Football: Don’t pretend to be a coach, you’re a tall man Chapter 0170

“By the way, at this point, I’ll have to go to Dr. Maas tomorrow.”

“After all, Ronnie and Ferdinand, I’ll have to take them to the Bernabeu.”

“That line, next Wednesday night’s game, we’ll start early next Tuesday afternoon.”

At this time, Lin Guang explained to several people in front of him.

“Okay, Coach Lin Guang!”

“By the way, these days of pre-game training is to let the team’s group of boys practice passing and heading?”

Giggs nodded, then immediately asked Lin Guang again.


“These two tactics are enough for us to beat our opponents well in the Santiago Bernabeu.”

At this time, Lin Guang smiled confidently at everyone.

After a while, several members of the Manchester United coaching staff slowly walked towards the training ground.

Soon, the day’s training time passed.

The next day, Monday.

There are still three days left before Real Madrid and Manchester United match.

Manchester United continued to repeat the passing practice and header practice requested by Lin Guang on the day.

Lin Guang, on the other hand, came to Dr. Maas’s place again with a hint of happiness.

“Haha, good morning, Dr. Maas!”

“Those two sick numbers in your hand, how are you recovering now?”

At this time, Lin Guang was in the team doctor’s office, happily greeting Maas.


“What else can be done, it is not only through time to slowly recover.”

“I can only say that their current situation is getting better and better every day.”

“However, if they want to go through ordinary medical treatment, they will have to wait for more than a month to recover.”

When Dr. Mas saw Lin Guang coming, he immediately reported to him with a serious face.

“No need to wait!”

“Let them heal today.”

“Time is limited, tomorrow we all have to leave for the Bernabeu.”

At this time, Lin Guang waved at Dr. Maas, and then replied with a relaxed face.

“Take them to the Bernabeu tomorrow?”

“Let Ronaldo and Ferdinand heal today?”

“Coach Lin Guang, do you mean that within today, the two guys in wheelchairs can stand up?”

Dr. Maas heard the words and asked Lin Guang with a shocked face.


“Not today, but in a moment they will be cured.”

“These two players have been in wheelchairs for so many days, it’s almost time to get up and exercise.”

Lin Guang smiled lightly, and then replied faintly.


“Coach Lin, no, Master Lin!”

“I’ll have a moment to witness a miracle!”

“By the way, Coach Lin Guang, how do you judge the recovery time of Ronnie and the Ronnie?”

At this time, Dr. Maas excitedly picked up his notebook, and then couldn’t wait to ask Lin Guang.

“Of course, this is the mysterious law of the ancient kingdom of the East.”

“I can’t explain so much now, I’ll tell you slowly later, and then I’ll give you a medical secret book to slowly understand!”

“By the way, what about Ronaldo and Ferdinand?”

“Let’s go and get these two people’s injuries completely right!”

Lin Guang heard the words and smiled slyly at Dr. Maas.

“Okay then!”

“In any case, if you want to penetrate this kind of metaphysics, you will be confused for a while and a half.”

“Coach Lin Guang must remember that in the future, I will have to slowly pass on the magic method of this healer!”

“And what kind of medical secret books, please ask Master Lin to pass it on to me as soon as possible.”

Dr. Maas’s eyes lit up, and then he pulled Lin Guang and walked directly towards a small training ground in the club.

Looking at Dr. Maas with an excited face on the road, Lin Guang could only smile helplessly and shake his head.

It seems that I hope that in the future, this kind of thing can find an opportunity to “fool through” Dr. Maas in advance.

After a while, Lin Guang and Maas came to the place where Ronnie and Ferdinand resumed their training.

“Coach Lin Guang!”

“Dr. Maas!”

At this time, the two Ronnies, who were doing recovery training with the help of the staff, quickly stopped and greeted Lin Guang and Maas.

“Cough cough!”

“Two good!”

“I just heard Dr. Mas say that the two of you are recovering very well!”

“Moreover, you insist on doing rehabilitation training every day, so…”

“Dr. Maas announces that your body is officially healed!”

“Wait a minute, go to the club’s big training ground and do some simple pre-game training with the team!”

At this moment, Lin Guang stood in front of Ronnie and Ferdinand, and then solemnly announced to them.

Ronaldo: “?? ”

Ferdinand: “?? ”

At this time, Ronaldo and Ferdinand looked at each other, and then looked at Dr. Maas on the side with a puzzled face.

In the next second, Lin Guang quickly closed his eyes inadvertently by everyone.


“Use the Player Recovery Card now!”

“Target players, Ronaldo and Ferdinand!”

At this time, Lin Guang quickly communicated with the system.


“Received a request from the host!”

“Two player recovery cards were used successfully!”

“The number of rehabilitation cards left in the host is currently nine.”

Immediately after that, the system immediately replied to Lin Guang.

Lin Guang heard the words and smiled with satisfaction.

In the next second, Lin Guang once again looked at Ronnie and Ferdinand with affirmative eyes.

“Dr. Maas!”

“Is what Coach Lin Guang said true?”

“Are we really recovering now?”

“Why do I think it’s impossible?”

At this time, Ronaldo asked Dr. Maas with a bitter smile.

“Uh… This, according to Coach Lin Guang’s words, you seem to have been cured… Right. ”

“Cough, why don’t you try to get up and walk around?”

Dr. Maas heard the words and replied to the two people in front of him with an embarrassed face.

“Coach, team doctor!”

“Don’t be kidding about this!”

“I still know our own injuries.”

“I still need help to get up and eat this morning!”

At this time, Ferdinand looked at Lin Guang and Dr. Maas doubtfully.

“Well, don’t waste any more time.”

“Tomorrow our whole team is going to leave for the Bernabeu.”

‘The two of you have a special arrangement in this game against Real Madrid, you two have to play for me.

“Hurry up and stop this Rausch wheelchair.”

At this moment, Lin Guang looked at the hesitant and entangled Ronnie duo, and urged with some impatience.

“Dr. Maas, are our injuries really getting better?”

At this point, Ronaldo looked at Maas and then confirmed it again.

“Cough, this…”

“Logically, you should be fine!”

“Don’t look at me like this, my head is not funny, you guys… Just follow Coach Lin Guang’s arrangement. ”

Dr. Maas quietly turned his face and replied awkwardly.

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