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Entertainment: The master of perfect accidents, Reba persuades her to surrender chapter 353

After putting down the phone, Zhang San, who was drinking afternoon tea, quickly put down everything he was doing.

Drive directly to the criminal area combat command center.

As Li Qingxuan’s lawyer, he felt that Li Qingxuan had been creating opportunities for him to challenge himself.

Because the situation Li Qingxuan faced was, relatively speaking, becoming more and more exciting and dangerous.

As a lawyer, he has been verbally exchanging words with these commander-in-chiefs about Li Qingxuan.

This is definitely not a good thing for him.

Because this is too offending.

But fortunately, he is also a small Internet celebrity lawyer, and he can use public opinion when necessary, so it doesn’t hurt.

But if it were other lawyers, they would probably stay as far away from Li Qingxuan as possible when they heard that another person had died.

Li Qingxuan is too dangerous.

If you want to help Li Qingxuan without full confidence and ability, I am afraid that you will be damaged as well.

On the way, Zhang San dialed He Juan’s phone number.

Informed He Ji that Li Qingxuan might be in trouble.

Zhang San himself knows very well that he can only do things within the scope of the law, but he is not a law enforcer, so he only has the right to explain, not to enforce the law. Therefore, if he steps forward, if the other party is unreasonable, he may not be able to protect Li Qingxuan.

And He Jiong, as a public figure, especially the host of the amateur area, is qualified to speak for Li Qingxuan in this situation.

He represents public supervision.

If Li Qingxuan, an amateur guest, was controlled across districts and sent to the command center of the criminal district, he would be more qualified to intervene in this matter.

Therefore, just in case, Zhang San informed He Jiong of the matter.

He knew very well that He Yan was one of Li Qingxuan’s few friends in the show, and maybe at this time, he would not look back.

However, what surprised Zhang San was that after receiving the call, He Yan said with a wry smile: “I already know about this matter. Originally, I wanted to go over to film Li Qingxuan and testify for Li Qingxuan, but according to our speed, we have to rush here now.” In the past, Li Qingxuan might have been taken away long ago.。”

Hearing that He Juan knew about this, Zhang San, whose eyes were darkened, immediately asked hurriedly: “He Juan, what is going on? Can you tell me more specifically?”

“sure. ”

He Jian nodded.

This kind of thing is already known to the public, and there is no need to hide it.

In addition, what is even more worth mentioning is that Zhang San is Li Qingxuan’s lawyer. He is very capable. Li Qingxuan can handle this. Telling Zhang San about this matter further illustrates the importance of Zhang San.

Therefore, He Juan will never let go of these matters.

He opened his mouth and explained: “This matter is actually simple and very simple. It is that Li Qingxuan and Wei Zheng went to play [screaming wildly] together, and then Wei Zheng fell down and died.。”

“What about complicated? ”

Zhang San asked.

He knew that Wei Zheng was dead, and he knew that he would be related to Li Qingxuan, otherwise Li Qingxuan would have no need to tell him. If they were just

playing [Houting] together, Li Qingxuan would definitely not be too suspicious .

The best thing to do is to cooperate with the investigation and

get it over with. But if that’s all, Li Qingxuan himself can do it with ease, how could he notify his lawyer?

The reason why he was notified of this lawyer must be that it is possible that his intervention may be needed at some point.

And As a legal practitioner, there must be criminal suspicion on Li Qingxuan! He needs to deny it!

Zhang San doesn’t know what it is specifically, nor is he clear about it.

But he knows that there must be!

“To say complicated, it is

actually very complicated. ”

He Yan pondered for a moment and said。

“Aren’t you farting? Can it be said that it is complicated but still simple? ”

Zhang San laughed and scolded.

He Jiong coughed, slightly embarrassed, and seemed to realize that he had said nonsense for a long time.

At that moment, he said: “Actually, there is a grudge between Li Qingxuan and Wei Zheng. This matter Lawyer Zhang, you must have heard about this, right?

Zhang San: “I have heard that not only with Wei Zheng, but also between Li Qingxuan and Yang Di. Didn’t Yang Di’s death also lead to some people saying that it was Li Qingxuan’s plan? ” Although it is nonsense, to be honest, the logic itself is not unreasonable.

He Yan smiled bitterly and said: “Lawyer Zhang, your ability to obtain information is still a little behind. “。”

“If it was just because of the little friction before, how could Li Qingxuan be so petty and kill so and so at every turn?”

“There is an even more sensational incident between Li Qingxuan and Wei Zheng.。”

“Appreciate further details! “Zhang San said hurriedly.

At this moment, he was a little anxious.

He couldn’t wait to know what else happened.。

“What I’m going to say next is just the information I obtained from my news channel. It has not been fully disclosed on the Internet, nor has it been made public by the program team.。”

“Therefore, Lawyer Zhang cannot tell others unless necessary. He

Yan said seriously.

Zhang San took a deep breath and said hurriedly: “No problem.” ”

This point, Zhang San, as a lawyer and relevant legal practitioners, is still very clear.

Everything must be subject to the official announcement.

What’s more, what He Ji said is also very clear. What he is going to say next is just from other things. The information obtained through channels cannot be guaranteed to be completely accurate, so it can only be used as a reference for analyzing the case and cannot be used as a basis. Naturally, He Yan also knew that

Zhang San would not make such a low-level mistake.

He immediately said: “Actually, after Yang Di died , After that, there was another case in the criminal area where a gang committed a crime, and in this case, Li Qingxuan also appeared. ”

Zhang San knows this.

As Li Qingxuan’s lawyer, he has been paying attention to Li Qingxuan’s developments, so he is not surprised by this. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!) Then, He

Yan continued to speak: ” After the case was over, Li Qingxuan drove with Lei Zhan on the way back to Jinzhou City Wetland Park, but there was a serious car accident on the way back. It is said that Lei Zhan and Li Qingxuan almost died at that time.。”

“This accident caused many deaths, and after investigation, it was found that this case may not be a simple accident, because the driver who caused this serious traffic accident (Zhao’s) committed suicide directly after seeing Li Qingxuan.。”

“After investigation, the driver was also very psychedelic. Anyway, in one sentence, it means that this huge traffic accident was probably planned by someone, and the purpose was to kill Li Qingxuan. ”

Hearing this, Zhang San had quickly analyzed the direction of the matter and had already come to a conclusion.

He said: “So, according to Li Qingxuan’s judgment, the person who wants to kill Li Qingxuan is Wei Zheng?

He Yan nodded and said, “Yes! ” It is precisely because this criminal suspect is Wei Zheng that Li Qingxuan and Wei Zheng are together at this moment, watching Wei Zheng being beaten to a pulp, so Li Qingxuan has a major motive and suspicion for committing the crime.。”

“So, this is the trickiest part. ”

Zhang San completely understood.

It’s another tough nut to crack!

The name of this lawless maniac may not be suitable for himself, but it may not be suitable for Li Qingxuan.。

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