Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 99

Chapter Ninety-Nine Oscar-level science fiction film, touching the world!!

On the way through the wormhole, Brand suddenly felt a distortion in time and space, and she couldn’t help but reach over.

It was as if someone was shaking hands with her!

Chu Xuan’s “Interstellar” has made the audience in all the theaters around the world more and more shocked!

It was as if they were in a spaceship themselves.

After a suffocating journey, the ship finally managed to reach its destination and arrive in another strange galaxy!

Several scientists began to explore which signal to explore first.

There are currently three target planets, and the signals from Dr. Miller and Dr. Mann are still ongoing.

Dr. Edmund has not heard from him for 3 years. The planet where Miller is closest to everyone.

But the planet is too close to the black hole.

According to general relativity, gravity affects space-time.

Due to the black hole’s huge gravitational pull, the passage of time on this planet will also slow down by 1 hour on The Planet Miller, which is equivalent to 7 years on Earth!

Li Xiaojun actually disagreed with this plan, and it would undoubtedly be more risky and take too long to be near the black hole.

In case of any accident, if you are fine, the human beings on the earth can’t wait

But the other two planets are too far apart, and there is liquid water on the planet Miller, as well as organic matter.

It’s really worth exploring.

After some discussion, several explorers decided to go to The Planet Miller first.

They can orbit from the outside, land vertically on the planet Miller, get the data and leave quickly.

This consumes fuel, but it can save years.

So the crowd took action, took the separation capsule, and flew to the planet Miller.

Lee, Brand, Doyle, and the robot CASE travel to planet Miller.

Dr. Romilly, a black man, stayed on the space station to maneuver.

In the process, they also observed the black hole itself up close for the first time!


When the picture of the black hole Kagantuya first appeared on the screen, all the audience exclaimed in unison again!

This is the first time you have really seen what a black hole looks like!

Until then, even NASA hadn’t been able to capture any images of black holes.

Black holes also exist only in theory.

But anyone who knows a little bit about astronomy knows that the black hole in Interstellar is definitely not made up out of thin air.

This is perhaps the closest thing a black hole looks like to be!

The aperture flowed around an extremely large celestial body, and the center of the black hole was incomparably deep, as if it could swallow everything.

The imax big screen also makes the visual effect of the black hole infinitely magnified, which really hits the hearts and minds of all viewers!

This is simply 100 times more shocking than those bells and whistles of interstellar wars! The black hole is so huge that even light cannot escape.

The planet Miller next to the black hole seems very small.

What followed was another tense and exciting landing process, and the audience’s hearts also hung up.

Unfamiliar with the gravity of the planet, Li Xiaojun was in big trouble.

But Li Xiaojun is after all an astronaut trained by the former CNSA, with an extremely excellent posture level and excellent psychological quality.

He relied entirely on manual control, with a wealth of experience in posture, and landed on the planet Miller smoothly by aerodynamics without the help of the spacecraft’s reverse thrust!

As the ship passes through the clouds and arrives at the planet Miller.

Once again, the audience was struck by the current scene.

This planet is full of Wang Yang sea! In the distance, a ‘mountain’ seems to be faintly visible.

But the water in the sea area where it landed was very shallow, and it had just passed the knees of people.

Brand, Doyle, and the robot CASE go into the water to find the location of the signal.

But the signal transmission point was empty.

At the same time, the soundtrack “Mountains” also quietly sounded.

At first it was just a ‘tick-tock’ rhythm and a subtle string melody

The audience was simply stunned by the sight of the planet and did not notice the music.

However, they also have a little more sense of urgency in their hearts.

The robot CASE fished out the launcher from underwater, dr. Miller’s spacecraft as well as became wreckage.

Dr. Brand decided to go a little further and look for a data logger.

At this time, Li Xiaojun inside the spaceship suddenly realized that something was wrong.

He carefully observed the distant ‘mountain peak’ and finally recognized that it was not a mountain, it was a distant wave!

He was shocked and quickly looked to the back of the spaceship.

It didn’t matter, the next scene was enough to make everyone stop breathing.

On the imax screen, a mountain suddenly appeared.

The camera slowly moves up, finally allowing people to see the full picture of the mountain! At this moment, the strings of bgm ‘Mountains’ suddenly sounded, and the momentum was magnificent!

It was a huge wave hundreds of meters high! Sizzle —

The sense of oppression in the movie has been transformed into substantial pressure, and it has once again hit people’s hearts!

Such a shocking scene is simply difficult to describe in words.

Lin Lei and his girlfriend Irene couldn’t help but hold hands tightly and tremble unceasingly.

Elizabeth Olson, who was next to Chu Xuan, was also nervous at this time and hugged Chu Xuan’s arm.


“O my God!”

Hundreds of meters of huge waves, can easily tear everything apart!

Li Xiaojun was horrified and hurriedly urged the two people outside to return to the spaceship and flee from this place.

Dr. Brand insisted on going to the wreckage to retrieve Dr. Miller’s data records.

Fortunately, the multi-purpose robot CASE moves quickly, helping Brand escape and carrying her back to the ship quickly.

But Dr. Doyle wasn’t so lucky.

He was just about to board the ship when he was swept away by the huge waves!

Dr. Doyle died.

The huge waves carried the spaceship to a height of 100 meters, followed by a “hardcore surf”, and the spaceship was fortunately not destroyed.

Unfortunately, the engine is seriously waterlogged, and it takes about 1 hour to drain the water.

Add to that the time it took, and maybe by the time they flew off the planet, decades had passed on Earth.

The cruelty of time is on full display at this time!

“Why, after all these years, Miller’s wreckage is still there?”

Slumped on the ground, Brand was a little desperate: “The flow of time has slowed down, according to the time of this planet, she just landed a few hours ago… Maybe he died a few minutes ago. ”

It was the wave that had gone away before that shattered Miller’s ship. This dialogue also made the audience feel the charm of real science fiction.

Science fiction is never a bizarre scene.

Even a few short words of description are enough to make people’s backs chill! That’s the beauty of science fiction itself!

There was no time to grieve, and soon another huge wave came.

The spaceship had already drained the water, and Li Xuanjun rushed into the huge waves and flew away from this planet full of water at the moment of a thousand gunshots!

Under the great gravitational influence of the black hole Kagantuya, the sea water of the entire planet converges into layers of huge waves, constantly circulating.

Obviously not suitable for human survival anymore.

The two returned to the space station in despair, only to see Dr. Romili, who had gray hair, tremble and walk out.

He was alone on the space station for 23 years, 4 months and 8 days. It was another simple dialogue that brought the most shocking experience.

The audience’s emotions are also constantly mobilized and overturned!

Li Xiaojun could not hold back any longer and came to the communication room to see how his children had been morally like in the past 23 years.

“Grandpa attended the graduation ceremony, and I also met a girl, maybe she will be my wife later…”

“Daddy, you see, you’re already a grandpa!” His name is Li Jiexi, originally wanted to name him Instant Jun, but his wife did not agree…

“Sorry for not leaving a message for a long time, because Jay He… Grandpa also passed away last week… に。 ”

“I know you may not see this, and all the messages are in the sea. Perhaps, it is time for me to recognize the reality and let go…”…”

Chu Xuan broke out a movie emperor-level performance here.

He laughed with tears in his eyes as he watched his children go from graduation to marriage and children to the pain of losing their children.

The time of 23 years has been compressed into just a few minutes, and time has turned into the sharpest sharp knife, which has stabbed into Li Xuanjun’s heart and also infected all the audiences.

Many people silently wiped their tears in the cinema.

After his son Li Dun turned off the video, he thought it was over.

Li Xiaojun desperately reached out and touched the screen, but the screen suddenly lit up.

Murphy, a daughter who had not been seen for a long time, finally appeared.

At this time, she is no longer the eccentric girl she was then, she is over 30 years old and has matured a lot.

Even some North American audiences didn’t realize that this actor was the same person as the girl before!

After careful makeup, Zhao Jinbiao also performed the look that a 30-year-old should have, without any sense of violation.

“Dad, you’re such an asshole!”

“I was still angry when I was able to communicate with you. Now that you’ve heard from you, I regret it’s too late. ”

“Today is my birthday, just as old as you left.”

“You said before that when we are the same age, we will be able to meet…”

“So, it’s time for you to come back?”

Seeing this, even the strongest audience can’t help but cry.

Erin was even in tears, lying on Lin Lei’s shoulder, unable to cry.

Ao Mei also had blurred tears and hugged Chu Xuan’s arm tightly.

No matter how far away from the earth in space, only the purest love and gravity of human beings can get rid of the limitations of time and space.

As soon as the picture turns, Lee Murphy on Earth also joins CISA and becomes an astrophysics professor.

The original old professor Brand has long since retired, and he is in a wheelchair and will work on the entire CNSA team research, which is also led by Murphy Lee.

But no matter how hard they tried, they could not deduce the gravitational formula, and they could not make the extremely massive space station launch into space.

This makes Plan A the most elusive joke.

Humans may not be able to leave the earth on the space station, and everyone will be destroyed with the earth.

Only the embryos of Plan B are the only hope for human reproduction.

But the implementation of Plan B also suffered a crisis.

In space, the spacecraft is not fueled, and of the remaining two planets, only one or the other is allowed.

If you choose the wrong one, it means the complete destruction of humanity.

At both ends of the earth and space, father and daughter have unconsciously shouldered the fate of all mankind.

Even the well-known screenwriters in Hollywood, even Spielberg, could not imagine it at this time.

How will Chu Xuan tell the story next.

I have to say that simply seeing this, Spielberg can’t help but sigh: “I’m afraid this is another Oscar-level movie.” ”

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