Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 87

Chapter Eighty-Seven Crazy Max, I’m King Fish Cast!!

Elizabeth Olson, Zhao Jin mark, Anne Hathaway.

All three of them had a certain close relationship with Chu Xuan.

At this time, the eyes of the three parties collided together, although it was not full of gunpowder, the eyes of the three people were still more complicated.

Elizabeth Olson was well aware of the presence of both Zhao and Anne Hathaway.

And it can be confirmed that Chu Xuan’s attitude towards these two is obviously different from other actresses.

However, she also had no evidence, and did not want to investigate further, but just gave up for the time being.

She was honestly still a little bit of a snack in her heart.

Anne Hathaway also had a certain understanding of the existence of Zhao Jin mark.

When chatting with Chu Xuan before, the angel investor who mentioned “Ghost Shadow Record” was a sister of The Dragon Kingdom, and the eight achievements were the people in front of him.

When Chu Xuan mentioned her, the spoiling in his eyes could not be hidden.

So Anne Hathaway was thinking about it.

At the same time, when she saw Chu Xuan’s eyes just now, it was even more obvious.

Anne Hathaway’s eyes looked at the other two, and even looked at Chu Xuan.

“That’s interesting.”

Zhao Jin’s mood was more complicated, and when she saw Elizabeth Olsen, her eyes unconsciously looked to the side.

Chu Xuan saw this and quickly pulled Nolan next to him.

“Christopher, you should organize everyone to start, I have something to do, and I’ll be there soon.”

Nolan was a little surprised, but didn’t say anything, just nodded.

As the best director, Chu Xuan was actually willing to let himself organize, showing his ability to trust himself.

Nolan was also full of energy: 11 “Chu, leave it to me.” ”

The Nolan brothers walked into the conference room, and Chu Xuan turned to the front and hugged Sister Ao, who was not living together now.

Ao Mei still lives in her high-end apartment, and Chu Xuan returns to his own small building every day.

In the past two days, Ao Mei successfully auditioned for “Mad Max” and is preparing to shoot with the crew over there.

Chu Xuan hadn’t seen her for two days, and he really missed her.

“Baby, how did you get here?”

Being hugged by Chu Xuan, Elizabeth Olsen was also a little confused.

She suppressed the messy thoughts in her mind, buried her head in his neck, and sniffed the manly breath on him.

Then, taking advantage of the fact that there was no one around for a while, he secretly pecked at Chu Xuan’s mouth.

“Mr. Miller has something he wants to talk to you about in person, and he happened to be nearby today and wanted to come and visit. I just called you and didn’t answer, I just wanted to come up and have a look…”

“Oh, I just discussed the script with Nolan, and the phone is muted.”

Chu Xuan took a look, and sure enough, there were two missed calls.

“Director Miller, what is he looking for me for?”

George Miller is the director of the “Mad Max” series, and has directed “Yin and Yang Demon World”, “Happy Bigfoot” and some documentaries, and is a world-renowned director.

“It has to do with script changes and investment sponsorships. If the price proposed is too excessive, you simply refuse, and it doesn’t matter if I play it or not. ”

Ao Mei took Chu Xuan’s arm and was still giving him advice.

“Hahaha, okay, we’ll meet him.”

Chu Xuan scraped her nose, and Ao Mei made a cute and vicious grimace.

Coming to the downstairs reception room, the silver-haired, high-nosed uncle immediately greeted him.

“Hey, mate, nice to meet you!”

Obvious Tu’ao accent, open mouth and shut up call mate This cloaked uncle is George Miller.

It is reasonable to say that the family is a Hollywood senior, and Chu Xuan should be polite with him when he sees it.

However, the other party had great respect for Chu Xuan.

No way, since “The Godfather”, many directors in the film industry have almost regarded “The Godfather” as a textbook.

Chu Xuan, who was only 21 years old at the time, was already comparable to Spielberg and other big directors.

“Mr. Miller.”

“Just call me George, huh.”

I’m still Peppa Pig.

The three sat down, and Anna came out of nowhere, poured coffee for the three of them, and then disappeared again.

Ao Mei inexplicably felt something was wrong, forgetting that Anna’s back looked at it a few times.

She thought she was a little nervous, and she wanted to be jealous when she saw that the beautiful woman was closer to Chu Xuan.

“That’s not right! Liz, can’t do that! ”

Ao Mei secretly warned herself.

Chu Xuan talked to George Miller.

The two chatted about the movie, and George Miller finally couldn’t hold back and confided his true intentions.

“Chu, that’s right. Our original script, the story is relatively rough. Originally, it was an investment of $10 million. ”

“But after watching your film, I suddenly had other ideas, but the ideas were rough and the funds were not in place.”

“This time I wanted to entrust you with the help of revising and perfecting the script and trying to invest in this film.”

“I only need the basic salary, the script can be handed over to Infinity Pictures, and I don’t want a share of the income.”

Chu Xuan was stupid, and such a thing?


“I just want this story to be on the big screen, at whatever cost.”

This is indeed the film that George Miller most wants to achieve.

Past life, 79 years.

George Miller was originally a doctor, and his greatest desire was to capture the story in his heart.

So he wrote and directed himself, using the $350,000 salary saved by the doctor to discharge the “Mad Max” series.

Since then, he has embarked on the path of film directing.

And here, he still starts as an emergency room doctor, but unfortunately does not have the courage to stud “Mad Max”.

The script dragged on for more than 30 years from ’79.

He quit his job as a doctor, started from the grassroots of the crew, and gradually became a well-known director by directing the TV series “Yin Yang Demon World”.

But his dream has always been Mad Max.

It’s just that time has passed, the story of 79 years has become very old-fashioned, and he has no money to invest in special effects.

The investment that had originally been pulled was also adrift, and he came to Ask Chu Xuan for help.

When Chu Xuan learned of the cause and effect, he was no better than sighing.

In the past life, “Mad Max 4: Fury Road” belongs to the reboot series, with special effects and investment upgrades.

Bring the audience an incomparably shocking wild apocalypse.

Since Chu Xuan was asked to revise the script, let’s directly start filming “Mad Max 4: Fury Road”!

The film became a new project for Infinity Pictures, with George Miller directing it.

According to the cost budget of the past life, it is still a large production of 150 million US dollars.

Chu Xuan was no problem, and it seemed that the financial director Carly was going to have a headache again. Mad Max: Fury Road received 10 Oscar nominations and grossed 400 million worldwide.

Although the box office did not particularly explode, this film left a deep impression on Chu Xuan.

In contrast, the “Fast and Furious” series is a literary film.

If it is strongly publicized, and Chu Xuan’s name of ‘Best Director’ is endorsed.

In the end, the minimum box office of more than 800 million US dollars is not a problem, more than 1 billion is not difficult!

Leave her alone!

I’m king of many fish……… No, I’m Chu Xuan!

“Since Mr. Miller is so sincere, I wish us a pleasant cooperation.”

“Great! Clear! You won’t be disappointed! ”

“Well, after that, the details will be discussed with you by our production director, and I will take the script back to change it and contact you.”

“Okay okay! That’s great! ”

George Miller was so excited that he was crying.

After the man left, Elizabeth Olson smiled.

“So I’m going to take another vacation?”

“Yeah. Now busy shooting “Interstellar”, it takes a certain amount of time to change the script. ”

“Then when are you going to Kannada?”

“Next week…”

Chu Xuan suddenly felt a little bad.

“Can you take me there?” Just arrange a small role, and the extras can also do it. ”

Elizabeth Olsen grabbed Chu Xuan’s arm, and then carefully compared her index finger and thumb, and looked at Chu Xuan with god’s big eyes.

“Chu, how did she come with you?”

“How? Why can’t she come? ”

“But……… Well, you don’t have to bother. And your little girlfriend in the Dragon Country, you have to think about how to deal with it. ”

“Nonsense, people are my sister.”

“I get it. If you feel trouble, you can always come to me, I am always open for you here. ”

Taking advantage of the lack of attention, Anne Hathaway secretly caressed Chu Xuan’s face and then left in a dashing manner.

After three days of script discussion, the “Interstellar” crew officially pulled out and set off for the cornfield in Kanna.

In terms of setting, this cornfield and CNSA research base are in the Liangshan area of Longguo.

Close to the Xichang Launch Center of the Dragon Kingdom.

But in order to save costs, the crew still went to Kanna Province, after all, the corn field is troublesome.

The Liangshan area has a complex topography, with mountains, plains, basins, and hills.

Setting it as an annunciation valley plain is also not a wear gang.

Just in the decoration of the house, the architectural style of the Yi people in Liangshan in the southwest of the Chinese style was adopted.

At the same time, build some house sets next to it, pretending to be in the Dragon Country.

After arriving at the location, the main scene has only 4 people in the protagonist’s family.

Anne Hathaway had no role for the time being, so she took advantage of the fact that no one was paying attention to chu Xuan and ran away.

“In this way, be careful to correct your Fa-rectification.”

Chu Xuan also didn’t bother to take care of her, and was ready to start shooting the first scene.

The protagonist, Li Xiaojun, wakes up from a nightmare, and his daughter Murphy says she saw the presence of a ghost

Speaking of which, this is the first time that Chu Xuan and Zhao Jin mark have acted against each other.

After the makeup artist’s elaborate dressing, Chu Xuan’s face has changed a lot, and the whole person has transformed from a handsome young man into a deep uncle in an instant.

I can see the female eyes of the crew staring straight up.

Only one person dared to come up and make a fool of himself in person.

“Honey, it turns out that you are also very handsome when you are old.”

Ao Mei took her chin with both hands and looked at Chu Xuan carefully.

“Well, aren’t you going to play next to it?” It just so happens that Anne is bored too, and you two go shopping. ”

“You’re giving an eviction order, aren’t you?”

Ao Mei used Chinese characters to round the road.

“Hey, you’re learning pretty fast.”

“That is.”

She raised her chin triumphantly, “And don’t look at who my teacher is.” ”

“Let’s go.”

Ao Mei was not annoyed, pulled Anne Hathaway in the past, and the two left the shooting scene.

They had met before in the “Godfather” crew.

Later, several company dinners, the two can also be regarded as friends with average relations.

As for Sister Stone, the eldest cousin, Adele’s girlfriend group, Ao Mei has a much better relationship with them, and can be regarded as a real girlfriend.

Speaking of which, I haven’t been in touch with Sister Shi for a long time.

Heck, how could you have thought of her?

“Chu Xuan, how do you see me?”

At this time, Zhao Jinyao also finished putting on makeup.

Chu Xuan turned his head to look at it, and was suddenly a little surprised.

Time seemed to be turned back several years, and Chu Xuan saw the young girl Han Duoduo in “The Wandering Earth” again…

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