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Fantasy: Me! Add friends to become stronger chapter 128


The bell still rang intermittently.

Majestic and upright.

It seems to be announcing something to the world.


The heavy palace door was pushed open.

A figure walked out.

The white robe is better than the snow, and the figure is tall and tall.

It’s Meng Changqing。

“Is it finally starting? ”

Meng Changqing looked in the direction of the martial arts arena.

There, he vaguely sensed many powerful auras.

The battle of the prosperous age was attracting everyone’s attention.。

“Junior Brother Meng, it’s time to go. ”

Not far away, Lan Chan seemed to have been waiting for a long time and said with a smile.。

“good. ”

Meng Changqing nodded.

When they came to the Lingxiao Hall, many disciples came one after another.

Ten in total.

Mo Xiaoyu made a face at Meng Changqing and raised her fist at the same time.

Today, she had a high ponytail. .More


“This time, I will defeat even Han “310” Luoyu and become the first! ”

The little girl put her hands on her hips and was full of ambition.

Mo Shukuang’s face was full of joy.。

“Now that everyone is here, let’s go. ”

Mo Shukuang waved his right hand.

The huge sword light reappeared, and everyone walked up.

The sword light flickered.

He flew towards the martial arts field.

He also met many people on the way.

They were all participating disciples of various lines.

Meng Changqing saw Shi Brothers.

Their bodies are really conspicuous.

The other Ziyun Peak disciples are very small compared to them.

The martial arts field

is a thousand meters wide.

It can accommodate many warriors to fight at the same time!

Otherwise, one after another. The efficiency of one game is too low.

The most important thing is to get the results as quickly as possible.

At this time, there are already crowds of people around the martial arts performance field. There

is endless discussion.

They are all discussing who can win the first place in today’s martial arts competition.

And whether Tai Xuanzong can be satisfied. All conditions are met, and the promotion is successful.

Many people basically think that

Han Luoyu is still the one. After all, Han Luoyu has never lost since his debut and has always been at the top of the Qianlong rankings.

As for Duanmu Longque, there is a high probability that he will fail this time!

So the key It’s just a question of numbers.

In the first thirty years, the number of Taixuan Sect disciples must be the largest.

Otherwise, even if they occupy the top spot,

they will still fail to advance.。

“With the Giant Spirit Sect here, Taixuan Sect is really in danger. ”

Someone said.

During this time, the world has naturally understood the reason why the Qianlong List has changed so abnormally before.

Since it is difficult to compete for the top spot,

then work on other conditions.

With the Giant Spirit Sect involved, as long as it continues to block If Taixuanzong disturbs the disciples of Taixuanzong and wildly floods the Yanyang Valley, it will be difficult for Taixuanzong to meet the second condition.

This is also a conspiracy.

Everyone knows it, but there is no way.

This is the rule set by the Holy Land

. If you want to be promoted, you can, Then show your absolute crushing strength!

Prove that you are qualified to become a stronger force!

So as to obtain more territory and resources!

Otherwise, other people’s potential is also very high, why should you be promoted?

“Look, the Nie family in Fengyun City is over there. ”

Someone suddenly pointed over.

I saw that on an obviously higher platform, the Nie family had already taken their seats.

Although the Nie family did not participate in this martial arts competition, they could still be considered to have contributed.

Otherwise, how could the Giant Spirit Sect occupy the place? So many positions.

Today there will not be three sects competing in martial arts.

There will only be two sects.。

“Such a grand event, but there is no place for our Nie family, which is a bad sign. ”

The old city lord sighed softly.

There was a sense of loneliness on his face.。

“It’s all my fault that the younger generation like me is not ambitious enough. “(To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

There was a young man with a sword beside him, and he s

aid in a deep voice.

He is considered the strongest among the younger generation of the Nie family. He is

ranked tenth on the Qianlong list.

He is also the second Quality, power, the last face。

“Time is also destiny, you cannot force it. ”

Looking at him, a flash of relief flashed in the old city lord’s eyes, and he raised his hand and patted his shoulder.。

“Ancestor, I heard that after becoming a first-grade sect, although you can get a lot of things, even support from Zhongzhou, you also seem to have to bear more responsibilities, such as suppressing the Demon Abyss Demon Land! ”

The young man thought for a while and said.

A solemn look appeared on his face.

Demonic Abyss Demonic Land, which is synonymous with great danger and terror.

What exists in it

is enough to destroy any second-grade force!

So ! For a long time, first-class sects have been needed to guard it.

For example, if there were no first-class sects in Tianlingzhou before, then Zhongzhou would send people to guard it.。

“Even if the Demonic Abyss Demonic Land is dangerous, it will cause countless casualties to the guarding forces.。”[]

“But it’s all worth it. ”

The old city lord shook his head, “As long as the corresponding guard time is reached, Zhongzhou will provide a resource that no one can refuse.。”

“What is it? ”

The young man was very curious.

He was very unfamiliar with this aspect and had never heard of it….

The old city lord spoke softly and said a few words.

The young man’s pupils suddenly shrank.

My whole body was shaking.

It wasn’t until I swallowed my saliva that I gradually calmed down.。

“No wonder no one can refuse to be promoted to the first rank. ”

The young man tightened his hands slightly.

He suddenly felt a little melancholy again.

This kind of thing must have nothing to do with him.

The future can only belong to Taixuan Sect or Yanyang Valley.。

“Something will occur if it belongs to your life, if not, do not push it。”

“Since the strength is not enough, it is actually quite good to just stay where you are. The old city lord caressed his white beard and said with a smile, “I hope Yanyang Valley and the Giant Spirit Sect can be more powerful .

Otherwise, if Taixuanzong is promoted successfully, the Nie family will fall even further.”。”

“He couldn’t even maintain the second grade and was reduced to the third grade. ”

Hearing this,

the young man was a little silent.

As the saying goes,

after being promoted to the first rank, other forces will have to give up most of their territory.

This is equivalent to cutting off half of the flesh.

If things go on like this, other forces will only become weaker and weaker, and there will be almost no There will be the possibility of rising again.

During the conversation,

the teams from Yanyang Valley and Juling Sect also entered the scene one by one.

Including the disciples of the Seventh Lineage of Taixuan Sect.

Four high platforms stood in mid-air, facing each other from a distance.

The powerful aura was even more intense. Sweeping through the sky and clouds, competing with each other!

“coming! ”

Everyone below was shocked.

They knew that all parties had entered the scene, which meant that it was about to begin!

The battle of Tianlingzhou’s top geniuses!


However, at this moment, 1.3.

Above the sky, a huge ship Yunzhou appeared suddenly.

This place serves as the gate of Taixuan Sect.

Yunzhou from any force is not allowed to enter in a grand manner, and must stop in front of the mountain gate.

Therefore, this Yunzhou really broke the rules.

But no one Make a sound.

Because Yunzhou’s waving flag is very conspicuous.

It is the three words Wanxiang Pavilion!

All the heavens and all the phenomena are in the high pavilion!

Wanxiang Pavilion is a big force affiliated with Zhongzhou. It

is responsible for the changes and updates of the list of the cultivation world, and the news Responsibilities such as circulation and sales, as well as promotion of power.

To a certain extent, it was already above ordinary power.

But the next second,

a crack appeared in the air, and a huge palm stretched out and grabbed it directly. Yunzhou was thrown out violently。

“Xi Yingqing! ”

An angry voice came from the cloud boat.


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