano’s card slot.

Zabaleta rushes forward in a frenzy!

Marcelo’s body began to shake violently.

Shoulders are constantly rising and falling! Footwork flips!

Zabaleta tried to squeeze it straight away with his body! But it was empty!

Marcelo turned and plucked the ball and wiped it off!

“Are you sure he’s a defender?”

“It’s a shame not to play forward!”

“One of the representatives of the combination of samba football and European football! Marcelo! He’s so good! ”

Marcelo flashed around! Inner less pulled away from Garey!

The Oscars’ running position attracted Demikelis!

Hulk and Basanta, engaged in intense physical contact outside the sky limit.

This moment.

The Blue Eagles’ backline gap was pulled open.

Marcelo dribbled laterally! Like no man’s land! On the left side of the big restricted area! Burst a kick inward cut long-range shot!

Football in the far corner of the Blue Eagles goal!

In the exclamation of the audience, it flew out of the stands!


The referee blew the whistle! Outside the middle circle line.

The number plate was raised.

A dark-haired teenager, standing on the sidelines, entered…

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