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Football: God-level midfielder, Messi begs me for naturalization Chapter 1

July 2013.

Guanlan River Training Base.

The Yanguo national youth team played a group confrontation on the court.

The scene is very dull.

The players either stopped the ball five meters away or opened their feet at random.

Football always flies out of bounds.

On the side of the court, two middle-aged men, one thin and one fat, applauded with satisfaction.

“Coach, Wu Gongzi is really good at playing, do you want to let that planning player play?”

“Planning players? That Pampas Chinese? But in response to the call, pull back to make up the number, he can not enter the 25-man roster in the national youth team… Forget it, let him play! ”

“Okay, coach.”

The fat man immediately blew a whistle and motioned for a substitution.

“That Chu… Zhu Tian! You go up! Team B just come down alone! ”

Team A are the main players of the national youth team.

Most of the B team is a “sparring partner” transferred from the provincial team youth training.

On the bench.

A dark-haired teenager stood up and trotted onto the field.

His name is Zhu Tian, Pampas Guohua, from river plate academy, the position is midfielder.

More of a crosser.

The young players of the national youth team on the field immediately looked displeased.

Especially Wu Xiaofan, the captain of the national youth team.

The reason is simple:

Zhu Tian will not “come to the matter”!

All the teams are respectful and flattering to Wu Xiaofan.

Only Zhu Tian was the exception! Every day, I only know training, and I don’t put Wu Xiaofan, the son of the national football team leader, in my eyes at all.

The fat man blew a whistle, signaling the game to continue.

After Zhu Tiantian came on the field, he kept looking back and observing the situation of the scene.

Every running position, every pass and catch, incomparably dashing and calm.

It seems out of place with the players on the pitch.

His technical level is stronger than that of the young national youth generals by more than one grade!

The dullness of the game was gradually broken.

Team B seems to have been reborn.

Under the guidance of Zhu Tian, the teammates kicked out a smooth passing coordination.

Everyone can’t help but sigh in their hearts: this Pampas Chinese, the technology is very good!

The young players of the national youth team of the A team could not touch the ball at all.

Their bags were forced to be snatched and easily got rid of by Zhu Tian.

Captain Wu Xiaofan’s face became more and more ugly.

The two middle-aged men on the sidelines were suddenly dazzled.

“Yes, this chinese name is Zhu Tian, and he played very well… What are his family conditions? ”

“If you can enter the River Plate Youth Training Camp, the family conditions are almost where to go.”

“Oh? Then I’ll have to mention him later. ”

On the pitch.

Team B pressed Team A into the penalty area and launched a siege.

The young national youth generals have no way at all, and habitually let their defensive actions become bigger and bigger.

It is even more to use both hands and feet, and to step on shoes.

The referee did not say anything.

The B players dared to be angry.

They come from all cities and counties in Yanguo, and they all want to perform well and hope to join the national youth team.

The scene became more and more chaotic.

Zhu Tian arced at the top of the big penalty area and received the ball.

Wu Xiaofan, who had been waiting for a long time, immediately bumped into him!


As a result, I ran two steps and fell into a dog to eat.

Zhu Tian sent out a straight foot.

The ball was covered with turf, easily tearing apart the national youth team’s loose backline.

Small forbidden area nearby.

Team B strikers took a step.

Tiptoe a poke.

The ball rolled into the goal!


The national youth goalkeeper did not react at all.

Even if the ball is very slow.

He looked back and immediately cursed his teammates in the back line: “What are you playing!” ”

The B team players wanted to hug Zhu Tian for the first time to celebrate.

But when he saw Wu Xiaofan’s eyes, he couldn’t help but stop.

Zhu Tian was a little disappointed.

His technical level can only be regarded as average in the River Plate youth training.

I thought that the national football environment of Yanguo in parallel time and space was very normal.

Didn’t expect that.

It still sucks.

Wu Xiaofan ran to him.


“Don’t be arrogant, you’re just lucky and mixed in an assist.”

“If you want to mix in the national youth team, you should be sensible!” Don’t think you’re in the Blue Eagle country, what kind of character are you, can you still play the World Cup with Messi? ”

“Come here, it’s not that you can’t go down there to come to Yanguo to collect money, remember, if you want to make money, you have to serve me first.”


Zhu Tian ignored it, looked at the fool-like expression, and then turned away in a dashing manner.

Wu Xiaofan was confused, he was the son of the national football team leader, this team, even the head coach did not dare to give him such a face!

The game continues.

Team A restarted the ball in the middle circle.

The ball comes after a few slow passes.

The young national youth players made mistakes.

The ball rolled to the feet of the B striker.

He glanced at Wu Xiaofan and “sensibly” brought the ball to the opponent.

Wu Xiaofan casually stretched out his foot and broke the ball.

Teammates gave a thumbs up.

When Zhu Tian saw this scene, he couldn’t help but smile.

He trotted forward.

It’s easy to grab the ball back.

Wu Xiaofan did not react at all.

His face flushed.

Roared, “Grass mud horse! ”

Talking room.

He put the shovel directly from Behind Zhu Tian, lit up the shoe studs, and shoveled towards the opponent’s ankle!

Zhu Tianxiao jumped up.

Dodge Wu Xiaofan’s dirty shovel this time.

It’s a wasted action!

Everyone stopped.

The young players of the national youth team are schadenfreude.

The small players of the B team did not dare to speak: Wu Xiaofan was in the national youth team, just like the school bully, no one dared to offend, and every new young player had to help him polish his shoes.

The two middle-aged men on the side of the court were like watching a play, and their smiles were even greater.

“Xiao Fan, the leader of the Wu team, really has a leadership style!”

“Little boy, don’t you say, you have to be domineering on the court.”


“Is there something wrong with your boy’s brain?” Deaf? ”

Wu Xiaofan scolded and grinned, and his face was vicious.

An unexpected scene happened.

Zhu Tian leaned back.

Clench your fists.


Smashed into Wu Xiaofan’s face!

Everyone’s mouths were wide open at this moment!

It’s not over yet!

Zhu Tian raised his foot and kicked hard at Wu Xiaofan’s abdomen!

Wu Xiaofan let out a scream.

The two middle-aged men on the sidelines immediately panicked: “Stop him!” Stop him! ”

No one dared to move.

The young generals of the national youth who are usually used to following behind Wu Xiaofan as a blessing are like wooden chickens.

The little players of the B team were also scared silly.

Who dares to stop it?

Zhu Tian’s current momentum is too frightening!

The original owner was born in the rich area of Argentina, but he liked to fight with the gangsters on the street since he was a child!

The madness of this body hidden in the blood is undoubtedly leaking at this moment!

Two minutes later.

Zhu Tian’s expression was calm, and he stepped on Wu Xiaofan’s face.

“If you’re at River Plate Academy, you’ve said goodbye to football for life.”


He turned and left.

Wu Xiaofan’s face was frightened, his eyes were red, and he remembered: River Plate Youth Training Camp is the cradle of the birth of geniuses and bullies!

Not long ago.

River Plate U14 echelon also had a sensational group fight incident!

Even the little players under the age of 14 are incredibly fierce!

Not to mention Zhu Tian!


The two middle-aged men did not dare to stop Zhu Tian!

They saw the son of the national football team leader being beaten, and their hearts were very panicked.

“What to do? If the Wu leader knew that Wu Gongzi had been beaten up in our place, this month’s funds would definitely not be disbursed! ”


No national team leader has as much power as the Yan national football team!

The national football team leader is not only responsible for the team’s itinerary, but also directly involved in all matters of the coaching staff, and is in the form of supervision, the work of the coaching team is assessed!

It is also in control of the financial allocation of the national football team!

The fat man shouted at Zhu Tian’s back:

“Zhu Tian! It’s not over! You don’t want to step into the national youth team again! ”

“You don’t deserve to join NWS!” Not worthy to join the national football team! ”

“Such a vicious event! I will definitely report it! The Foot Association will fire you permanently! ”


Zhu Tian was not impressed.

Even a little bit of wanting to laugh.

This parallel time and space of the national football, rotten.

He completely dismissed the idea of joining the national football team!

As he walked out of the gates of the Mission Hills Training Base.

A electromechanical synthesizer sounded quietly in my head.

【Ding! Super Soccer System Binding… 1%…. 99%】

【Binding successful! 】 】

【Congratulations to the host for unlocking the god-level god perspective!】 】

Zhu Tian was slightly embarrassed?


God-level God perspective?

Can transform all the information on the pitch into a god perspective overlooking the view!

What a surprise!

Zhu Tian’s level in the River Plate Youth Training Camp can only be said to be average.

As a midfielder, he is acutely aware of the importance of God’s perspective.

With God’s perspective, on the pitch is an omniscient and all-powerful being!

He had only been crossing the body of the same name for a week.

But that bloodiness was exactly the same as that of the original Lord.

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