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Entertainment: Start with Succubus and play Hollywood chapter 374

“my country’s ExxonMobil (Texas Petroleum Group), Netherlands’ Shell, France’s Total, and England’s BP are all companies that have already obtained oil concessions from the United Arab Emirates.。”

“Then there are Sweden’s Partex, Japan’s Mitsubishi Petroleum, and oil companies in Germany, Italy, Spain, China and other countries, which have not yet obtained concessions. ”

David Scott was introducing Martin. He used his contacts in the oil industry for nearly two decades to get a lot of information.。

“Recently, Hasford has received many invitations to banquets, all from companies that want to obtain franchises. It seems that those large companies that have already obtained franchises have been in contact with Hasford earlier. I guess Their aim was the location of the oil fields. ”

Speaking of this, David Scott showed a trace of doubt.。

“The strange thing is that these companies have kept silent about their contacts with Hasford, and no news has been revealed, whether it is good or bad. ”

Martin showed a smile. Of course these guys don’t want to reveal that they have all been fooled by this old boy Hasford. Who is willing to say such a shameful thing? I guess they wish that more people would be fooled so that their stupidity can be weakened. To what extent!

This Hasford is greedy enough, he eats more than one fish, and he has deceived many people with this trick.


It can only be said that these people are too greedy, so they were taken advantage of by Hasford.

Of course, I am more I’m greedy for 250, but I have a way!

“Those companies that have not obtained concessions are now trying to find ways to obtain concessions. Among them, Sweden’s Partex and Japan’s Mitsubishi Petroleum seem to have almost reached negotiations. The length of concessions obtained varies, but the worst is three years. ”

Speaking of this, David Scott looked at Martin with admiration. He didn’t know how his boss did it. He actually obtained the oil exploration concession from the United Arab Emirates for ten years and a conditional extension for another ten years. That adds up to twenty years.

With such good conditions, even those big companies can’t negotiate, right?


It’s the end of November.

It has been almost a month since Martin arrived in Abu Dhabi.

In the evening of that day, Leo found Martin, gave him a document bag, and said angrily: “This is what the princess promised you.”

Then he said reluctantly: “The princess is waiting for you in the car downstairs.”

This paragraph Over time, he watched helplessly as the relationship between the princess and Martin got better and better.

Although he was also happy that Martin helped the princess solve her troubles.

But watching the princess’s attitude toward Martin become increasingly different.

He always had the feeling of an “old father” watching his “daughter” fall into the hands of a “little bastard”, which made him a little unhappy.

Fortunately, he still remembered his identity – he was just a bodyguard. He suppressed the unpleasant feeling and didn’t say anything or do anything he shouldn’t have said.

Martin came downstairs, where a white Bugatti was already waiting.

He looked up at the sky.

In the evening in Abu Dhabi, there is always gray dust floating in the sky. This is the worst time. People are hiding in their rooms and cars, and there are few walkers.

Martin got into the car.

Haya was sitting in the cab, dressed in Chanel’s new women’s clothing. Instead of wearing a large headscarf, she was wrapped in a beautiful silk scarf, with light makeup on her face and a pair of sunglasses.

She doesn’t look like an Arab woman, but a fashionable woman from big cities like New York and London.。

“where to? ”

After Martin got in the car, he took off his mask and sunglasses and asked casually.

Haya did not answer, but said: “You know, I like horses very, very much. This is not because I like horses themse

lves, but because I like horses. It can give me that feeling of rapid speed, and it is still under my personal control.。”

“So…I also love sports cars, this is another thing I can drive that can go really fast!”

“So, where exactly are we going? Martin shrugged his shoulders and asked again.

Haya smiled, showing a proud expression that only a little girl can have about starting a prank, and continued to answer the question: “You fastened your seat belt, that’s fine.” ”

The next second, she stepped on the accelerator, and the sports car sped out.。

“”Oh oh oh~” Haya let out an excited cry, which gave Martin the feeling that this girl had been suppressed too hard for too long. In less than three seconds,

this (caea) Bugatti Veyron The speed increased to the extreme, and he was ejected in a furious manner. The

strong back push made Martin and Haya cling tightly to the backrests of the car seats. Haya’s adrenaline surged, increasing the speed of the car to two Hundreds, screaming with excitement all the way.

The sports car rushed from the seaside avenue with few vehicles to Sunset Boulevard.

The vehicles on Sunset Boulevard were even rarer, and this spacious road extended into the depths of the desert.

In front of it was the yellow sand. Dust, and only the white reflection of the road could be vaguely seen.

Haya accelerated again, and the speed soared to 240 mph.

It was also because this section of the road was a long straight line with no curves that Haya dared to do this.

At this time , Haya remembered Martin next to her, and took a peek, thinking that this guy must have peed his pants because of the fright? (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!) Who knows, Martin, who was sitting in the passenger seat

, He was yawning out of boredom, not feeling aroused at all.

He must be pretending, right? It must be right?

Haya’s eyes widened.。

“Hey, there is dust everywhere here. If you keep driving like this, your car will be scrapped! Martin


Haya snorted unconvinced, “I’m happy to!” Also, if you are scared, it doesn’t matter. If you tell me if you are scared, I won’t laugh at you. ”

With this period of contact, Haya suddenly discovered that the relationship between herself and Martin seemed to be gradually dominated by the other party. This is something this girl who has always been strong does not want to see. So she specially

directed What I did today was to see Martin make a fool of himself, so that he would no longer be able to be so calm and confident in front of me.

However, the effect seemed…something wrong!

“Why should I be afraid? Martin looked surprised, “Such a slow speed!””

“Uh, you! ”

Haya felt that Martin was deliberately making her angry.

But Martin really didn’t mean it like this.

He really felt that this speed was very slow.

You know, when he was in the Gods and Demons Continent, he had ridden on a Piers-level demon. The speed of a chariot is called “hurricane”, and it can travel tens of thousands of kilometers a day.

In comparison, the Bugatti Veyron’s extreme speed is only more than 400 kilometers per hour, which is not a big deal. What?!

“You, are you really not afraid?”

“Don’t be afraid, you can’t even increase the speed of this car to the extreme, you are too good at it! ”

Martin said the truth, but it made Princess Haya so angry that her teeth started to itch.。

“What do you know? My speed is already the extreme speed of ordinary people. If it is faster, it can only be the speed of professional racing drivers on the track. Moreover, those professional F1 racing drivers can at most speed their cars to more than 300 kilometers, which is the limit. Otherwise, once something unexpected happens, the human nervous system will not be able to react at all. ”

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