Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 90

Chapter Ninety Godfather Shortlisted! Sister Stone’s crush was discovered?!!

Chu Xuan inexplicably felt as if he were in the galgame scene.

Faced with an Anne Hathaway’s soul torture, the script seems to have forked into two paths.

Chu Xuan’s dialog box popped up, facing several options.

1, yeah, I also want to be here with you, buy a cottage, and live together.

2, I……… I don’t know.

3, sorry, I still have a career and like people in North America-

Before Chu Xuan could archive to make a selection, Anne Hay-Servi smiled, “Tease you.” Iceland is too cold, or california sunshine suits me. ”


The fantasy game interface hours, Chu Xuan returned to reality.

She is different from the code in galgame, she is a real person, if you are separated, but you are constantly getting closer…

During filming in Iceland, “Infernal Affairs” also set off a wave of craze in the Dragon Country

More than a month after its release, the local box office alone has exceeded 1 billion RMB!

243 million RMB in the first week! Hang all opponents at the same time!

At the same time, it has also set off a wave of ‘infernal culture’ on both sides of the taiwan strait and in three places.

Whether it is Bili Video or Douyin short video platform, countless bloggers are in the classic scene of cos in “Infernal Affairs”.

At least 500,000 likes below each video!

“Give me a chance, now I want to be a good person.”

“I’m sorry, I’m a policeman.”

“There is an inner ghost, and it is.jpg to terminate the transaction.”

“Every day he gets up, he acts with himself, and he even forgets his own true character.”

“Three years later and three years later, almost ten years old!”

These classic lines have been completely played by netizens into a meme, becoming the most popular Internet term at present, and spreading on the Internet.

Even the movie title ‘Infernal Affairs’ itself has evolved into meanings such as ‘spy’, ‘undercover’, ‘inner ghost’ and so on.

Chu Xuan even brought back a wave of police films.

Originally, the two sides of the strait and the three places did not dare to shoot police films, but now seeing that infernal affairs is so hot, countless directors and producers have moved.

In just 1 month, at least 5 police films have been prepared for filming.

However, the local audience’s main creative members of the film are limited to Liu Dehua and Liang Chaowei.

At most, add two directors, Mai Zhaohui and Liu Weiqiang.

As for the screenwriter Chu Xuan, few people will carefully watch the subtitles at the end of the film.

Many entertainment media have captured this.

Mu Zi, the editor of the public account ‘Entertainment Online’, is a member of Chu Xuan’s fan base.

She managed to become an editor from an intern and wanted to write an in-depth interview with Chu Xuan.

He is the man who created “City of Philharmonics”, “Infernal Affairs”, and “Iron Man”!

There are also films created for the release of “The Godfather”, “The Silence of the Lambs”, and “Ghost Shadow Record”.

Even the unreleased “Mulan”, the screenwriter and investor behind it are also Chu Xuan!

Such a person is definitely worth taking out a big book! But as soon as her proposal was handed in, she was killed by the editor-in-chief.

“My plan is obviously very good, why didn’t you give it?”

She plucked up enough courage to question the editor-in-chief.

The editor-in-chief was not angry, but said quietly: “Some people have been named, and the matter of inferior artists will not be reported.” ”

“But he has no bad deeds at all, obviously such a talented person…”

“There is no way, if you want to add to the sin, there is no excuse, someone just wants to him, let’s keep a low profile.”


Muzi also knew about this situation, but she was just angry.

The editor-in-chief reassured: “Don’t worry. Chu Xuan already had a certain prestige on the Internet. ”

“Every time he releases a film, he accumulates some fans. At the same time, he won major awards such as Oscars and Cannes abroad, and it is impossible for the state media not to report it. ”

“It slowly accumulated like this, and soon he would have a lot of influence.”

“When the time comes, even if it is useless to speak above, we should publicize it as we can.”

“After all, that grandfather is not hand-eyed, and he can’t always oppose the vast number of netizens.”

“Therefore, now we have to wait for Chu Xuan to continue to come up with shocking works and use them to speak.”

The editor-in-chief’s words made Mu Zi stunned: “Boss, are you also a fan of Chu Xuan?” ”

“Of course, since ‘City of Philharmonic’, I’ve been a fan of his movies.”

The explosion of “Infernal Affairs” has brought sufficient funds to Infinity Pictures.

But the 1 billion RMB has not yet been warmed up, and Chu Xuan has to set aside a large part of the investment

Join the Matrix Animation team.

“Robot Wall-E” has officially begun production, and almost every second of animation will burn 200,000 US dollars!

These are all silver flowers of white flowers!

If it is a general film and television company, I am afraid that it has been in pain to cry, and it will try every means to reduce the cost.

But Chu Xuan turned around, investing as much money as possible and striving to make this animation perfect!

In the past life, “Robot Wall-E” was released in 2008 and began production in 2004.

At that time, 3D animation technology and more than a decade later are not the same.

In the era that Chu Xuan is now in, 3D animation technology has been very mature.

This new version of “Robot Wall-E” from modeling to detail rendering, there will be a kind of fake real effect.

Chu Xuan just watched a 5-minute demo and was full of praise

If “Robot Wall-E” can be successful, then classic animations such as “Crazy Animal City”, “Toy Story”, and “Flying House Tour” can be arranged.

As for “Mulan”, the film was also produced, and the director Wen Ziren finally completed the arduous task.

This is Chu Xuan’s most bottomless film.

Other movies at least have references, but their own “Mulan” is getting more and more away from the 98 animation version.

He was very worried that this work would become Liu Tianxian’s version of “Mulan” in the previous life.

It wasn’t until he saw the samples sent by Wen Ziren that Chu Xuan was relieved.

The quality of the film is still quite surprising.

After a period of meticulous polishing, we can wait until next year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Shortlisted for the main competition unit, Chu Xuan was full of confidence.

However, there is still some suspense about whether it can get the ‘Palme d’Or Award’.

Instead, Chu Xuan’s “Godfather” and “Iron Man” were both shortlisted for the Golden Globe Awards that will open at the end of the year!

On November 29, local time, the Nomination List was announced for the North American Film and Television Golden Globe Awards. “The Godfather” leads this year’s Golden Globe Awards with 7 nominations! ”

“Chu Xuan, Gilmour, Martin McDonald, Ridley Scott, Spielberg will compete for the best director place!”

“The Godfather, Three Billboards, The Shape of Water, And The Peanutston Post will compete for Best Picture in the Drama Category!”

“Marlon Brando, Timothy Chalame, Tom Hanks and other movie stars will compete for best actor.”

The competition for the 75th Golden Globe Awards can be described as extremely fierce, although the “Godfather” wind reviews and word of mouth have the upper hand, but Chu Xuan’s opponents are all Hollywood rivals. The suspense remains. ”

“It is worth mentioning that ‘Iron Man’ also won 3 nominations for Best Picture in Music/Comedy, Best Actor in Music/Comedy, and Best Film Score!”

“As a typical commercial film, Iron Man broke into the siege list, which was somewhat unexpected, but it was also reasonable.”

“After all, this is Chu Xuan’s movie…”

When the shortlist was announced, the filming of “Interstellar” had come to an end.

Celebrity friends in the circle such as Ryan Gosling, Robert Downey Jr., George Miller, Big Cousin, Adele, Al Pacino and others have sent congratulations.

Of course, Ao Mei is no exception, she directly shot a video.

Now she had kicked her hair out, but the whole person was full of a wild beauty.

In addition, Ao Mei had participated in special forces CQB training before, and her eyes were also very sharp.

Just facing Chu Xuan, her eyes were always gentle.

“Chu, congratulations! Am I ugly now… A little regret about cutting your hair, will you hate me? ”

Chu Xuanguan smiled and immediately replied, “How come, the baby is still very good-looking, so handsome, especially sassy!” ”

“I know, I know what ‘sa’ means! Hey, good, I taught myself new words! Don’t say it, continue filming~”

Just after replying to the message of Ao Mei, the result is that the mobile phone vibrates and another one comes.

“Chu, congratulations.”

It’s Sister Stone, Emma Stone.

Chu Xuan just looked at the chat interface, and her side had always been ‘Tping. (typing)’.

Lose and delete, delete and play.

Then there was silence.

“Thanks, how have you been lately?”

Since Philharmonic City, Emma Stone has only participated in an anti-racist feature film, Help.

Chu Xuan still wanted to find her, but she seemed to have been hiding from herself, and she didn’t have a better film invitation.

“Not bad, thank you.”

After Sister Shi replied, she quickly disappeared.

Leaving only Chu Xuan confused, he asked curiously next to Anne Hathaway 0.

“Does Emma hate me?”

In fact, the whole time I received the text message, Anne Hathaway was watching from the side.

She just sat quietly next to Chu Xuan, leaning on his shoulder in a silent daze.

Chu Xuan did not shy away from her, and the current relationship between the two of them was nothing to avoid

Who knows, Anne Hathaway smiled mysteriously: “No, she doesn’t hate you.” ”

“So why, it always feels like she’s hiding from me.”

“Is it possible…”…”


“She likes you?”

Anne Hathaway’s mouth raises a nice curve of the stone sister like me?

This couldn’t help but remind him of Sister Stone’s attitude before.

Chu Xuan had some headaches again, and now Ao Mei and Zhao Jinjie couldn’t handle it, Anne Hathaway was just fine, she didn’t put pressure on Chu Xuan.

It seems that in the future, we should try to pay attention to words and deeds, and we can no longer ‘make mistakes’.

“What are you going to do?”

Anne Hathaway asked curiously, “Do you want to try it with her?” ”

“No, it won’t.”

“Maybe… For example, when we first met, can you imagine that we will be like this today? ”

Anne Hathaway said, and came up unexpectedly.

What’s wrong with her?

Don’t get addicted… Ten……

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