Entertainment: God-level composer Chapter 160

Fifteen years ago, Wang Lan also looked forward to being adopted and getting love from her parents.

He knew exactly what the children in the orphanage were expecting.

Teachers at orphanages will tell children to be obedient and kind, so that they can be liked and then adopted.

Most of the children in the orphanage follow this instruction and live quietly and carefully.

They are ordinary and weak, but they expect to be loved.

But Wang Lan is not one of these children.

He knew at a very young age that kind children would not be liked, and capable children would be liked, so he always studied well and did better than anyone.

And one night, he saw a bruised child who had been beaten and sent back to a welfare home.

After a long tussle, the family left three thousand dollars, and the matter was over.

From that time on, he didn’t want to be adopted.

So even though several families with good conditions wanted to adopt him, they were all rejected by him.

Last night, in the eyes of those children, he suddenly recalled the feeling of anticipation.

He understood what these children were expecting.

I also remember the difficulties when he first started working.


(I was ruthlessly defeated on Monday)


(I was resurrected in hope on Tuesday)

The name of the song is “Waiting for Love”.

Waiting to be loved.

The children’s lives are not good, but they still have expectations.

Wang Lan hardly thought about it, so she chose to use electric music to interpret the melody of this song.

The arrangement is bright, the rhythm is very strong, and the overall melody is very upward.

But the lyrics contain a little bit of thinking about his current situation.

The song was done very quickly.

And the requirements of electric sound for human voice are relatively lower.

The singer’s original voice has a great impact on the effect of coming out in the later stage.

If the pitch is really bad, it will have a clear electric sound feeling, as if the sound is charged.

If the singer’s pitch is good, the final effect will be very natural, flexible, and changeable.

Compared with top singers, Wang Lan’s singing skills have a gap, mainly in feelings and natural vocal range limitations.

His level of handling both treble and bass is average, and he lacks connection.

I heard that hundreds of years ago, in a certain country abroad, it was popular to purify boys who wanted to be musicians.

This results in a clean sound and a very good grasp of both treble and bass.

He is definitely incomparable to this.

But his pitch is good.

By the early morning of the next day, Wang Lan had basically done almost the same.

When Cui Xiyue got up to go to the toilet, she found that Wang Lan had not slept yet, came over in a daze, collapsed on Wang Lan’s back, and asked: “Husband, why don’t you sleep yet.” ”

Wang Lan rubbed her brows and said, “This sleeps.” ”

“How’s it going?”

“It’s going very well.”

“That’s great, let’s go to sleep together.”

Under Cui Xiyue’s coquettishness, Wang Lan finished up and went to sleep.

When I woke up, it was already noon.

Wang Lan glanced at his mobile phone and found that Li Xun didn’t know when hundreds of messages had been sent.

“This person, really…”

Wang Lan sat up, glanced at Li Xun’s news with some difficulty, and suddenly his face became solemn.

When Li Xun sent so many news before, it was usually good news.

This time, however, something went wrong.

“A famous foreign music critic magazine published a negative article about you.”

“In the article, it is said that your composition is simple, and although the arrangement skills are good, this success cannot be replicated.”

“And you also said that you have not produced any serious works for almost two months, which is a stark contrast to your previous time when the production was extremely high.”

“The article finally gave a conclusion, Wang Lan is just a person who succeeded by chance, and now Wang Lan has exhausted his talents.”

The article is in English, there is no translation, Wang Lan can understand it, but it looks a bit of a headache.

Fortunately, when Li Xun was waiting for Wang Lan to reply, he was very idle, so he translated for Wang Lan.

After reading the article, Wang Lan replied to the message and asked, “Who wrote the article?” ”

“I don’t know, the article is submitted anonymously, without a signed author.”

“That’s not normal, is it? Wrote such a good article, without signature? Wang Lan raised her eyebrows and asked.

“Yes, I have the same idea as you, this article should be written by a certain of your peers, I will not say the name of the company, but you should have a number in your heart.”

Li Xun is the operator of the platform, and there are many cooperation with whale music, so it is not convenient to name names.

Wang Lan didn’t need to worry so much, and said directly: “Whale music is making trouble.” ”

“The influence of this article is still quite large, there are many analytical articles abroad, and the situation is not very good for you.”

Li Xun’s tone was slightly worried.

Wang Lan flipped through the historical news and found several screenshots, which were comments on foreign websites.

“I also think so, a boring man, I don’t understand why anyone would pursue him.”

“The feelings of the song are not good, to be honest, this song did not move me at all, I think he was on the list, it was completely brushed.”

“It’s not interesting.”

Wang Lan glanced at it and said with a smile: “No matter where people are, there are such followers. ”

“Most of them are interested.” Li Xun analyzed, “I can see the water army style of many companies, you are a Chinese singer, suddenly appeared in their market, and got so many people liked, do you know how many people are unhappy with you?” ”

Li Xun was a little angry.

Obviously, this is someone taking the lead, and then the gang jumps out.

Wang Lan said: “But there are indeed those who follow the trend. ”

Li Xun sighed: “No way, there are such people everywhere, what are you going to do now?” ”

Wang Lan said: “You Xunteng is the operator, and if there is such a problem, it should be me asking you what to do.” ”

“We don’t have any good solutions, and the opinion of Nori is the same, and the negative news can’t be blocked.”

Li Xun said a little painfully.

Online comments can be deleted, but at this time, the more they are deleted, the more empty they are.

It’s hard to deal with it.

Wang Lan said: “This is actually very easy to do. ”


“I send out a new song and then make the chart, won’t the problem be solved?”

“Huh?! Did you write a new song?! ”

Li Xun suddenly became excited.

If Wang Lan really wrote a new song and then made the list, then how much these companies with rhythm are dancing now, how miserable they will be slapped in the face when the time comes!

Wang Lan admitted: “I made a small sample, it’s not a finished product, you can listen to it first.” ”

“Send it quickly!”

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