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Entertainment: Start with Succubus and play Hollywood chapter 384

December 21, 2002。

《The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers premiered in Los Angeles.

As the second film in the series, “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” has received unprecedented attention.

The previous film’s global box office of 1.042 billion ranked fourth in film history (one place behind “Harry Potter”), which also made “The Two Towers” receive great attention from Warner Bros., and the leading actors had to travel to various central cities around the world.

New York, Paris, Toronto, Wellington, London… However, Martin was absent from this long series of roadshow promotions. His excuse was that he was too busy and he was not the protagonist of the film.

Forget it about the former, but the latter explanation made Peter Jackson numb. He is not the protagonist.

But now, no one dares to ask Martin to do anything.

So while others were running around, he leisurely attended the premieres of his friends, dated women, dealt with follow-up matters in the oil field, and prepared for the publication of “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” early next year… …

Looking at it this way, he is really busy!

good���Although Martin did not go to major cities to promote, he still shot a short video dressed as Legolas at the strong request of Peter Jackson as an Easter egg for the premieres in major cities.

What makes other “Lord of the Rings” actors envious and jealous is that even if he only appears in the video, Martin is the 863 who has won the most applause and cheers.

As Elijah Wood jokingly said: “I’m probably the most miserable protagonist in history, right? Since filming “The Lord of the Rings”, my fame has soared. When people see me, they will say, oh, look, then He ‘s just a little weakling Hobbit being protected by Legolas!”

After his self-deprecation was heard by Peter Jackson, he thought it was pretty good and asked someone to create a few more jokes for Elijah Wood to use as a stand-up during the road show. Show speaking.

Unexpectedly, this self-deprecating method was very effective, causing a lot of laughter, and actually made Elijah Wood famous.

So a new material was added to the joke: “As you all know, I am not Elijah Wood, the actor of “Lord of the Rings”, but Elijah Wood, the talk show actor. If you continue to make me laugh, I’m afraid I will have to change my career.” Now!”

Although he can’t do road shows to promote it, Martin still has to attend the premiere in Los Angeles.

The red carpet, the flashlights, the crazy fans, everyone was beaming with joy, and the whole scene was filled with excitement.。

“I seem to be a little used to this kind of scene. ”

Although the succubus has a strong desire for expression by nature and likes to be the center of attention.

But for so many years, Martin has been in a situation of being noticed and sought after by others.

After a long time, he got a little tired of it!

Red carpet The crazy screams of the fans on both sides seemed to be no longer able to cause Martin to have particularly violent mood swings; the flashing lights like stars in the sky were no longer able to cause him to have emotions such as pride, elation, joy… Only then did Martin feel that he seemed

to A little tired, mentally exhausted.

It seems it’s time to take the women on a vacation together. After buying the farm in Australia, it hasn’t been put to use yet, Martin thought secretly. After several years of accumulation, Martin

has He has formed a huge group of die-hard fans—among them are students, white-collar workers, housewives, and successful people—who praise Martin on the Internet and in the media. Once they encounter doubts about Martin, they immediately They would swarm up and verbally abuse those who doubted them.

Some good-hearted people even called these “Martin gangsters”!

However, these die-hard Martin fans readily accepted this title, but slightly changed it, “Meyer” “Meyers Family”.

At today’s premiere, members of the “Meyers Family” swarmed in – making the Los Angeles premiere a huge event.

If we say these die-hard fans are “Meyers Family” in a broad sense In terms of “family”, there is also a “Meyers family” in a narrow sense.

Family members include: Jeff Raymond, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Wentworth Miller, Orlando Bloom, and even Peter Jackson and so on.

In addition to Orlando Bloom and Peter Jackson, who were about to be present, everyone else also came to support Martin

. Among

them, Matt Damon is the most famous, and he made the movie “The Bourne Supremacy” He rose to the status of an A-star, making the still-transparent Ben Affleck and Wentworth Miller envious, but they also saw hope. When

Martin appeared on the red carpet holding the hand of “Liv Tyler” When going on stage, the whole scene was in a state of excitement.

On the left side of the red carpet: “Martin, Martin, Martin……”

Right on the red carpet: “Martin, Martin, Martin……”

All the other main creators and guests have become the background.

Even Leonardo, who has just become more popular because of (cbdj) Cat and Mouse Game, is no exception.

Therefore, in fact, the other creators of “Lord of the Rings” may not be so willing to let Martin participate.

Ilya has already entered the interview area Wood, after listening for a while, smiled and said to the reporters:

“Guys, let me announce that I officially transitioned into a stand-up role today, and the first person I want to complain about is Martin. This guy stole the spotlight from all of us when he showed up. Viggo

Mortensen, standing next to him, said in a funny tone:

“Aragorn regretted that he had the opportunity to strike Legolas in the back. The consequence of becoming a hero is that now he can only watch this guy walking on the red carpet with the elf princess in his arms, and I, the elf princess’s real boyfriend (video (middle), but can only hug the hobbit!”

“Hey, be careful I sue you for discrimination! “Elijah Wood pretended to be dissatisfied.

At this time, Martin and Liv Tyler had already walked the red carpet and came to the interview area.

Hearing this, he smiled and said: “Now you know my good intentions for not participating in the promotional tour. It is to let people focus more attention on you!”

“Yeah? Elijah Wood said: “Then you shouldn’t record that video. Throughout this promotional tour, my head is full of Legolas, Legolas’ tinnitus and auditory hallucinations.” (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

As soon as Martin entered the interview area, he immediately aroused great interest from the reporters.

The first question was not about “The Lord of the Rings”, but——

“Mr. Martin, it is said that your oil fields can bring you US$2 billion in revenue every year. Is this true? ”

As soon as this question came out, the surrounding area suddenly became quiet. Even Liv Tyler’s hand holding Martin’s arm couldn’t help but use force.

Such a huge amount of money was enough to shock people.

Martin still smiled and said: “Your news comes from Where did it come from? The oil fields haven’t even drilled yet, and someone has already estimated my income? I thank him and hope what he said is true! ”

The second question was asked by a reporter from Martin’s old enemy “News of the World”。

“Martin, we found that you didn’t participate in any previous promotional tours. Is it because of your change in status that you feel that other actors are not worthy of appearing in the same scene as you? Martin

‘s smile turned into a sneer. He pointed at Elijah Wood and Viggo Mortensen, and then pointed at Liv Tyler who was holding his arm and said:

“I am still me, no matter how much my net worth increases, my friends and I are equal. But you, Mr. Reporter, are deliberately trying to sow discord between me and my friends. This is not the behavior of a gentleman.

As soon as he finished speaking, Martin hugged Liv Tyler and turned to leave, leaving only one sentence, “I don’t like your question, so the interview ends here. “。”

“Hey Martin, do we have any questions?”

“Martin, please wait! ”

Other reporters became anxious and asked Martin to stay for a while longer.

But Martin turned a deaf ear and finally disappeared at the entrance of the hall.。[]

As a result, the reporters glared angrily at the reporter from the “News of the World”。

“Damn it, if you don’t want to do a good interview, just go away, okay?”

“In addition to making things difficult, doesn’t your “News of the World” know how to ask questions?”

“Attention everyone, if there are any interviews in the future, please try not to let reporters from “News of the World” push to the front! ”

Martin’s little trick made the reporter of “News of the World” arouse public outrage!

(Brothers, please protect me, please give me some comments, flowers, collections, and rewards. Thank you.。)。


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