Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 96

Chapter Ninety-Six Spielberg shocked, this is no ordinary science fiction film!!

The logo of Infinity Pictures is still the spaceship that everyone is familiar with.

Every time you suddenly transition from a hand-drawn spaceship to a real spacecraft, it’s exciting.

But this time, the spacecraft was filled with noisy radio calls and fierce air friction as it shuttled through the ‘Infinity Pictures’ subtitles

The spacecraft appears to be in extreme danger.

The movie has not yet begun, and Chu Xuan has unconsciously created a sense of tension.

The audience had a heart-wrenching feeling from the first second.

“My father was a farmer.”

“At that time, everyone was a farmer.”

At the beginning of the film, an old woman with white hair faces the camera in a documentary way.

“Of course, this was not his original profession.”

The audience had just calmed down for less than 10 seconds, and then the picture jumped to the perspective of the spaceship in an instant.

The volume suddenly increased, and the astronaut Li Xuanjun, played by Chu Xuan, was in crisis!

“The tilt angle of the spaceship is too large…”

“Shut down the engine! Instantly, shut down the engine! ”

“No!!! I need to increase horsepower! ”

Although they don’t know what happened, the audience will inevitably fall into tension again with the protagonist!

The excellent audio-visual effects of the imax screen make the opening spaceship’s camera full of presence!

The deafening sound seems to make people feel like they are in the middle of a spaceship! Whew!

The scene was momentarily quiet, and the protagonist Li Xiaojun woke up from the nightmare.

After two sudden ups and downs, the emotions of all the audiences were already unconsciously pinched by Chu Xuan.

What happened to the spaceship at the beginning? What does it mean to be a documentary? This person……… Is it Chu Xuan?

After makeup, Chu Xuan, who had stubble, looked a little vicissitudes, and had a little more melancholy temperament of a mature uncle.

Even the fans who were most familiar with Chu Xuan were a little difficult to identify at this time: “Dad? ”

“I’m all right, Murphy, go back to sleep.”

“I thought you were a ghost…”

Zhao Jinyao’s daughter Murphy, a word, made the timid girl nervous again.

How…… Or is it a psychic film?

“The wheat is all sick and dead.”

“Blight is raging, and we can only burn the crops.”

“Only a few acres of cornfield remain…”

“And the sandstorm.”

With documentary-style interviews with several elderly people, the audience understood.

It turns out that the earth’s climate is deteriorating, and the survival of mankind is encountering an unprecedented crisis.

The gloomy sky, as well as the gray tones, make the sense of oppression linger.

“How did you break the model of the lunar landing module?”

“I guess it must have been a ghost again.”

Li Dun, the son played by Zhang Yishan, sneered.

“It’s a ghost, and my bookshelf is a ghost mess.”

“How can there be ghosts in the world?”

“It’s not scientific, Murphy.”

“You said that science is about verifying what we don’t know.”

Murphy argued.

Through a simple family dialogue, Chu Xuan quickly portrayed the character of the character.

Daughter Lee Murphy is full of curiosity and exploration, and she is still curious about the world.

His son, Rittentown, is more pragmatic.

“If you want to pay attention to science, you have to record the facts, through rigorous analysis, and find the essence through phenomena.”

The daughter’s jumping remarks were not rudely rejected, and her father, Li Xiaojun, patiently taught her to look at things scientifically.

This also laid the most important foreshadowing for the film.

Although the film is full of yellow-skinned and dark-haired Chinese, dragon country audiences will feel very kind.

North American audiences are not allowed to play, several actors perform superbly, and the texture of the film is very good.

The audience can’t say where it is good, but the picture is always incredibly realistic.

That’s the power of money!

Chu Xuan insisted on shooting with a 75mm IMAX camera, and the full frame was more likely to produce an immersive feeling.

When Li Xiaojun and his children were driving to the school, the tire of the car exploded.

“Hmm, Murphy’s Law.”

“Shut up!”

Li Murphy was very sad: “Why did you and your mother name me with bad things?” ”

Murphy’s Law doesn’t always feel like a good name.

“Murphy’s Law doesn’t mean bad things happen. Just say what might happen, it will happen. ”

Just when Li Xuanjun comforted his daughter, a drone quickly crossed at a low altitude!

“Get in the car!”

At this time, “Cornfie1dchase” composed by Chu Xuan and arranged by Hans Zimmer quietly sounded.

Cars dragging broken tires through the mighty cornfield!

With the ethereal and vast bgm, the audience’s emotions are mobilized again

Many film critics who were originally cold-eyed could not sit still at this time.

“What Chu Xuan brought this time seems to be really a different science fiction film.”

“This texture, this bgm…… Kind of interesting! ”

Wild pickup trucks have been chasing drones through the wilderness, and son Ritten has always obeyed his father’s orders and kept galloping forward.

Even if there is a cliff ahead.

“This drone is a Military Drone of the Vatican, and its solar cells can power the entire farm.”

“Dad, how long do you think it’s been flying in the sky?”

“The control centre in Delhi was closed 10 years ago…”

“So it flew for 10 years?”

Li Dun looked incredulous, “Why does it fly so low?” ”

“It is estimated that solar rays destroyed the internal electronic components. Or related to the change in the magnetic field nearby……… What is it looking for? ”

Li Xiaojun squatted down and removed the battery of the drone.

Daughter Li Murphy pondered, “Do we have to tear it down?” Can you let it go, it doesn’t hurt others. ”

Seeing this, the audience couldn’t help but smile.

The daughter played by Zhao Jinyue is very cute, and her thoughts are a little flexible and jumpy, which makes people feel very interesting.

“It also needs to adapt to the world, just like all of us.”

The daughter pursues the romance of looking up at the sky.

But both the father and the son recognize the reality of despair and pay attention to living as much as possible in the midst of life and death.

The tone of the film is also gradually determined by virtue of the deep meaning of these dialogues.

The general audience may see more of the scene, the overall sense of atmosphere.

Professional film critics or directors and screenwriters capture a different flavor from the film.

Located in the Pacific Winnetka Theater in the Hollywood area of Los Santo, well-known director Steven Spielberg and ‘Father of Star Wars’ George Lucas also quietly came to watch “Interstellar”.

Ever since they learned about Chu Xuan’s science fiction film plans, two internationally renowned directors have paid close attention to the dynamics of “Interstellar”.

Perhaps the outside media, netizens are not very optimistic about this film.

But both Spieckerberg and George Lucas understand that Chu Xuan’s films are no ordinary science fiction films.

He even invited Nobel Laureates, which is definitely not a gimmick! On the day of the premiere, the two couldn’t wait to come and watch.

When they saw this scene, they glanced at it.


Spielberg Road.

“Yes, I have a hunch that there’s something more shocking going on in this film.”

George Lucas murmured.

The general audience has not yet reacted, or even feel unclear so…

The two great directors have already shown a lot of details through the opening, and they have perceived something different.

At the school, Li Murphy seems to have committed a crime and was specially named by the teacher.

Arriving at the principal’s office, the principal and the female teacher already had a serious look.

“Ritten’s achievements come out, and he will become a good farmer.”

The gray-haired principal said seriously.

Whether it is the Dragon Kingdom or the rest of the world, the only thing that the world’s surviving human beings have to face is the food problem.

Countless grains withered and died, and the remaining corn became the most important ration and the most important position at present, from urban white-collar workers to farmers.

“Can he go to college?”

“Sorry, the university is very short of resources right now, and there is no funding.”

“There is no army in the world, so shouldn’t military money be invested in education?”

Li Xiaojun asked.

The principal was also helpless: “I don’t know where I put it into it, but it won’t be education anyway.” ”

This also reflects the reality that even if the education level is high, in the end, farming is the only way out.

At this time, human beings are no longer able to enjoy other aspects of life, and can only barely guarantee that they will not starve to death: “Can just one test score determine the future of a teenager?” ”

“Wasn’t that the same before?” Mr. Li, you are an excellent astronaut and engineer, and you should be able to understand the current situation. Human beings need good farmers even more. ”

“Let’s talk about Lee Murphy again.”

The female teacher next to her said.

“Murphy Lee is smart and talented. But she recently showed her classmates books about space and spread the knowledge of the universe. ”

“Is there anything wrong with that?”

“Rockets, landings on the moon, exploring the universe, these are all useless things. The original Apollo moon landing plan of the US empire has also been proved to be a fraud. ”

“Useless stuff?”

“Yes, we need to make children aware of reality, that our home is on Earth, not in the void of the universe.”

Li Xiaojun endured anger and said: “These useless space explorations have also spawned the development of science and technology. You’re talking about useless machines, and one of them is called an MRI. Even if there is only 1 left, it will not be impossible to find the tumor in my wife’s brain! ”

This scene only explains the background of the film, making the whole story and characters more full.

But both the audience and the film critics felt Chu Xuan’s acting skills!

Yes, in everyone’s cognition, Chu Xuan has only acted in one horror film.

Who would have thought that he himself starred in the protagonist of a science fiction film, not to fool around with himself, not to let go of himself!

His suppressed anger, low and powerful performance, people can’t believe that this is 22-year-old Chu Xuan!

“How is it possible, he is still so young, how can he have such a full of vicissitudes?”

Even the most discerning film critics can’t help but marvel at Chu Xuan’s performance at this moment!

When I got home from school, something strange suddenly happened!

First, many unmanned harvesters automatically drove to Li Xiaojun’s doorstep and surrounded his home.

And that’s not the weirdest thing, when Li Anderson and her daughter Murphy came to her room

Books on the shelves drop automatically!

Daughter Li Murphy said seriously: “According to what you said, I strictly recorded the phenomenon of ghosts.” ”

“The book that falls down may actually convey some kind of message!”

At the same time, all the viewers feel some kind of weird emotion, the so-called ‘ghost’, the truth behind it may make people think about it!

Everyone didn’t realize that even if the film didn’t have explosive special effects and grand scenes, everyone was already attracted to the plot.

This is Chu Xuan’s unique science fiction film! A different sci-fi movie than ever!

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