Entertainment: God-level composer Chapter 158

Cui Xiyue was in a better mood, but she was still too happy.

She said in a muffled voice: “I just heard a little about you, you want to go to high school, you want to study music, but the dean didn’t agree?” ”

Wang Lan smiled freely: “Yes, music is not very easy to learn, and it is difficult to find a job when you come out, and the dean is very unsupportive.” ”

Cui Xiyue said: “What about later? ”

“Didn’t the dean tell you?”

“No, she kept saying that she was sorry for you and almost delayed you.”

Wang Lan thought for a while and said, “There’s nothing to say, I came out of the orphanage, took a year off from school, and then used my own money to go to high school.” ”

Cui Xiyue held Wang Lan’s hand a little harder.

She stretched out her other hand and touched Wang Lan’s hair: “You worked hard.” ”

Wang Lan said with a smile: “It’s not so hard, anyway, I’ve already mixed it out, did the dean say anything else?” ”

“She said she was wrong, I hope I can help her apologize, she should not have said that you did not have this talent, and you had to study hard.”

Wang Lan thought for a while and said, “I don’t forgive her. She didn’t help me when I needed it most. But I didn’t hate her either, I was thirteen at the time, and she wasn’t my mom, so it was reasonable not to help me. ”

Cui Xiyue nodded: “So after you became famous, you never went back to the orphanage to see it, and the money donated was also through Xunteng Group, and you didn’t donate to the Chenguang Welfare Institute.” ”

“That’s right, I don’t owe her, the orphanage has a company donation, she gets a salary, I haven’t spent a penny of her personally, why should I donate to her?” It’s the same today, I help her because I still have feelings here, but I don’t give her money. ”

“It’s my hard earned money. I can give you flowers, I can give flowers to fat people, I can give flowers to our cat, but I don’t want to give her flowers, so I don’t need to give them to her. ”

Regarding the orphanage, Wang Lan’s feelings are more complicated.

He didn’t want to come back, but he didn’t want to watch it fall.

After walking for a while, in the dim night, Wang Lan couldn’t see the orphanage when he turned around, so he rubbed his face and took Cui Xiyue to eat a seafood dinner.

During the meal, Wang Lan asked the fat man to get up early tomorrow morning and help him buy something.


“Pig’s trotters, get me some fresh pig’s blood, not the kind that is steamed and made into pieces, I want fresh.”

“What do you want all this for?”

“Give a gift.”

“Huh? Brother Wang, who to send? Isn’t it okay to send this thing? ”

Wang Lan smiled and didn’t say much.

Early the next morning, the fat man brought the things over.

Wang Lan had already got up, took things, and began to wash.

After washing, he went to the kitchen and packed the trotters and blood.

The pig’s blood was thrown into a plastic bag.

After packing up, he turned and headed out and took a taxi to an office building in the city center.

Walking into the office building, the staff at the door instantly recognized him: “Wang Lan!? You’re Wang Lan, right?! I’m a fan of yours! Can you sign it?! ”

Wang Lan took a photo with the other party, and then said: “Please help me find Ye Zhiming, I have something to find him.” ”

This is home to the Whale Music Corporation.

Wang Lan came today to find Ye Zhiming.

Ye Zhiming answered the phone call at the front desk, and when he heard about this, his face was full of doubts.

“What is he here for? Shouldn’t he be beaten now? ”

“Or does Wang Lan know something?”

“No, I’ll have to ask first.”

Saying that, Ye Zhiming called Xiaohuangmao.

But Xiao Huangmao knew that he had messed things up, so he blackened Ye Zhiming.

Naturally, this call did not get through.

Ye Zhiming thought for a moment, called his secretary in, and said, “Let Wang Lan come up.” ”

Sun Qingchuan nodded and informed the front desk.

Not for a while.

Wang Lan pushed the door and walked in.

“President Ye, you are really good here, the light transmission is good, and it is also very advanced.”

Wang Lan glanced at Ye Zhiming’s office and said with a smile.

Ye Zhiming also put on a smiling face: “There is no way to compare with your Landong Music, the speed of your current development, I am very red-eyed!” ”

Wang Lan still smiled and said: “So you want people to trouble me, beat me up, and embarrass me, so that the development of Landong music is not so fast?” ”

After speaking.

Wang Lan sat on the sofa, still very calm.

The smiles on Ye Zhiming and Sun Qingchuan’s faces stiffened.

Sun Qingchuan and Ye Zhiming exchanged a look, and said in an unkind tone: “President Wang, pay attention when you speak, you came here to slander us?” Are you here to find fault? ”

Wang Lan shook her head and said, “I did come to find fault, but I didn’t want to slander you. ”

“Then what did you mean by that? Are we looking for someone to deal with you? How could there be such a thing? Who doesn’t know that we whales have a good musical style? ”

Wang Lan smiled, looked at Ye Zhiming, and said, “Don’t be nervous, today is just to say hello and give you a gift.” ”

Saying that, Wang Lan put the bag in his hand on the table.

“What is it?” Ye Zhiming looked at the opaque bag and suddenly became a little nervous.

Little Yellow Mao lost contact.

Wang Lan suddenly came to the door to give gifts.

In this bag… Could it be something…

Ye Zhiming was deep in thought.

Some dark red liquid suddenly flowed out of the bag.

Wang Lan specially packed the pig’s blood in a relatively thin bag.

The knock just now directly broke the bag.

Ye Zhiming’s heart tightened, and his throat moved up and down.

“Wang Lan, what do you mean? What’s in this?! ”

“As I said, it’s a gift.” Wang Lan stood up, straightened his suit, and said, “You don’t need to deny it, I have already obtained the evidence, it was you who led me to the rhythm before, it was you who attacked our company’s host, and now, it is you who want to deal with me through the orphanage.” ”

Ye Zhiming took half a step back and said sharply: “Call the security guard in!” Get him out! Dare to come to me and spread wild?! ”

Wang Lan said casually: “Does Qin Zeming know him?” ”

Ye Zhiming was stunned for a moment.

Wang Lan continued: “Qin Dong is my brother, you touch me today, tomorrow the stock will fall to the limit, don’t believe it, you can try.” ”

Saying that, Wang Lan stood in place, stared into Ye Zhiming’s eyes, and smiled.

Ye Zhiming unconsciously took half a step back.

Two security guards pushed the door and walked in at this time.

Wang Lan looked at them.

Ye Zhiming quickly gave the two security guards a look, signaling them not to move.

Wang Lan sighed twice and paced towards Ye Zhiming’s desk.

“What’s wrong, aren’t you quite bold when you find someone to deal with me?”

“Now I’m in front of you, don’t you dare to make a move?”

“Or do you need a weapon, a tool or something.”

Wang Lan said, casually pushed Ye Zhiming’s computer screen off the table, and then stepped on two feet.

The ceramic bonsai on the table, Wang Lan also pushed it down casually and shattered the ground.

“Broken ceramic pieces, broken glass pieces, you can use whichever you like.”

Wang Lan still said calmly.

A trace of cold sweat appeared on Ye Zhiming’s forehead.

Even though Wang Lan did so many provocative things, he still didn’t dare to move.

Wang Lan patted her shirt and said, “I see that you don’t mean to do anything, then I’ll leave.” Today I just came to say hello, we will have more opportunities to meet in the future. ”

After that, Wang Lan turned around and was about to leave.

But when it’s about to go out.

Ye Zhiming said, “Take your bag away!” ”

Wang Lan was a little surprised, and said: “That’s a gift for you, it’s delicious, don’t you like it?” ”

Ye Zhiming was about to vomit and said, “Hurry up and take it!” ”

Wang Lan sighed, opened the plastic bag, and said: “I’m sorry, the pig’s blood is spilled, this one won’t be taken away, I will leave the pig’s trotters, it’s quite expensive, dozens of them.” ”

After that, Wang Lan held a pig’s trotter and walked away leisurely.

Ye Zhiming looked at Wang Lan’s back and wiped the sweat on his head.

Sun Qingchuan said viciously at this time: “I’ll find someone to get him now!” This kid is too arrogant! Dare to come and smash your office?! ”

After that, Sun Qingchuan was about to leave.

However, Ye Zhiming stopped him and said, “Wait first… Wait a minute…… Help me sit down…”

Although he knew that the bag contained pig’s trotters, Ye Zhiming could not deny that his legs were trembling.

Wang Lan’s performance just now was too ruthless!

In fact, in this industry, Ye Zhiming is also famous for the following black hands.

However, Wang Lan’s performance just now made Ye Zhiming feel a huge sense of oppression!

Ye Zhiming wouldn’t tell others, but he knew in his heart that he was scared, and he was a little afraid.

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