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Fantasy: Me! Add friends to become stronger chapter 129

The giant hand reaches across the sky.

The charm of life and death is constantly changing and changing.

It was the headmaster of Taixuanzong who took action。

“Xi Yingqing! ”

Yunzhou flew out.

But there were more than a dozen figures standing there.

The leader was


Wearing luxurious robes.

His face seemed extremely angry, but there was a flash of relief in his eyes.

It seemed like he was just now. It was a rude move.

It was just for verification.

Now the result makes him satisfied.。

“When entering our mountain gate, you must follow the rules and do not cross. ”

The deep voice resounded throughout the world.

At the same time, a figure in gray robe slowly emerged.

His temples were gray and his face was vicissitudes of life.

The left shoulder was empty.

Only the sleeves were left dancing in the wind.

Under the strong feeling At the same time, there is a strange feeling that is difficult to describe and cannot be explained.。

“Is this the headmaster of Taixuanzong?”

“The legendary powerhouse in the realm of life and death!”

“So strong!”

“It’s just that the headmaster of Taixuanzong is too brave. He even dares to throw Yun Zhou out of Wanxiang Pavilion. Aren’t he afraid of being targeted in the future? 21 ”

Everyone was talking about it.

However, Wanxiang Pavilion’s behavior was indeed a bit excessive.

Taixuanzong is not an ordinary force.

It basically already has a level of strength.

It is really disrespectful to come in like this.。

“It was just a joke. Master Xi has a lot of people, so he probably won’t mind. ”

The middle-aged man said with a smile.

His name is Yuancang.

He is the top elder of Wanxiang Pavilion.

He is also a strong person in the life and death realm.

The two of them seem to know each other.。

“Of course not, please take a seat. ”

Xi Yingqing’s face was calm.

Yuan Cang raised his lips slightly.

He led everyone into the fifth high platform.

At this point,

all the forces have arrived.


The figure of the Great Elder Xuankong appeared in the air.

His face was indifferent. .

Especially when looking at Wanxiang Pavilion.

He paused coldly and

finally spoke:

“Today is the martial arts meeting of the three sects, and it is also a grand event for our sect’s promotion. It will really make our sect shine brightly if you can come here in person.。”

“Without further ado, this elder will announce。”

“The martial arts show begins!”

“All disciples go to the corresponding venues in order according to the token numbers. ”

The words fell. There were many streams of light leaping out from

the five high platforms and flying towards the martial arts field below. The martial arts field was roughly divided into five places. This means that ten disciples can fight at the same time. Although they are divided More areas can make fighting more efficient, but in a battle of this level, you can’t just pursue efficiency, you have to consider the thoughts of bystanders. There are too many at the same time. You can’t see it . And this has always been the case. Wu’s rules. Disciples from the three major forces entered the venue one after another. The audience became excited on stage.

“Look, is that Han Luoyu? !”

“He was actually the first one from Taixuanzong to appear?”

“It all depends on luck. If the number of tokens he draws is the highest, he will be the first to appear.。”

“Let me see who is fighting him…The disciples of the Giant Spirit Sect are a bit unfamiliar. They don’t seem to be in the top thirty of the Hidden Dragon Rankings. Tsk tsk, it seems like this is nothing to watch. ”

And this is actually the case.

In the first area of the martial arts field.

When Han Luoyu walked in, the Juling Sect disciple’s face was already pale and his forehead was sweating.

How could he be such a top genius? Opponent?

But for the sake of the sect!

No matter what

, I have to give it a try。

“The giant spirit power shakes the sky! ”

The disciple of the Juling Sect roared, and his physical body suddenly rose up, and his true energy turned into the shadow of the mountain, like a majestic mountain falling, hitting Han Luoyu!

However, Han Luoyu’s expression did not change at all. (Look at the coolness of the storm) For novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!) Make

a fist with your right hand and

punch out at will.


In an instant, it was like a torrent erupting, and Pei Mo could not control it!

A huge fist light came down from the air.

Filled with unrivaled momentum!

Directly blowing the giant spirit away The disciple was thrown away, vomiting blood in his mouth, and fell to the ground unconscious.

This scene

shocked the audience around him.

Although Han Luoyu was number one on the Hidden Dragon Ranking, all of them who came to participate in the battle today were among the best. At least they could compete. A few moves, right?

But it was solved in one move!

The strength is really terrifying!

Withdraw his fist.

Han Luoyu suddenly looked towards the fourth area not far away.

There were flames shooting into the sky.。[]

But seeing the flames surging, it engulfed the opponent fiercely and slapped him away.

It is Duanmu Longque.

The token he drew was also relatively high.

So it was also the first batch to appear.

However, his luck was not that good, and he was actually fighting against a disciple of the Giant Spirit Sect.

Although they have already united secretly.

But there is nothing we can do now.

It can only be solved.

The two people’s eyes met, and in an instant, countless sparks seemed to burst out!

The meaning is also very clear.

This time, it will be the final battle!

Because after the martial arts competition, both of them will basically be promoted upwards, step into the realm of the gods, and leave the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

Their eyes met, just for a moment.

Soon the two of them left.

After all, the venue has to be left to those who follow.

The battles in other areas are not as fast as the two of them. If some people are of equal strength, they will fall into a state of anxiety.

They all gave their all for their respective sects.

And this is actually something that many people are willing to watch.

The kind that ends directly is really boring.

Nothing to see.

The time for half a stick of incense is 920 years later.

The first batch of geniuses participating in the battle also had their winners and losers decided.


Taixuanzong is dominant.

Not one of our own was ranked, but they also defeated their opponents.

This made the top officials of the three major forces in the stands above frown slightly and look slightly unhappy.

The drawing of tokens depends entirely on luck, and since they are all watching, it cannot be faked.

It can only be said that Taixuanzong was very lucky.

Luck is also a part of strength。

“It seems that the disciples of our sect are even better. ”

Shangguan Zhi, the master of Shangwu Peak, laughed.

People who practice swords are basically carefree in character. They say whatever they want and are extremely straightforward.。

“Shangguan Zhi, this is just the first batch, don’t get too proud too early. Duanmu

Yang said coldly。

“The second batch and the third batch are the same. ”

Shangguan took out the wine bottle from his waist and took a sip.

His arrogant attitude made other high-level officials twitch their eyes slightly.

But after looking at each other,

they regained their composure.。

“Junior Brother Meng, it’s your turn,”

Lan Chan came over and said, “You are number 16.。”

“OK ”

Meng Changqing stood up.

If it’s No. 16, then the opponent will be No. 17.

He doesn’t know who No. 17 is.

But he doesn’t care.

Anyway, no matter who it is, they will only end up defeated.


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