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Entertainment: The master of perfect accidents, Reba persuades her to surrender chapter 359

Of course, even Wei Zheng does not have as much energy as Xu Ke.

But the appearance of Wei Zheng did bring danger to Li Qingxuan.

Therefore, Wei Zheng also died.

Only the dead are the safest.

Therefore, when facing the inquiry from Director Li Youbin, Li Qingxuan did not hide anything, and directly curled his lips and said: “After all, I participated in this program and was almost killed by someone. I want to protect my family so that no one can use their hands to kill me.” It’s too long, that’s reasonable, right?”

“Does it matter who this person is? ”

Li Youbin was asked.

Although Li Qingxuan’s words may not sound problematic at first, he is the law enforcer!

In the entire office, the six commanders and one minister are all law enforcers!

These people have laid down the rules of the game, and what Li Qingxuan said If it is said, it obviously reveals invisibly that someone is violating the rules of the program and challenging the bottom line of the law!

After all, “Doomed” is still a law popularization program with a public welfare nature.

It is not a traditional program.

Some people bring grudges into reality, Or someone breaks the law and discipline for private purposes during the show, which is obviously a crime!

As law enforcers, they failed to think of this in advance, and even Li Qingxuan was almost killed. This kind of thing, no matter how 150 Listening, Li Qingxuan seemed to be questioning.

Not just Li Youbin.

He Zhijun and others also looked a little ugly after hearing this.。

“Li Qingxuan! “You are questioning our ability to work.”

Mr. Wen couldn’t help but speak again.

They are law enforcers!

How could Li Qingxuan, an amateur guest and prey on the show, talk to them like this?

Who are you insinuating? Aren’t we just talking about them?

But just as he was about to speak, He Zhijun suddenly interrupted him.

He Zhijun looked directly at Li Qingxuan, stood up and said: “Li Qingxuan, no matter what conflicts you and I have, they are all based on the program. Therefore, in this matter, as the commander-in-chief of the amateur area, I need to apologize to you because I failed to do my job well and protect you. Safety。”

“He didn’t notice anyone reaching out into reality. ”

He Zhijun said, suddenly bowing to Li Qingxuan and apologizing.

This scene made Mr. Wen unable to say the rest of his mouth.

Others could not help but look at He Zhijun.

But just as He Zhijun Jun said (ccce) that Li Qingxuan was an amateur guest, and He Zhijun did have certain responsibilities for failing to protect Li Qingxuan. After all, Wei Zheng was not a guest on the

show, and logically speaking, he was different from the guest on the show.

Maybe there could be some way for the guest on the show to take action. There is a chance for relaxation, but Wei Zheng, as an NPC, is committing a crime by attacking Li Qingxuan out of personal grudges.

But no one expected that He Zhijun would be so courageous.

Wrong is wrong.

He directly apologized to Li Qingxuan in public.

Li Qingxuan He curled his lips and said, “Commander He, forget about apologizing, but what I want to say is that if my family is targeted by criminals, then if something happens, the whole “Doomed”, and that Do the guests dare to continue recording the show?”

“Even real illegal crimes in reality cannot be effectively combated. If we can prevent them in advance, what is the point of pretending to be illegal and criminal in this “Doomed” program? ”

He Zhijun’s face suddenly changed.

Originally, this matter could be big or small, because nothing happened after all.

But when Li Qingxuan said this, He Zhijun suddenly felt frightened.

It’s not that he didn’t expect it, he just didn’t think about it. The conseq

uences would be so serious once something goes wrong!

That’s right.

They can’t effectively manage illegal crimes in reality.

So what if they get a 100% elimination rate and arrest rate in the show? Is

n’t this still appropriate ? Is it just a show?

Not only will this fail to awe the people, but it will make people think that they are nothing but idlers!

This has a huge impact.

Not only will the entire show not be able to be filmed, but also their gold-lettered signboard may not be able to go on. He wants to smash it here! (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Because he knows that Yang Mi has a lot of information about Li Qingxuan, and even once sent a check to Li Qingxuan’s family.

Also, that idiot Fan Tianlei also once They used Dilireba to provide Li Qingxuan’s detailed information to Dilireba.

As a result, Li Qingxuan’s information was leaked!

It can be said that this is a huge dereliction of duty on their part!

Once something goes wrong, even if Fan Tianlei has been eliminated long ago, They are all to blame!

They only knew how to be safe in the show, but they ignored that the energy of some show guests was so powerful that it could radiate into the real society.

They are all to blame for what happened!

Looking at the people standing there stunned He Zhijun, Li Qingxuan curled his lips and continued: “Commander He, I know that you are on guard against me. You will be involved in any case, even if there is no evidence, just because I embarrassed you, and I was not treated like other amateur guests. You were eliminated easily。”

“Even for this reason, you do not hesitate to spend a lot of effort to protect those who hire murderers or plan murders, but you are not willing to protect me, the victim.。”

“To be honest, I would like to ask you, as the commander-in-chief of the amateur area, why are you so deliberately trying to eliminate me? Do you have to eliminate me to prove your strength? ”

He Zhijun gritted his teeth at this moment and stared at Li Qingxuan.

These words Li Qingxuan said were too harsh!

But at this moment, He Zhijun could actually understand what Li Qingxuan said.

Because if these cases really have something to do with Li Qingxuan? .

Then Li Qingxuan is really the victim。[]

It is the victims they are trying so hard to guard against.

Those who are strictly protected are the criminals!

This made He Zhijun doubt his life at this moment, doubting his own judgment that had not changed from the beginning to now.

Could it be that I really did something wrong?

Is Li Qingxuan really just a little white rabbit?

Which cases are really all coincidences? Does it really have nothing to do with Li Qingxuan?

Isn’t it Li Qingxuan who is behind this?

Seeing He Zhijun being asked about autism, he didn’t know how to answer for a while. Director Li Youbin hurriedly took control of the situation and came to the rescue: “Li Qingxuan, haven’t we also protected your family? Our police have already arranged for people to go to you. Home, you should know this, right? Didn’t Meng Yu tell you?”

“You went, but was it voluntary?”

“Weren’t you still forced to go? ”

Li Qingxuan has spoken out now, and he doesn’t tolerate them anymore. It doesn’t matter

what their director is, let’s talk first. As soon as

Li Qingxuan opened his mouth, Li Youbin was choked and didn’t know what to say, with a look of embarrassment on his face.

In the entire office, everyone else stared at Li Qingxuan with complex expressions.

They never expected that Li Qingxuan, who had been so playful and smiling before, would become so violent after his outburst!

A brigade commander and a director were shocked by his few words. No temper!.


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