Evolution from the Big Tree Chapter 1154

In the rare polishing, Yu Ziyu was also familiar with the two new abilities he mastered.

Although it is not very useful, it is better than weirdness.

And… It is worth mentioning that with the power of the ‘Tree of Miracles’, Yu Ziyu is also a member of the Elemental Clan, the Underworld Clan and other clans that have produced two good fruits.

An elemental fruit, a Hades fruit…

They are all superior fruits that can transform the lives of other races.

And these two fruits are naturally given to the tree people…

Today’s tree people, in the long process of development, the population has reached tens of millions.

Its strong people are even more numerous.

The half-step giant alone has eleven.

One is the thorn, the lord of the tree realm, and the other is the companion of the thorn, the dragon blood tree man.

In addition, the nine half-step giants are all second-generation Jianmu.

These nine second-generation builders who supported the entire world were also because of the continuous strength of the Nine Realms and stepped into the half-step giant.

According to Yu Ziyu’s guessing side… It was only a matter of time before these nine second-generation builders broke through the sixth order.

After all, the Nine Realms were getting stronger at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Every moment, Yu Ziyu was able to swallow the vast aura.

There is also a ‘innate yin and yang two qi’, the yang qi rises, widens the sky, the yin qi sinks, and carries the earth…

Between the flow of yin and yang, the entire Nine Realms were filled with Dao rhymes.

“Your nine realms… It’s really extraordinary. ”

In the midst of the sincere sigh, the Imperial Soldier’s Divine Sixteen Wings looked at the sky, and their eyes could not stop flickering.

Nine, small worlds with hopes of promotion to the ‘big world’.

Ordinary one is enough to make the eternal heart greedy.

And this one descendant, there are nine of them.

What was even more terrifying was that he vaguely noticed that these nine small worlds seemed to have a deep connection with this young man.

He is there, the Nine Realms are there.

He is gone, and the Nine Realms are destroyed…

However, this does not mean that he and the Nine Realms are born and die together.

Only because the destruction of the Nine Realms could not affect him.

In other words, this junior, occupying a dominant position, really dominates the Nine Realms.

Moreover, it is the kind that is completely dominant.

“I said… My nine realms… But there are some things…”

Dragging out the sound, Yu Ziyu’s voice also carried a touch of pride.

After a long time together, he and the Imperial Soldier Divine Sixteen Wings were already teachers and friends.

So… Occasionally, Yu Ziyu is also undisguised.

After all, these nine realms were the existence that repeatedly shocked the Imperial Soldier Divine Sixteenth Wing.

And to this old antique, it was all shocking.

As you can imagine, this means something.

With a smile in his heart, Yu Ziyu did not say something to the Imperial Soldier Divine Sixteenth Wing.

For example, these nine realms are part of the Great Divine Power, the Nine Realms of Heaven.

And this is also the reason why the Imperial Soldier Divine Sixteen Wings have repeatedly detected that the Nine Realms are strange, but they can’t say it.

After all, it is the Nine Realms of the Great Divine Heaven…

In terms of level, it is really not inferior to how many imperial soldiers there are.

And how terrible is a big magic power?

If it is cultivated to the end of the world, its power is no less than that of an imperial soldier to fully recover.

According to legend, there is an eternal strong person who does not have an Extreme Dao Emperor Soldier, but he is a being with an Extreme Dao Emperor Soldier who fights with equal strength.

The reason for this is that the Eternal Powerful One has cultivated a great divine power to the level of Dacheng…

Great Divine Power, Imperial Soldier… These are all things that can only be truly peeped by the Eternal Strong, and Yu Ziyu also has a great opportunity to have the privilege of obtaining two great divine powers and an Imperial Soldier Divine Sixteen Wings at the time of the Sixth Order…

Yes, get it.

For now, the Imperial Soldier Divine Sixteen Wings should belong to him.

When he actually stepped on the Seven Turns, Yu Ziyu was clearly aware of the attitude of the Imperial Soldier Divine Sixteen Wings towards him.

And this attitude, if not unexpected, is true recognition.

And this was also the biggest reason why Yu Ziyu exposed some things to the Imperial Soldier’s Divine Sixteenth Wing.

If he wasn’t a person he really trusted, how could Yu Ziyu let him know that ‘the inheritance of Tongtian Jianmu was given up by him’, and how could he let him know that ‘he had put the immortals of the human race together’…

However, it is worth mentioning here that the Imperial Soldier Divine Sixteen Wings seem to hate the Terran Immortals very much.

After hearing that Yu Ziyu had placed the Terran Immortals together, he couldn’t help but laugh, and, according to the saying of the Imperial Soldier’s Divine Sixteenth Wing, “Yu Ziyu not only put the Terran Immortals together, but also pushed the Imperial Soldier Taiji Diagram to the pit of death.”

If not… This piece of the Taiji Diagram of the Emperor Soldier will never be forced to ‘fight to break’ the price, and hit the ‘Eternal Blow’ to shake the Heavenly Power hard.

On that day, a small character like Yu Ziyu could not feel it, but one after another sleeping ancient imperial soldiers were all aware of the extremely powerful qi machine of the ‘Upper Emperor Soldier Taiji Diagram’.

Condensing the aura of the entire Kadar Star Domain, it exploded with an ‘Eternal Blow’.

Because of this, the entire Kadar Star Domain, which was originally a star realm with a strong aura, turned into a desolation.

Because of this, the biggest bottom card of the Heavenly Garden, the Taiji Chart of the Upper Emperor Soldier, was actually broken.

And because of this… The Heavenly Garden, the force that suppressed the eons in the last era, could not even support the inheritance.

You must know that the gap between the superior imperial soldiers and other imperial soldiers is still very large.

Take another famous soldier of the Emperor, the Gun of Longinus, which is intertwined with fate and runs through eternity… Everything is reduced to dust in its flickering eternal red light.

Even if Yu Ziyu stepped on the seven turns and carried the Divine Sixteenth Wing, he would not necessarily be able to resist.

And a high-ranking imperial soldier Taiji diagram of no less than such an imperial soldier, if it is still … The entire Heavenly Court would never fall to such a point.

Even Yu Ziyu would not have the confidence to suppress them now…

So… Yu Ziyu’s original step was to destroy all the plots of the Heavenly Court.

How could this not make the Imperial Soldier Divine Sixteenth Wing rejoice.

More importantly, Yu Ziyu was also the culprit who caused the ‘Broken Taiji Diagram of the Upper Emperor Soldiers’.

At this point, the Imperial Soldier Divine Sixteenth Wing’s good feelings for Yu Ziyu rose upwards.

“Damn old stuff, you also have today…”

I don’t know how many times I laughed in my heart, and even the gaze of Yu Ziyu with the Imperial Soldier Divine Sixteen Wings was more and more appreciative.

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