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Entertainment: Start with Succubus and play Hollywood chapter 371

Back in the bedroom, Martin said he wanted to rest and asked Gordon and others not to come in and disturb him.

Then he closed the door, lay on the bed, and connected to the detection magic he released on the female assistant and Evans Cooks.

A clear voice came over.

It’s Hasford’s arrogant laughter。

“Haha, wine and beauty, you really know how to do business, Evans。”

“As long as you are satisfied. ”

Martin made a seal with his hands and tapped it gently. The water in the water glass placed on the bedside table suddenly flew into the air and condensed into a three-foot-square water curtain. Then, a picture appeared on the water curtain. In


picture , Hasford had one arm around a white woman dressed in a coquettish way, and the two women took turns pouring wine into his mouth. While

Hasford drank, he moved his hand up and down, enjoying himself.

Evans Cooks looked at Hasford and became more and more With cloudy eyes and confused consciousness, he felt that the time was almost up.

So he asked: “Mr. Hasford, what are the specific coordinates of the shallow sea oil field to be auctioned this time?” ”

Martin next door couldn’t help but sit up straight. This is what he wanted to know.

For bidders, the specific location of the oil field is very important.

If you know the location of the oil field, you may know the basin floor type and geology. situation, and then guess or directly understand the local subsidence history, sedimentation history, kerogen type and maturity, and then establish an oil generation model to make a rational bidding curve. Of course, for the United Arab Emirates, which auctions oil

fields , they definitely don’t want the bidders to be rational, of course the crazier the better.

Therefore, the specific location of the oil field has not been disclosed so far.

Even if Commander Xiao Bu used administrative means and paid millions of dollars in bribes, he only got the bid. It’s just intelligence.

So now Evans Cooks is very eager to know the specific location of the oil field.

Of course, according to international rules, the location of the oil field must be announced before bidding.

But the sooner it is known, the better. The earlier the detection can be carried out.

What’s the use of knowing the location only three or five days before the bidding?! Although

Princess Haya once told Martin that only the King and Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates know the true location of the oil field, Martin still reported a hint Hope, listened attentively.

I saw Hasford suddenly burst out laughing in the face of Evans Cooks’ inquiry, and a glimmer of clarity flashed through his cloudy eyes, which was caught by Martin who was staring at the water curtain.

He was slightly startled, and then suddenly realized that this guy’s drunkenness was deliberately disguised.

Haha, his acting skills were good, and he even fooled himself.

Evans Cooks didn’t notice anything yet, and he laughed along with Hasford. He stood up and asked again, “I wonder if Mr. Hasford can tell me. ”

Hasford still had the same drunken look. He reached into the beauty’s skirt on the right side and touched it randomly while saying: “Haha, Evans, I know some top-secret information, but I can’t tell you. . ”

Evans Cooks frowned slightly, and then glanced at the two white women who were getting closer and closer to Hasford. The two women started pouring wine for Hasford again. Hasford would not refuse anyone who came

. , he was able to reach the position of Minister of Petroleum only by relying on his superhuman drinking capacity. This amount of alcohol is nothing!

Evans Cooks secretly cursed “damn drunkard” and said with a friendly smile on his face: “Hasford, aren’t we friends? Shouldn’t friends help each other?”

“Okay, okay, help each other. ”

Hasford seemed to be getting more drunk. He let go of the b

eauty in his right hand, pointed at the beauty, then pointed at the wine on the table, and said hehehe:

“You have beautiful women and fine wine, what else is missing?”

“Hmm, let me think about it, what else is missing?”

“Oh, I still missed a dollar bill! ”

Martin in front of the water curtain burst out laughing. Such a straightforward way of asking for bribes is really rare! I have learned a


And Evans Cooks next door was already yelling in his stomach, “Damn feudalism. Society, greedy black-hearted ghosts, it’s so shameless to offend Fake! ! ! ”

He glanced at the Patek Philippe watch on Hasford’s wrist and knew that a small amount of money might not be enough to send this person away, so he tentatively said: “Fifty thousand dollars? ”

Hasford pushed the beauty in his arms aside, stood up, poured a glass of wine for Evans Cooks with his own hands, poured another glass for himself, and raised the glass towards Evans Cooks .

Evans Cooks was overjoyed, thinking that the other party had accepted the price. He was about to say something to celebrate when he heard Hasford on the opposite side say:

“I like the figure of half a million dollars, but I prefer double the happiness. How about two half a million dollars? ”

Martin burst out laughing!

Evans Cooks’ hand holding the wine glass froze. While cursing in his heart, he was also constantly calculating the gains and losses………..

A few seconds later, he bumped the wine glass in his hand against Hasford’s. (To read cool novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)


Evans Cooks: “Deal!”

Hasford smiled, then took out a mobile phone from his white robe and started calling.

After a while, there was a knock on the door。

“Evans, my friend, my servant is here, open the door. ”

Evans motioned to the female assistant to open the door, and two men in white robes trotted in. One in front was holding a laptop, and the other was holding a suitcase in the back.

Hasford motioned to the servant to open the laptop, and then said to Evans. Kes said: “Evans, you can transfer money now.。”

“Damn it, this guy really didn’t catch the rabbit before he saw the hawk. ”

Evans Cooks cursed secretly and started operating the computer helplessly. He was still thinking about how to explain the overspending of public relations expenses to the board of directors when he returned. It was only 2002, and

dollars were still very valuable. Not yet. Being printed everywhere by the American government like ten years later!

This is the side effect of the U.S. dollar being linked to oil. As long as you still need oil, you have to use the U.S. dollar, then I can continue to print money and don’t have to worry about the U.S. dollar. Become waste paper!

This is how the United States uses this method to become a parasite and suck the blood of 1.2 other countries in the world.

This kind of forced kidnapping eventually became unbearable even to America’s most loyal ally in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, and it sought support from major powers everywhere. Unbind the U.S. knife from oil.

You may not know that since 2020, Saudi Arabia has sought to let China establish a military base and station troops in Saudi Arabia, and use Chinese currency to settle oil, but it was forcefully stopped by the U.S. government. Although this matter has not been resolved

. In short, Saudi Arabia has also obtained many benefits promised by the United States in this process. Therefore, it does not rule out that Saudi Arabia is using China to intimidate the United States. But even if it is used,

this also shows that the United States attaches great importance to China, which is proved by the side. The rise of China and the decline of the United States!

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