Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 8

Legendary Pictures, in the conference room.

Chu Xuan, assessor Breno, distribution manager Dane, and Legendary Pictures president Joe Drake looked at each other.

Chu Xuan’s expression was very firm, and his brow frowned slightly.

“No, since I can’t see the sincerity of your company, I can choose not to cooperate and resign.”

“Hey, Mr. Chu, wait a minute, don’t go!” Manager Dane was a little anxious.

“Chu, let’s talk about it again.”

The president, Joe Drake, who has a beard and a Judean appearance, also starred in retention.

Chu Xuan paused, sighed softly, and returned to his seat and sat down with his arms around him.


Just after watching “Smart Movement: Ghost Shadow Record”, those two people are very moved.

But pseudo-documentary films, after all, are pioneering.

No one dares to take the risk and fully roll out the promotion.

In case the movie hits the street, Director Chu Xuan has nothing to lose, and Legendary Pictures will lose a lot.

Their channels and cinema resources are limited, and the release of “Ghost Movie Record” will definitely squeeze out the schedule of other movies.

In case of bad word of mouth, it will also smash the company’s signboard.

This forced them to be cautious.

Especially President Joe Drake!

Originally, I heard that the film director was a young Asian in his early 20s.

The way the film was shot was weird.

Subconsciously, he wanted to refuse to cooperate.

Breno and Dane, who have seen the film, both of them highly recommend this film.

“Groundbreaking film format.”

“Maybe it will go down in the annals of film history.”

“If it is successful, it will not lose money, at least $50 million at the box office!”

This last sentence impressed the president.

As long as you can earn $30 million, you will never lose money.

After all, the market is now a little bleak, and the other film sources on hand are enough to sell for 30 million.

Of course, it cannot be fully rolled out at once, and thousands of theaters are released at the same time, which is too risky.

After hesitating repeatedly, President Joe Drake simply gritted his teeth and clapped, first a small range of screenings!

If word of mouth and box office are good, consider expanding the scale of the United States.

“So, how about the first movie 100 theaters?”

“Our legend will also cover the marketing publicity costs of this time, how?”

Chu Xuan originally thought that at most, he would be promoted to more than ten families.

Unexpectedly, the other party directly rose to 100 points in one breath.

This means that it is not limited to Lobsanto, nor is it just California.

It is a screening of major cities in the United States.

With this degree of spreading, coupled with a certain amount of publicity, Chu Xuan was fully confident that it would be completely hot.

“No problem, gentlemen, you won’t regret it.”

The three legendary pictures looked at each other darkly and were immediately relieved.

Obviously, the other party is a 20-year-old hairy boy, why does it bring such a sense of oppression?

“That’s right, Chu. The cost of $500,000 is a bit small, do you have any good publicity plans? ”

Joe Drake finally tentatively said.

He always felt that Chu Xuan had something to rely on, and there must be a mature plan to promote the film.

Otherwise, sitting in front of yourself would never be so calm.

Sure enough, Chu Xuan nodded and only said two words.


“Elaborate?” The president’s heart moved, as if he had an epiphany.

In the reality of the past life, the publicity method of the movie “Ghost Shadow Record” is already very clear.

And many people are imitating this kind of propaganda method that is fake and real.

So much so that when we saw similar means in the back, everyone was accustomed to it.

Chu Xuan was naturally sure to scare these people, so he took a sip of the mineral water on the table and talked about it.

“We can make up a story and not treat this film as a movie promotion, but as a real event publicity.”

“Right next to everyone, the new home of two young people is haunted.”

When the officers arrived, Micah was killed and his girlfriend Katie was missing. Only one DV was found at the scene, and the top-secret footage recorded in it even drove a police officer crazy…”

“When they hear this news, they will consciously spread without us publicizing it.”

“Then we announced that Legendary Pictures accidentally obtained the film source, and in order to prevent the accident from happening again, the real image is now released to the public.”

“Think about it, when the time comes, will they go to the cinema to find out?”

These film companies are all handed down from the last century, whether it is the publicity method or the idea, it is more old-fashioned.

Even if it is the use of the Internet to promote, it is only advertising on different online platforms.

They didn’t, or disdained, the “wild way” to promote the film.

President Joe Drake listened to Chu Xuan’s description and his eyes lit up!

Not only is he a great director, but he’s even so knowledgeable about marketing?

Joe Drake was completely moved.

“Dare to ask Mr. Chu, for this film, how do you plan to quote?” Buyout system, or… emmmm, what about the split? ”

Hearing this, Chu Xuan’s heart moved, and he smiled darkly.


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