Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 81

Chapter Eighty-One and the Crimson Witch Fierce Battle! Omei’s choice!!

The next afternoon, after Chu Xuan was completely awake, he realized what he had done last night.

No wonder back at the apartment, Zhao Jinjie threw him on the sofa, and hid in the room and locked the door.

Now, Zhao Jin’s room was empty.

The kitchen had warm milk, some cut fresh oranges, and a few irregular-looking handmade cookies, which Zhao Jinyao baked himself.

Under the self-insulating milk cup, there is also a sticky note paper with Juanxiu’s font on it.

“Remember to drink the milk and don’t waste it.”

“Oranges are also painstakingly cut, to give you an antidote.”

“Cookies are a bit of a failure, so just eat them.”

“After eating and leaving, I won’t send you, badass!” – Mai”

It can be seen that Zhao Jinbiao wrote with emotion.

The handwriting of the word “badass” is obviously much heavier, almost destroying the paper.

Even brain supplements, when she writes again, she must be gritting her teeth.

Chu Xuan could understand it more or less, obviously she was still a young girl herself, but she was forcibly kissed by a big brother and a good brother.

Although it is possible to lose the first kiss on the screen during filming, it is also impossible to do it

Throwing away her first kiss on such an occasion that is neither romantic nor memorable, she will be somewhat unwilling.

Chu Xuan also shook his head and smiled bitterly, only to blame himself for being hot-headed at that time.

In the past two years of knowing each other, although he and Zhao Jinzhao have not spent much time together, they can feel the delicate tenderness of the young girl every time.

Unconsciously, Chu Xuan also developed different feelings for her.

For example, the thought that she would lose her first kiss on the screen, Chu Xuan was very uncomfortable, and simply deleted the love element in “Mulan”.

During the filming, Zhao Jinbiao and the male protagonist did not have superfluous interaction. General Li Xiang is completely a master + superior officer.

Chu Xuan wasn’t sure what the final product of the film would look like, but he didn’t regret making such a change.

Unfortunately, last night’s surprise attack made Zhao Jin mark hide from himself all the time.

There was no reply to the message, Chu Xuan still wanted to call over, his fingers hovered over the call button for a long time, and then he let go.

Well, she was willing to leave a note for herself to prepare these, and she probably didn’t completely hate herself.

Let the little girl calm down.

Chu Xuan himself also needed to carefully sort out his thoughts.

“Thanks, the cookies were delicious and the milk was warm. I’ll call a ride to the airport later, take care of yourself. (Literally, eat more, what kind of thinness you’ve become) / Bye bye.gif”

Pick-up brokerage culture company, capital office building.

Zhao Jinbiao leaned back on the sofa, saw the information in his mobile phone, and looked at the ceiling silently.

“What’s wrong? Listless? ”

Agent Wang Jinghua was working, tapping on the computer, raising his eyes and glancing at Zhao Jinyao.


Zhao Jin murmured.

“It’s related to Chu Xuan.”

Wang Jinghua’s head did not look up.


Zhao Jin sat up with a whimper, “Sister Hua, how do you… Not really! Nothing to do with him! ”

Zhao Jinma suddenly realized that something was wrong and hurriedly changed his mouth.

Looking at the little girl’s soulless appearance, Yujing Hua revealed a smile of the people who came over.

“You, took Chu Xuan back to the apartment last night, right?” Did he do anything to you? ”

She deliberately grimaced: “If he dares to do something to you that should not be done, I will…”

“No, no, no!”

Zhao Jinbiao hurriedly waved his hand: “Chu Xuan really didn’t do anything, Sister Hua, then don’t think about it.” ”

“Well, I haven’t said anything yet, you’re in a hurry.”


Zhao Jinbiao found out that Wang Jinghua was deceiving himself.

“Ignore you!”

The little girl pursed her mouth, picked up the pillow on the sofa, and turned her back.

Looking at her like this, Wang Jinghua understood that this nunzi had fallen into it. But she didn’t plan to interfere too much.

If it is other male artists, male actors and the like, Wang Jinghua will definitely not hesitate to take a shot.

But the other party is Chu Xuan, this child’s character, Wang Jinghua is also clear with his talent, it is normal to be appreciated by the little girl.

Oh, that’s it.

Let the young people worry about their own affairs. Wang Jinghua sighed helplessly and continued to devote himself to his work.

Luo Shengdu, Elizabeth Olson drove the McLaren P1 supercar that Chu Xuan had recently bought, and picked up Chu Xuan at Luo Shengdu International Airport.

Just after getting into the co-driver, his mobile phone suddenly received a message. When I opened it, it was sent by Zhao Jinbiao.

“Landing, huh?”

Could it be that she has been paying attention to the flight dynamics? He also pinched the point and waited for Chu Xuan to come out before sending a message.

“Well, here I am.”


Zhao Jinbiao only sent two words, and then he did not reply.

“Chu, who is it?”

Ao Mei carefully drove the car and asked curiously.

“Oh, you know, it’s a good friend of the Dragon Kingdom.”

“Ah, it’s called wheat, isn’t it?” She’s so cute. ”

Chu Xuan had talked to Elizabeth Olson about Zhao Jin mark before.

The first “angel investment” of “Smart: Ghost Shadow Record” came from Zhao Jinbiao.

Otherwise, Chu Xuan would not be able to earn hundreds of millions of dollars for a while and a half. Elizabeth Olson was also grateful to the girl.

When she first accompanied Chu Xuan to the Dragon Kingdom for the New Year, she still wanted to meet Zhao Jinyao. However, in order to audition for the “Border Killer” crew, he hurriedly left the capital.

If there was no Zhao Jinyao, maybe she would not be able to meet Chu Xuan, still running hard, and did not know when she would get a serious performance opportunity.

It is not an exaggeration to say that she is his benefactor.

However, Chu Xuan’s expression when he returned the message was very gentle.

That kind of look only appears when you face yourself. Don’t………

A woman’s sixth sense is always accurate at key moments. But Ao Mei did not want to dig deeper into this matter.

On the one hand, she is afraid of getting bad results, on the other hand, she is more afraid of ruining the relationship between the two.

In case of the loss of Chu Xuan one day, Elizabeth Olson could not imagine how she should live.

Maybe I think about it too much.

Elizabeth Olson stopped talking and still didn’t say anything. Just after returning to Chu Xuan’s villa, the two had just entered the door and had not changed their slippers.

Ao Mei pushed Chu Xuan against the wall, and the whole person pounced on it with enthusiasm

“Sister O, you…”

Chu Xuan didn’t expect that he had attacked her before. Today she actually learned to fight back?

Small sample, tiger does not threaten, you take me as HelloKitty?

Crimson Witch used [Flutter Bite]! Chu Xuan used “Holding Sister in His Arms to Kill”!

The Crimson Witch is affected by the [Entanglement] effect, collapses on the sofa, and loses her mobility this round!

Chu Xuan used [Flutter Bite], and the effect was superior! Crimson Witch is affected by the “Mind Lost” effect……………

In the family screening hall, Ao Mei was like a kitten curled up in Chu Xuan’s arms. “Infernal Affairs” is playing on the screen, Chinese dubbed version.

The film has not entered the European and American markets for the time being, and the English dubbing work has not yet begun.

“Infernal Affairs” is currently only released in East Asia, and the main market is Longguo Hong Kong Island, Longguo Treasure Island Province, Longguo Local…

Theatrical release in Nishihachiko is also in place, and it will be released at the end of September.

As for the small days archipelago, the film market here is a unique wonder in the world.

The only popular overseas film was Chu Xuan’s “City of Philharmonic”, which won the championship for 400 million yen on the day of its premiere.

Crush “Soba Theater Edition”, “Friends of the Week Live-Action Edition”, “Masquerade Hotel” on the leaderboard.

The “Godfather” with a global reputation against the sky, Toei did not introduce it at all.

As for “Iron Man” in the global market has not yet been released, it is expected to wait for half a year before it will be released in the small day market.

The end credits of “Infernal Affairs” rose, and Elizabeth Olson’s heart was inevitably a little heavy.

Although she does not understand this delicate oriental culture, the story itself is still very impactful.

In his previous life, “Infernal Affairs” was also adapted into “Infernal Walker” in North America, and won the Oscar for Best Picture.

It can be seen that this story touches people’s hearts wherever it is.

“Chu, why did this undercover police officer die in the end?” Why don’t you write him alive and arrange a Happy Ending? ”

Ao Mei looked at Chu Xuan’s eyes and murmured. Chu Xuan smiled lightly, “This is the core I want to convey, life is impermanent, we must be happy in time.” ”

As he spoke, he grabbed Ao Mei’s neck and kissed her heavily. For a long time, Ao Mei pushed him away with a red face.

“Don’t bully me, I don’t know Mandarin, movies are not the truth, you know bullying!”

After Chu Xuan’s careful teaching, Ao Mei was also familiar with the basic Chinese.

The two also often communicate in Mandarin.

She carries subtitles and watches Chinese movies without any pressure.

The two made love for a while, and Elizabeth Olson sighed slightly.

“Chu, I want to act in movies with you, but recently I have received several film contracts, and I like those scripts a lot, do you want to try them?”

With the excellent acting skills of “Border Killer”, Elizabeth Olson not only gained a large number of fans, but also further improved her reputation in the circle.

“The Silence of the Lambs” and “Border Killer” are FBI agents, and she has mastered gunfight action scenes.

After all, he is a strongman who has received CQB training, but sweet can be A, and the drama road is much broader.

“What’s the film that you’re talking about?”

Originally, Chu Xuan also planned to shoot “The Strange Affair of Benjamin Button” with Ao Mei. The film was originally produced by Brad Pitt, starring “Elf Queen” Kate Blanchett.

Chu Xuan arranged for Ao Mei to be the role of Kate Blanchett.

To be honest, the gap between the two is still quite large, Elizabeth Olson plays the heroine, and the specific effect is still uncertain.

If this movie is not appropriate, there are also movies such as “Groundhog Day”, “Love Before dawn breaks” and “Warm and Warm with Light” to choose from.

But these are just love affairs in the movie.

If Ao Mei has a better chance, Chu Xuan also hopes that her acting skills can grow in all directions.

After all, acting is a career she loves.

Anyway, the Marvel Cinematic Universe Crimson Witch appeared early, and she had plenty of time to shoot a movie or two before coming back.

“Little Women, Anna, Cold City, and Mad Max.”

Hearing these names, Chu Xuan’s eyes fluttered slightly, and he asked rhetorically, “What about you?” What’s your favorite? ”

“Emmm……… I think the Mad Max story is the most interesting and should be challenging. ”

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