Entertainment: God-level composer Chapter 159

“Boss, can’t just forget it, if Wang Lan is so arrogant and there is nothing to do, then do we still want face?” Sun Qingchuan said angrily.

Ye Zhiming looked at Sun Qingchuan and asked, “You are so angry and so daring, why didn’t you speak just now?” ”

Sun Qingchuan’s face suddenly fell: “He threw a bag out, who knew it was pig’s blood?” I was a little panicked just now. ”

Ye Zhiming gritted his teeth and said: “This kid is not a good stubble, although it is a pig’s trotter, but I ask you, you are in Wang Lan’s position, dare to come to me to make trouble?” ”

Sun Qingchuan was speechless.

He didn’t dare.

Wang Lan dare.

“So what now?”

Sun Qingchuan asked.

Ye Zhiming sneered: “The Qin family’s connections are indeed useful, but in this industry, their Qin family is not omnipotent, go, tell our main customers, recently we can take orders at a low price!” ”

“Our company’s one hundred and sixty composers, together, the output is three times that of Landong Music!”

“I’d rather see how many orders Wang Lan can receive after the price reduction!” Starve him! ”

Sun Qingchuan’s eyes lit up, and he quickly said, “I’ll do it.” ”

Half an hour later.

Wang Lan carried the pig’s trotters home.

Cui Xiyue just woke up, holding the cat like a salted fish and lying on the sofa, and asked, “Where is it?” ”

“I bought a pig’s trotters and made spicy roasted pig’s trotters at noon, do you want to eat them?”


“When you mention food, you will be energetic.”

Wang Lan shook her head and smiled, went into the kitchen, soaked this fresh pig’s trotters and the frozen pig’s trotters bought a few days ago into the water, and prepared to boil them before roasting them.

“Come and put the game on?” Cui Xiyue ran to the kitchen and asked with her mobile phone.

“If you are willing to make up for the assist, I will fight with you.”

“I don’t, you give me a shooter, I’ll blow the opposite side.”

“Bah, just your shooter, I don’t even bother to talk about you.”

“Okay, if you need to make up the position, I’ll play auxiliary.”

Wang Lan nodded in satisfaction, sat on the sofa with Cui Xiyue, and started a game.

One round ends.

Another round.

It wasn’t until twelve o’clock in the afternoon, when both men were hungry, that they reacted, and they played games all morning.

At noon, you can only order takeaway to eat, and the pig’s trotters must be too late to bake, so you can only talk about it at night.

Lunch was a hamburger Coke.

“It’s really cool to eat junk food once in a while.”

Wang Lan sighed.

Cui Xiyue extended her thumb and deeply agreed.

After lunch, Wang Lan originally wanted to take a break.

However, the phone rang.

“What’s wrong?” Wang Lan picked up the phone and asked.

Qin Dong’s voice sounded: “The company’s list is suddenly much less, and it feels like someone is messing with us behind our backs.” ”

Wang Lan said calmly: “Whale music, I just smashed people’s offices in the morning, and people are retaliating against me.” ”

Qin Dong: “…”

Qin Dong: “You didn’t have time to come to the company, and you actually took the time to smash Ye Zhiming’s office?!” ”

Wang Lan probably explained what happened yesterday.

Then, Wang Lan said: “Since he doesn’t want to make money well, I’m too lazy to make money with him, today is to go to say hello, get ready, let’s talk to whale music, the next thing is to work hard.” ”

Qin Dong had a slight headache: “Our company has just expanded, many people’s business is not skilled, after half a year, we win steadily, now with whale music, it’s not fun!” ”

Wang Lan asked, “How much less is the company’s list?” ”

“About 30 percent.”

“That’s probably quite a lot, right? Two orders per capita should be able to do it? ”

“That’s right. It’s just that we lost a few orders that made a lot of money. ”

Wang Lan thought for a moment and said: “In this way, when assigning lists, according to the level of composers, newcomers will give them simpler lists, and give the top lists to Teacher Yu Fang and they will do it.” ”

“The company’s income must be reduced, and for the time being, don’t focus on profitability, but on cultivating talents.”

“If you think so, whale music will help share a lot of pressure, and we can now be more relaxed and train composers who are not too high.”

Before there were too many lists, and the pressure on the company was great.

Qin Dong said with a little surprise: “If you think about it like this, it seems to be indeed a good thing. ”

Wang Lan laughed: “Yes, after a while, the level of the company’s composers has gone up, and I am afraid that there is no list to do?” ”

Business only looks at profit and results.

Whale Music reduced the price, and suddenly Wang Lan’s side was 30% less than the list.

And when the talent training on Wang Lan’s side is over, and the composition quality is excellent, there will naturally be collaborators of whale music who will come to Wang Lan.

“In a word, don’t rush.”

“By the way, for employees who could have received high-priced orders, but now can only accept low-priced orders, carry out some subsidies, the company is not short of money now, we need to enhance the cohesion of the company.”

Hanging up the phone, Qin Dong found Yu Fang and explained what Wang Lan meant.

Yu Fang sighed with emotion: “Wang Lan, this kid, the brain is good, or really, think about it differently, it may be a good thing to have fewer lists.” ”

“Then do as Wang Lan said, and trouble the teacher to have a meeting with the people of the company.”

“Okay, when the news comes out, the company is indeed a little panicked, with Wang Lan’s words, they have the backbone.”

Yu Fang quickly convened the people of the company and held a meeting.

After Wang Lan’s words were conveyed, the uneasy expressions on people’s faces quickly disappeared, replaced by a kind of confidence.

The company’s operations returned to normal and were not affected much.

Ye Zhiming quickly got the news and had a headache.

It was he who told ordinary composers about the decrease in the number of orders for Arashi Music.

Neither Qin Dong nor Yu Fang would take the initiative to disclose such negative news.

What he wanted to see was the gradual chaos inside Arashi Music.

At the same time, he is also secretly in contact with people of Arashi Music.

As long as one person can be poached, the next people of Landong Music will quickly start a large-scale job-hopping!

Most people follow suit.

However, he did not expect that the operation of Landong Music was very normal!

“No matter, since Landong Music has no price reduction and plans to compete maliciously, let’s make money first.” Ye Zhiming said to Sun Qingchuan.

Ye Zhiming didn’t know that Wang Lan wanted to cultivate his own talents.

He only felt that Wang Lan had confessed.

“I thought it was some kind of powerful person, but it turned out to be just that.”

Ye Zhiming said with a little disdain.

Sun Qingchuan asked: “I contacted a few people yesterday, these people are different from those little yellow hairs, they were all mixed up twenty years ago, and now they have no job, do you want to find them to make a black hand for Wang Lan?” ”

Ye Zhiming thought for a moment and said: “Forget it, anyway, according to this situation, the Landong concert is getting worse and worse, so let’s wait for Wang Lan to gradually fall off the altar.” ”

“Will he fall? The list change day is coming again, I inquired about it, Wang Lan’s song, the probability is still the first this week! ”

“Huh, how long does a song last? How long has Wang Lan not written a new song? Don’t worry, he can’t do it anymore. ”

Ye Zhiming was full of confidence, but looking at the newly bought computer screen, and thinking about the way Wang Lan smashed things, his heart still had a feeling of being pinched.

At this time, Wang Lan is in her own recording studio, converting the inspiration she just got yesterday into melodies and lyrics.

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