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Fantasy: Me! Add friends to become stronger chapter 123

“Junior Brother Meng, those two are the top talents of Shangwu Peak.。”

“Lin Xiaotian, and Guo Quan. ”

I don’t know when, Lan Chan walked over with his eyes pointed.

Meng Changqing came back to his senses

and looked over.

He saw two young people standing directly behind Shangguan.

They looked about twenty-four or five years old.

Carrying a With a long sword, his head held high and his chest held high.

There was a bright light in his eyes.

During this period, he was naturally familiar with the geniuses of various sects and the young and powerful men of other forces.

Lin Xiaotian ranked sixth in the Qianlong Class, and was created by fate. The ninth level of the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

Guo Quan is the fifteenth on the Hidden Dragon Ranking and the sixth level of the Creation Realm.

Lan Chan next to him is the eleventh on the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

As for Mo Xiaoyu, that girl is the fourth on the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

In front of the Hidden Dragon Ranking Thirty represents the best in the realm of creation.

And they all have the power of martial arts.

The higher the number, the higher the number, it means that in addition to the power of “350”, they also have other things.

Such as talent, physique, bloodline, etc.。

“They are all strong. ”

Meng Changqing nodded slightly.

He could sense that the auras of these two people were indeed good.

One after

another, more people from the three branches arrived.

Yaowang Peak, Ziyun Peak, and Formation Peak.

They were all led by their respective peak masters.。

“Senior Brother Meng! ”

Shi Yao waved excitedly to Meng Changqing.

The same goes for Shi Guang.

The two of them seemed to have grown bigger, ten meters tall!

Anyone standing in front of them

looked very small.

Every step he took was enough to make his feet There was a tremor in the square。

“Two junior brothers. ”

Meng Changqing smiled slightly.

The two brothers have now broken through to the realm of creation.

However, judging from their aura, it should be that they have just broken through and are not very stable yet.

Meng Changqing is not surprised by their breakthrough.

With such combat power, how can they miss three Zong Huiwu?

Use any method to let them break through to the realm of creation.

Although the two of them currently only have blood and

no understanding of potential,

they can at least solve most of the ordinary geniuses.

Thinking about it.

Meng Changqing watched the two of them. panel。

【Friend: Shi Guang】

【Race: Human race】

【Cultivation level: First level of creation realm】

【Root bone: third grade】

【Comprehension: average】

【Bloodline: Stoneman】

【Bloodline Skills: General Armor, Stone King’s Roar】

【Kung Fu and Martial Arts: “The Transformation of the Stars, Volume 1 of the Imperial Scriptures” (Dacheng)…】

“He actually awakened a new bloodline skill, Stone King Roar? Looks a bit like sonic martial arts。”

“In addition, the progress of the exercises is also very fast, and it is actually completed. ”

Meng Changqing was a little shocked.

But he quickly adapted.

Because it’s normal to think about it.

After all, Zi Yunfeng is now trying its best to cultivate them.

It is estimated that all good things have been used on them.

For example, the marrow stone.

And The stone man’s bloodline is also a top-level body-refining bloodline. Practicing this body-refining manual will naturally lead to rapid progress.。

“Not bad. ”

A smile appeared on Meng Changqing’s face.

He likes friends who work hard best.

In this way, he can also try to improve his favorability. During

this period,

in Lingxiao Palace, Mo Shukuang not only talks about swordsmanship, but also teaches and other lines, as well as the unique skills of Yanyang Valley and other forces. This

greatly increased Meng Changqing’s understanding of the “Emperor’s Classic of Heaven”.

There are three volumes in this collection.

The first volume is called Star Transformation, which corresponds to the high-level earth-level skills. .Um

_…To b

e precise, it is infinitely close to the heaven level!

By absorbing the power of stars and integrating it into the physical body, one can cultivate an extremely powerful star body!

What a solid existence the stars are.

The defense aspect is naturally extremely terrifying.

In addition, once the star body is completed, the true essence in the body will also turn into a more powerful star essence.

With one punch, it was like falling stars, the power was terrifying! (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

So the two brothers of the Shi family are no longer what they used to be.

Even if you are a genius who understands the potential.

If they were in the same situation and had no other trump card, they would never be their match.

The disciples present are usually practicing.

So we didn’t meet often, but now that we met, we immediately started chatting.

The same is true among several peak masters.

However, at this moment, a deep voice came down from the head。

“In front of the main hall of the sect leader, how is it appropriate to make such a noise? ”

Hearing this,

everyone’s expressions suddenly changed slightly and

they quickly fell silent.

Especially the two Shiren brothers, who were just about to come over and chat with Meng Changqing.

In an instant, they shrank back.

They behaved like rabbits.

Meng Changqing smiled slightly. look up。[]

I saw several figures falling down.

The leader was wearing a black robe.

Chinese character for face.

There is a strong majesty between the eyebrows……….

It’s too scary to look at.

It is the master of Punishment Peak.

The rumored great elder of the sect.

The status is only under the leader!

In the sect, this great elder is a feared existence and has formulated many strict rules.

But there are violators.

Almost without mercy.

Punishment will be carried out in full accordance with religious rules.

Even if you are the head teacher, you cannot avoid it。

“See Grand Elder. ”

Everyone respectfully shouted.

However, the peak masters called them second senior brothers.

Apparently, they are of the same generation.


Meng Changqing clearly felt a ray of eyes pass over him. No, to be precise, He stayed for a while.

It was the great elder.

In fact, all the peak masters had seen him like this when they arrived. It

made him a little confused.

Although his understanding was amazing, he didn’t pay so much attention, right?

“Go in, the headmaster should be almost there. ”

The great elder walked in.

Everyone immediately followed him.

The sect leader’s hall.

The ground was like a mirror. Every step he took made it feel like he was stepping on the water. There would even be ripples in circles. It was really strange.

Shi Yao couldn’t bear it. He started jumping up and down.

It wasn’t until his master, the old peak master, glared at him that he calmed down angrily.。

“I have met all the peak masters, as well as my junior brothers and sisters. ”

In the center of the hall, someone has been waiting here for a long time.

He sat cross-legged on the ground.

At this time, he slowly stood up.。

“Master Nephew Han’s aura is becoming more and more full, and it seems that he can no longer suppress it. Let’s break through after the three sects compete. ”

The peak master of Formation Peak said.。

“Yes, that’s what I meant. Han

Luoyu replied, “Please wait a moment, Master is coming soon.”。”

“Is this the current number one true biography of Taixuanzong? ”

Meng Changqing’s eyes moved slightly.

Since his debut, he has not had any defeats. He has always won, until he became the first in the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

Han Luoyu.

The only person who passed down the teaching.

Opening the exploratory eyes, relevant information was immediately revealed.

Basic information :

【Name: Han Luoyu】

【Race: Human race】

【Cultivation: Ninth Level of Creation Realm]

Attribute information:

【Root bone: first grade】

【Comprehension: Superior】

【Talent: Overlord Meridian】



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