Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 10

The entire formation was propelled into the hinterland of the riverbed halfway point.

Padres quietly sped up!

Boca Youth played a rhythm of attack like a flowing stream.

Three players in the midfield, back and forth translocation!

Like a changing triangle.

Played a beautiful three-over-two!

Mozaret and Gheit, who had been shaken, stood where they were, dazed.

The opponent’s attack is too fast-paced!

The cooperation is too tacit!

The audience exclaimed.

In everyone’s mind, it is subconsciously believed that Boca Youth is ready to score at any time!

Padres received the ball in The Ribs at River Plate’s half!

The black-haired figure appears again!


Zhu Tian stretched out his left foot and snatched the ball again!!!

This time!

Everyone saw his steals clearly!

No upper body contact!

No foot-to-foot hard touch!

The moment Padres receives the ball.

Zhu Tian is already close!

It was as if football had been passed to him!

Naturally, the ball was broken.

It’s so chic!

With Zhu Tian’s very charming oriental face.

One can’t help but think of an adjective: elegance!

Elegant defense!

Elegant steals!

The audience wondered:

Padres made a mistake again?

A super talented midfielder contested by Europe’s three giants.

Was he robbed twice by an unknown pawn?

In a one-on-one contest, lost to a Chinese teenager?


After Zhu Tian’s successful steal.

From God’s perspective.

Boca Juniors’ backline was extremely vigilant, revealing that the backfield gap was not large.

He didn’t hesitate.

Passed the ball to Mozaré.

The latter also immediately shoved the ball straight into Giovanni!

Jill growled, “them!!! ”

That’s the passion of youth leagues!

Never delay a game because you’re ahead!


Giovanni fought alone.

The football was quickly cut off by Boca Juniors defenders.

Padres sorted out his emotions.

Retreat to catch the ball.

Reorganize the offensive.

Boca Youth’s advance has once again become incomparably fierce!



The audience noticed a particularly interesting phenomenon.

No matter how fast Boca Youth passes!

Never be able to advance into the heart of the riverbed!

Because of the Chinese teenagers on the field!

Always in the right place! Complete elegant card slot steals!

It’s like a one-man show!

Zhu Tian alone defused the attack of the Boka youth!

He was slow.

But all of Padres’ straight plugs, split sides, and over-the-top balls were snuffed out in the cradle!

It’s his personal performance!

The audience realized that the defense will also bloom such a beautiful moment!

Above River Plate’s home field.

The applause was thunderous.

Time passes minute by minute.

Nothing has changed in the score!

The referee blew the whistle at the end of the first half!

Jill waved his fist in excitement!

“Fuck! Padres is a genius? Our Zhu Tian is the real genius midfielder! ”


Simone was overjoyed.

He had been completely conquered by Zhu Tian’s performance!


True genius!

Steals are world-class!

The sense of position and defensive awareness is even more cosmic!

His style is too suitable for Atletico!

It is simply Barca’s pass control, Real Madrid’s anti-rebound nemesis!

When the stands are fading.

He immediately dialed River Plate’s athletic director, Skeley.

“Simone! Have you figured it out? Want to bring your son to Atletico? ”

“No! Skeley! Listen to me! Zhu Tian! How much? ”

“Zhu Tian? Ha ha! Simone, your tone, sounds like you’re buying a piglet! ”

“Mad! No! Are you in the office? I’ll come to you right away!” ”

Simone was called a “bandit marshal”.

Talk to old friends is never welcome!

He ran out of the court immediately!

Kill to Skeley’s office.

The summer transfer period has begun.

Atletico, be sure to get Zhu Tian before the new season!


Riverbed dressing rooms.

Jill flicked the pieces on the tactical board.

He didn’t talk about any tactics.

“Boca Youth has a few cubs who can’t help but want to do it!”

“If you fight in a moment, Gate, you’re the captain, you’re the strongest!” You’re at the top! ”

“Babe, you see it, when the scene is at its most chaotic, you take the opportunity to get blackfoot!”

“Mozaré, forget about your body, stand aside and spit!”

“Whoever of them moves first, we will catch whoever they will beat!”

“Others, protect Zhu Tian!” He can’t afford to slip away! ”

Jill looked into Zhu Tian’s eyes.

It’s like looking at a bunch of bills that are high on a hill.

Sckeley, who had promised his scouting commission, would never renege on his word.

My daughter’s tuition in Madrid has fallen!

He wanted to say something, but he became incoherent.

“Zhu Tian… I have a daughter….”


The crowd laughed!

Babe pointed to Jill’s face, “Coach, your genes… Wouldn’t the daughter also be full of flesh and waist like a bucket? ”

“Stinky boy, you’re understamed in the mouth!”

Jill immediately picked up a wooden stick.

Babe fled in a hurry.

Zhu Tian wondered, “Why did the coach still carry a wooden stick during the game…”

Giovanni frowned, “Jill’s daughter, it’s beautiful!” Too bad it’s too conservative! No one can catch up! ”

Gate said, “Last time at the club dinner, I wanted to politely offer a kissing hand salute, and she kicked me!” ”

The crowd laughed.



Is this still a normal South American girl?

Zhu Tian didn’t think too much.

He began to mentally review the first half of the game.

The Silver Chest was already beckoning to him.


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