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Entertainment: Being overheard, the sisters became corrupted chapter 067

“Why did you buy so much cloth? ”

While waiting,

Yang Mi looked curious.

Lu Yun stopped working and looked at her.。

“Didn’t I say I wanted to surprise you? ”

Yang Mi was startled. Others also looked over after hearing this.。

“surprise? What surprise? ”

Lu Yun thought for a moment and said softly

“When we went to Galle Castle, didn’t you say that the clothes those foreigners wore were very beautiful? ”

Everyone was stunned.

Liu Yifei looked weird.

“Don’t tell me that you are going to use that cloth to make clothes for us. ”

Lu Yun shrugged.


“Let me tell you, our Dragon Kingdom has many types and styles of ethnic and traditional costumes.。”

“More beautiful than the traditional costumes of other countries。”

“I have to let you know that in terms of culture and heritage, other countries can only envy us.。”

“We don’t need to envy others. ”

Although the expressions of Yang Mi and the others are a bit strange,

Lu Yun’s words are not unreasonable.

And compared with this, what they care more about is Lu Yun’s thoughts.。

“The young master is awesome, but I have a problem. Liu

Yifei blinked her big eyes and said。

“Can you make clothes?”

“I see you only bought cloth and a sewing box, oh, and two rulers。”

“But there are no sewing machines or anything like that? ”

Lu Yun raised his eyebrows.

“Well, just look at my young master’s abilities and you’re done.。”

“It’s guaranteed to satisfy all the sisters. ”

Everyone raised their eyebrows slightly. To be honest, they still didn’t believe it in their hearts.

Lu Yun didn’t explain, but said something else.。

“We came out to participate in this program, firstly to experience the people, local customs and customs in a foreign country。”

“Secondly, it is also to promote the culture of our Dragon Kingdom.。”

“So, what could be more powerful in publicity than a costume that is representative of the Dragon Kingdom?”

“Moreover, the sisters are so beautiful, and they wear the traditional costumes of our Dragon Kingdom.。”

“Ouch, how beautiful is that?”

“I don’t dare to think, I don’t dare to think.”

Lu Yun said vividly, and everyone immediately accepted it

. It’s not like those present have never filmed costume dramas.

But filming is filming, which is completely different from driving on the street.

And this is in a foreign country! Publicity Dragon The matter of traditional Chinese costumes has become a big deal, right?

Now this show is very popular and has a great chance to become a phenomenon-level variety show this year.

It will definitely have unparalleled huge benefits in increasing their popularity and popularity. 22 This is patriotic Behavior!

Everyone’s eyes lit

up. The more they thought about it, the more they thought it was feasible. The only thing they were a little worried about was whether the clothes made by Lu Yun would work.。

“The young master is right!”

“It’s true, you can not only promote the culture of our Dragon Kingdom, but also wear beautiful clothes~ It’s great!”

“Master, this surprise is great. ”

Qin Lan was stunned for a moment when he heard everyone chirping.。

“Master, if you told us about this surprise in advance, can it still be considered a surprise?”

“Fifth Sister is right, indeed I told you in advance, so it shouldn’t be a surprise. ”

Lu Yun smiled a little apologetically.。

“But I can’t help it. This is Lanka, not the Dragon Country. I can’t buy it ready-made.。”

“Then I can only do it myself。”

“But here we live together day and night, and my sisters all know what I do.。”

“Sooner or later, my sisters will find out. ”

Everyone suddenly realized that

making clothes is indeed not done in a day or two.

In addition, he can’t sit here and make clothes for them all the time.

There is not much time left to make clothes every day, and they don’t even notice it if they don’t want to. Maybe.

Seeing that everyone understood, Lu Yun smiled warmly and said。

“And I feel that what I bought is the same as what I made with my own hands.。”

“The meaning is different”

“Being able to travel with my sisters, I have to leave them with some memorable things. ”

Everyone was startled, their faces turned red.

The way they looked at Lu Yun was wrong.

In an instant, the atmosphere in the room became very strange.

Even the cameraman and the staff could tell that something was wrong.。

【They are all my wife! The memory must be deep!】

【Hahaha! They definitely admire me even more this time!】

【I’ll wait until I finish the clothes and I can pretend again~]

Yang Mi and the other seven laughed, and for the first time they didn’t complain about his oral pleasure.

Qin Lan: He is quite caring.

Liu Yifei: So, you are his fifth wife, but he still doesn’t care about his own wife?

Qin Lan: Concubine, please stop talking about me? Aren’t you his third wife?

Liu Yifei’s face turned red: Bah! Who is his third wife? She keeps having sex every day, she’s a little bitch!

That’s what I say, but there’s one thing that’s right after all.

Lu Yun did have intentions, and this time, he severely manipulated them.

Reba and Bai Lu looked touched.。

“That sister is really looking forward to it!”

“Yes, yes, the clothes made by the young master will definitely look good! ”

Zhao Liying’s mind moved, and she looked at Lu Yundao with some expectation.。

“So, what about mine? Will there be mine?”

“Of course! ”

Lu Yun smiled gently.。

“Sister Xiaoying is also a member of our big family。”

“They will all be there.”

Zhao Liying’s face turned red, and her heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

Little bastard!

Why are you so beautiful?

The atmosphere at the scene felt a bit strange, Qin Lan quickly laughed and said。

“That, young master……”

“Let’s discuss something later when we have dinner。”

“Let’s eat normally。”

“Lanka rice, no blessing to enjoy it……”

When everyone heard this, they burst out laughing.。

“OK! We won’t eat Lankan rice from now on.。”

“Originally it was just for my sisters to experience it. ”

It’s normal to not be able to eat well. If you don’t have diarrhea, you are in good health.

But fortunately, these words made everyone forget about the weirdness just now.

After a while, the equipment was ready

and the program started.

“It’s on. It’s on! Ha ha! This is the scene where we have dinner! ”

Reba and Bai Lu were very excited.

After all, the broadcast of the program means that their popularity has returned.

Because they are connected to the Internet, they can see the barrage, and the barrage is basically envious of their ability to achieve freedom of seafood. , nothing new.

But just when Lu Yun said he would take them to the beach for a walk, Reba and Bai Lu became excited again。

“coming soon! Ha ha! Went to the beach! ”

Zhao Liying looked curious.

“Going to the beach or something? Why are you so excited? ”

Liu Yifei looked bored.

“Haha, just watch it. You will know it after watching it. I am sure that today’s program will dominate the hot searches again.。”

“”80% of the time I’ll get some new ideas.”

Zhao Liying was even more curious.

“So sure? ”

The others couldn’t help laughing, covering their mouths and snickering.

Zhao Liying looked at everyone with a strange look in her eyes, and focused on the TV.

In the picture, Liu Yifei and three people were in front, and Lu Yun and four people were behind.

Then the picture followed Liu Yifei and the other three ran to the beach.

The three girls happily stretched out their arms to feel the sea breeze, and then squatted on the ground and began to dig at the sand.。

“Today I am going to build a big castle!”

“Then I will build a big castle!”

“Then I’ll make a big pile……”

“Okay, okay, okay. ”

Liu Yifei interrupted the two of them with a bored look on her face.。

“Are you two naive or not? ”

Looking at the words “Hahaha” and “Three Idiots” on the barrage,

everyone burst out laughing.

“Look, the third sister also said they were childish. ”

Qin Lan’s words didn’t sound like much to Lu Yun, but they made Yang Mi and the others want to laugh.

At that time, Lu Yun also complained in his heart that the three of them were childish.

Zhao Liying had a weird look on her face and glanced around subconsciously. Everyone.

At that time, she had not joined the ranks of eavesdroppers, so she didn’t know about it. It wasn’t

until the scene showed Lu Yun and the others leaving the country, and she saw Yang Mi and the others suppressing their laughter.

She couldn’t hold back her curiosity.

Zhao Liying: No? It’s just such a scene, nothing special.

Why are you three laughing?

Reba’s face changed: Sister Xiaoying, don’t listen! It’s a bad review!

Zhao Liying: Huh???

Yang Mi pressed her lips and saw Lu Yun didn’t look at her and said quickly: At this time, Lu Yun was complaining that the castle built by the three of them looked like a tomb.

Zhao Liying: Pfft!!! A tomb??? (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Yang Mi : Yes~ It would be more like putting a stone~

Reba and the other three looked sad: Sister Mi… Do we have to talk about this?

Qin Lan: There is nothing we can’t say, and it’s not a big deal.

Reba and the other three The man looked at Qin Lan, with an expression full of amusement.

Qin Lan was surprised: Why are you looking at me like that? []

Reba: It’s okay~ Fifth sister, just watch, and no one will say anything when you look at them.

The three of them seemed He also thought of something, snickered and quickly looked at the TV.

In the picture, Lu Yun didn’t say anything, but he was actually saying “Hi” in his heart.

Yang Mi: At this time, poof! At this time, he was complaining about the three of them in his heart. Childish. They said they didn’t have childhood, and they still like to play with sand at such an old age.

Zhao Liying twitched her lips: Indeed…a bit childish!!!

Before Zhao Liying could finish speaking, she saw Lu Yun squatting down very abruptly in the picture. , and then quickly dug up the sand.

Zhao Liying:??? Didn’t he call people childish? Did he get high while digging?

Yang Mi and the other three: Pfft!!! Hahahaha!!! Look! Hahaha!

Li Xiaoran: Have you ever seen someone cry while playing in the sand, play crazy, and then be fooled?

Yang Mi and the other three gritted their teeth and quickly thought about all the unhappy things they had encountered before.

This Then she suppressed the corners of her mouth that couldn’t stop rising.

Zhao Liying looked confused: Huh? What’s going on?

Qin Lan: Look, look, no one said a word.

With suspicion and curiosity, Zhao Liying I looked over again.

In the picture, Yang Mi and three people went for a walk, and only Lu Yun and four others were left.

Lu Yun quickly dug a big hole, and then he piled a hill with sand in his hands and said。

“Let me tell you, the castle is a big project. It starts from the foundation.。”

“Otherwise, it would be so high up there that it wouldn’t be able to hold it up at all. ”

The three of them looked bewildered.。


“certainly! ”

Lu Yun’s hands didn’t stop.。

“Do you think that before building a house, you don’t have to lay a foundation first? ”

The three of them were stunned for a moment, thinking about it。

“Indeed ha。”

“What you said makes sense. ”

Hahaha and I laughed to death immediately appeared on the barrage.

Zhao Liying glanced at Yang Mi and the others who were a little surprised: No? Are you really telling me fake? Are these three children short-sighted? A castle made of sand. What a shitty foundation?

Liu Yifei and the others looked resentful: Seventh sister, if you can’t speak, don’t speak! We are still in the group!

Yang Mi and the others pursed their lips tightly and almost laughed out loud: Look, look, look , are all behind.

Zhao Liying nodded blindly: Ah, ah… OK.

She could see that there was more to the two hundred and fifty things.

In the picture, Lu Yun was patting the sand and looking at the three of them seriously.。

“Let me tell you, when building a castle, the foundation must be stable, so the foundation must be solid.。”

“According to the principle of quantum mechanics, the principle of the shortest straight line between sand。”

“The cuboid is the most stable structure that conforms to the Pythagorean theorem. ”

The three of them nodded in agreement.。

“you’re right。”

“That’s what it is。”

“puff! ! ! ”

Looking at the barrage filling the screen, Hahaha.

Yang Mi and the four of them still couldn’t hold it back and laughed out loud.。

“puff! ! ! Hahaha!”

“Ha ha ha ha!”

“It has to be you, Master! ”

Lu Yun’s face turned red and he cleared his throat in embarrassment.。

“Just kidding…haha。”

【Was it to coax the children to play? Who knew it would be so noisy at the beach?】

【That broken microphone picks up so well……】

“puff! ! ! Ha ha ha ha! ! ! ”

The four of them, Yang Mi, laughed so hard that they didn’t have to avoid Lu Yun.

Because the scene was really funny, Lu Yun would only laugh like this because they saw the show.

Liu Yifei and the other three’s faces turned red. At this time, They were also puzzled。

“Isn’t what the young master said wrong?”

“you? puff! Ha ha ha ha! ! ! ”

Zhao Liying stomped her feet with laughter, and hurriedly patted the pillow she took off and laughed.

The three of them looked at each other and looked at Lu Yun with a sad look on their faces.

And Lu Yun?

Just pretended not to see him.

In the picture,

Lu Yun is still there. Vernacular.

He looked at the square and straight rectangular sand pile in the photo and said。

“You see, if the foundation is well laid, a tall building will not collapse. ”

The three people’s eyes lit up and they clapped their hands quickly.。

“Lu Yun, you are so awesome!”

“This foundation is so solid!”

“These 690 castles will definitely be stacked very high. ”

Yang Mi and the others were already laughing miserably. Liu Yifei and the other three were blushing with anger and beat them up separately.。

“Stop laughing! Stop laughing! ”

Lu Yun in the picture looked full of accomplishment and began to push the sand next to him into the pit.。

“The foundation is laid, and the next step is to fill it with soil. ”

When the three of them saw this, they quickly helped fill the soil together.

But halfway through, Liu Yifei looked at Lu Yun with a blank look on her face.。

“Why? Right? ”

Lu Yun looked at her suspiciously.。

“What’s wrong? ”

Liu Yifei thought for a while, staring at the rectangular sand pile that was more than half buried and said with puzzled eyes.。

“I was thinking, are we just piling graves now? The more I look at the rectangle in this big pit, the more it looks like a small box。”

“puff! ! !”

“Ha ha ha ha! ”

Zhao Liying was laughing so much that she was about to roll on the ground.。

“Concubine, concubine poof! ! ! Hahaha! ! ! You, you just discovered this, right?”

“Hahaha, I was laughing so hard! ”

Liu Yifei blushed and hit Zhao Liying several times.。

“You’re the only one who’s smart, right? ”

Reba and Bai Lu were a little confused and a little blushing.

Fortunately, they didn’t realize that they were stupid.


That’s right!

Sister Feifei is the stupidest!

We didn’t say anything about it, but she did.

In the picture,

Lu Yun sucked. Yahuazi Road。

“Third sister, you are wrong。”

“ah? Where did I go wrong? ”

Lu Yun gave her a serious look on his face.。

“You see, in this life, there will always be a day when you die, right? Liu

Yifei said with a smart look in her eyes.。


“That’s okay. Since everyone is bound to die, let’s find a good Feng Shui location for ourselves in advance. Is there any problem? ”

Lu Yun saw that Liu Yifei and the others were becoming more and more confused, so he explained very seriously.。

“Sister, think about it, we all die one day, so if we die, who do we expect to find a good place for us to sleep?”

“And there are only so many good places, what if they are not taken over by others?”

“So if we find a place in advance, can we occupy a good Feng Shui spot in advance?”

“Can we bury it directly when we are gone? ”

The three of them were stunned for a while, and then fell into deep thought.

Seeing this scene, the barrage went crazy.

Yang Mi and the other four even laughed until they lost their voices.。

“Hahaha, my God, these three, these three heartless people, are they really thinking about this issue?”

“They won’t say it, are you right?”

“you’re right。”

“puff! ! ! Hahahahaha! ! ! ”

Hearing Reba’s voice on the screen, Yang Mi and the other four laughed like crazy again.

Zhao Liying was not there at that time, and Yang Mi and the other three also went for a walk.

So they didn’t know about this video at all. They

watched it again at this time , I really want to die laughing。

“Lu Yun, you are right!”

“That’s right, let’s find it in advance so that we won’t have a good place later.。”

“puff! ! ! Hahaha! ! !”

“Stop laughing! Stop laughing! ”

Seeing Liu Yifei’s red-faced defense,

Reba Bailu had a serious look on her face: Fortunately, I didn’t speak. If I didn’t speak, I’m not short-sighted.


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