Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Samba VS Blue Hawks, South American Pinnacle Showdown!!

Since the 18th century, the Samba Kingdom and the Blue Eagle Nation have had an inexplicable entanglement of enmity.

In the last half century, the flames of war have shifted to the green field.

The attitude of the fans of the two countries: higher than the mortal enemy, but also contemptuous of each other.

Similar to the showdown between the stick countries and the island nations in Asia.

For more than three decades, the clash between the two countries in the World Cup and the South American Cup has made the feud more complicated.

1990 World Cup.

The two countries met in the quarter-finals, and an unsolved mystery that caused a sensation around the world occurred.

Maradona offers world assists! Caniggia completes the kill!

Samba’s legendary defender Blanco, sleepwalked throughout the second half

After the game, he was met with national condemnation from samba fans, criticism from his teammates, and anger from his manager

Once a sinner in samba football.

Blanco could not resist the pressure of public opinion, he publicly explained: “I drank a bottle of green water in the 39th minute of the game and felt insane… There was no way to even talk to the coach normally and signal a substitution. ”

At the time, no one believed what he said.

A few years later, media reporters turned over the video of the game, and there was indeed this scene.

Fourteen years later, when the reporters brought up the issue again, Maradona directly began to blow himself up: “I just added a tranquilizer to Blanco’s water, a potion called Royphnol, which is harmless to the body, and Blanco has become a fool!” Ha ha! ”

“It was the coach at the time, Billado, who instructed me to do this.”

Has Blanco’s grievances been cleared?


Because Maradona has said too many jokes in a serious book.

Some South American media said that Maradona has bragged about countless cattle, and the drugging incident is just his fabrication.

Follow-up media reporters interviewed all the players in that game, team doctors, referees.

Everyone’s words are inconsistent.

Everyone’s interview records, plus getting up and sorting out nearly sixty thousand words.

There is still no way to find the truth from inside.

But the enmity between the two countries on the green field reached a new height a few days later.

International Match Day is here.

Samba will face the Blue Hawks at home!

Zhu Tian and his teammates boarded a special plane to Rio de Janeiro.

Between the two countries, the major media have made an overwhelming connection to this friendly match.

The showdown will be broadcast live in 86 countries around the world.

Known as south America’s first difficulty friendly!

On board the plane.

Zhu Tian unscrewed a bottle of mineral water.

Sabaleta hurriedly stopped and took out from his seat a bottle of water with the Blue Eagles national team logo on it.

“Drink this bottle, go to Rio, you can’t eat food or drink randomly!”

“All the food and water for our national team was flown in.”

“Don’t laugh, it’s not that I’m afraid they’re drugged, it’s that the FA is afraid of creating a second Blanco mystery incident!”

Zhu Tian smiled and nodded.

If you really drink the water in question, the Super Energy Recovery Rate Module can also help ‘detoxify’, right?

Paste field painting.

Rio de janeiro.

Maracanã Stadium, crowded.

This stadium was once called: “The world’s first stadium!” ”

Before the renovation in 2011.

The stadium’s four-sided stands can accommodate more than 200,000 spectators!

In 1970, Samba won the World Cup again, permanently retaining the legendary trophy: “Remit Gold Cup”!

A replica of it is stored in this stadium.

Where are the genuine products placed?

The genuine product was stolen by a legendary thief in 1983 and its whereabouts are still unknown.

Countless samba stars have left their mark on this stage.

Throughout the past half a century, the Maracanã Stadium is the crown of this football kingdom!

Four hours later.

The Blue Eagles national team bus drove unimpeded into the Maracanã Stadium.

Padres asked, “Why is there no one on this road?” ”

The assistant sent out a large list, saying: “In order to avoid chaos and shape the image of the city, Samba Country has invested a lot of security personnel in this competition,”

The starting lineup of the friendly match will not have much defense, and the time of disclosure is relatively early.

Zhu Tian glanced at it.

The system tone suddenly sounds.

【Ding! The strength of the lineups on both sides of the game has been detected, and now the difficulty of housing is calculated. 】

【Ding! After calculation, the mission difficulty is: Medium! Zhu Tian was skeptical about the difficulty of the system.

In addition to that European Super Cup, Chelsea’s difficulty has increased dramatically.

The difficulty of other competitions cannot be said to be accurate.

How are Chelsea doing now?

Since Di Matteo was dismissed and Mourinho returned to coaching, the Predators and Blues have also been a strong presence in the Premier League and Champions League.

Pre-match press conference.

The media reporters surrounded Savellia,

“Mr. Saveria, why didn’t the Blue Eagles call up Tevez?”

“Tevez has been very good in the club’s match against the Champions League! He is the hero of your Blue Eagle Nation! ”

“After you took office, you recruited 15 strikers at different times, but you didn’t have Tevez’s list? Why? ”

“Is it because of the conflict between Tevez and Messi?”

Saveria shook her head and pressed her hands down, signaling the reporters to calm down.

He smiled kindly and said, “I’ve been asking this question for two years. ”

“Yes, 15 top strikers! 5 of the world’s top strikers! Everyone’s style is different, and I wish there were ten Blue Eagles to house them! ”

“I’m sorry, Tevez and Messi have a good relationship, there are no contradictions!”

The Blue Eagles coach is mild-mannered on the surface, but inside he has scolded Tevez and these provocative samba reporters ten thousand times.

In the 2010 World Cup and the 2011 Copa America, Tevez, the “hero of the Blue Eagle civilians”, exposed the inferiority of the character.

No one but the blind fans of Boca Youth Club would like him.

Manchester United fans don’t like him.

Manchester City fans don’t like him.

Juventus fans don’t like him.

In the future, he is the most limited player for Yanguo fans.

In the Chinese Super League, he took the world’s first sky-high salary, had a negative attitude, and contributed 4 goals.

Back at Boca Youth, he also said a lot of bad things about the hot country.

It was immediately criticized by the football media and fans around the world.

The other side.

Scolari, too, is facing a boring problem.

“Mr. Scolari, this is your second time coaching the samba national team, will you let this generation of national football learn the Art of War of Sun Tzu?”

Samba’s manager replied helplessly: “No, the times are different, these players are more assertive, their tactical ideas, in some details are particularly prominent, I sometimes argue with them.” ”

He is a die-hard fan of Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

He once openly declared that many of his tactics and strategies were learned in the Yanguo Art of War.

At the 2002 World Cup, Scolari gave each samba a copy of Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

Also have to recite the examination, which makes the young player at the time Ronaldinho miserable………

“CTV5! CTV5! Good evening audience friends! ”

“Welcome to this week’s International Match Day blockbuster!”

“Samba vs Blue Eagle!”

“It’s an international A-level friendly, and the points of winning or losing will affect the world rankings and will also have a slight impact on the grouping of the World Cup finals!”

“I’m the commentator of this game: Duan Xuan!”

“I am He Wei!”

Yanguo live broadcast room.

The number of people has skyrocketed.

—[Why didn’t Duan Xuan and He Wei explain the national team match?] 】

-【There are not enough people!】 The World Cup year is just around the corner! 】

—【He Wei is a professional in national team competitions!】 】

– “Look! Both sides are full of main lineups! Are there also magnificent stadiums in South America? 】

Inside the player channel.

Players from both sides greeted each other warmly.

Especially Neishao and Alves.

He shook Messi’s hand without hesitation.

Marcelo also chatted with Zhu Tian.

“Cristiano Ronaldo and Bale occasionally mention you in small talk, and so does Modric, who says if Real Madrid have a midfield like you…”

Padres was incredibly nervous.

It was his first appearance for the national team.

Every step on the ground feels a little vain.

He trembled and said, “Zhu Tian, my dream since I was a child is to represent my motherland… Appear on the field of the World Cup! ”

Mascherano laughed and said, “Calm down, this is not a World Cup, it’s just a friendly match.” ”

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