Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 78

Chapter Seventy-Eight The Premiere of infernal Affairs, Xiao Xian meat is targeted by Xiao Yaxuan?!!

“Iron Man” has been released for a month, and the boom continues.

Although imdb’s score has dropped below 9, it currently stands at 8.8.

Rotten Tomatoes freshness also dropped to 94%

It still can’t stop the crowd from frantically pouring into the cinema.

At present, Iron Man’s global box office has exceeded 800 million US dollars, and it is expected to reach 1.4 billion yuan in the final box office!

An Iron Man storm has taken place all over the world.

Even when many teenagers play, they are imitating the Iron Man palm cannon action movie evaluation is reduced mainly because some professional film critics have scored low scores.

This is also the general situation of commercial films.

As long as there is no artistic component, it will be despised by film critics. CNN film critic Tom Neiman wrote a commentary: “After Li Eucalyptus’s Hulk and DC’s Superman, Chu Xuan’s courage to shoot comic-themed movies is commendable. ”

“The advantage of the film is that it is not dull, the 2-hour movie experience is quite pleasant, and you can walk out of the cinema and savor the refreshment and excitement just now.”

“But Chu Xuan didn’t do enough, he just told a story of redemption.”

Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., wore whiskey as soon as he appeared, with a sarcastic smile on the corner of his mouth. We immediately realized that this wasn’t the superhero movie of the past. ”

“Tony Stark is not a regular hero.”

Like Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark armed himself with money and technology. The once-playboy becomes a hero, which is an important core of this redemption movie. ”

“It could have been able to deeply portray the inner growth trajectory of the mission, so that the character arc is more complete.”

“Chu Xuan didn’t do this, but used some gag humor to fill the rest of the time.”

“I can only say that if Chu Xuan is a rookie in Hollywood and directs such a work, I can say that he is very good and a genius.”

“But he’s Magic—Chu!” He’s the director of The Godfather! How can you direct such a happy water? Chu’s talent should be used to make the most mellow red wine! ”

“Overall rating, 3.5 stars.”

When iron man was being discussed all over the North American network, this film review was also forwarded many times.

According to the meaning of film critics, Chu Xuan’s film is not qualified. It can even be said that Chu Xuan has already exhausted Jiang Lang.

However, many viewers also refuted it in the comments section of this article.

“Don’t commercial films make people happy without using their brains?”

“Chu can shoot “The Godfather”, which is enough to prove his strength! He just wanted to play this time! ”

“What age is it, and some people think Chu can’t make movies?”

“According to the critics, does he like to make Iron Man as The Hulk?”

“Commercial blockbusters, what do you do with such a profound film?”

“This film review is simply sick!”

Similarly, on the Dragon Country Internet, everyone’s evaluation of “Iron Man” is also mixed.

The general audience naturally liked it, Douban opened with a score of 9.0 points, and later dropped to 8.7 points.

Fans have hit the 5-star praise.

“This is a humorous, flamboyant, but responsible hero! The sentence at the end is so handsome! ”

“2 hours is a crisp and crisp one of the best Hollywood blockbusters of the year!”

“It turned out to be a Chinese director!”

“From now on into the pit Marvel! Will the next movie be released? ”

But professional media and newspapers criticized the film: “Typical North American individual heroes play handsome, and the real way to stop the war depends on the country.” ”

“The male protagonist’s style is chaotic, even if the prodigal son turns back, he can’t cover up his previous sins, how did he become a hero?”

“There is no spiritual core, no educational significance!”

Most of the people who questioned Chu Xuan had the same view.

The commercial films he shoots have no depth, just pure sensory stimulation. At first glance, this argument makes a lot of sense.

But if you think about it, aren’t all commercial movies like this?

And not Chu Xuan alone, other directors not only did not shoot unhappily, but also procrastinated, unable to tell a good story.

Chu Xuan can tell the plot in a simple and bright way, and let people spend two hours happily, is this not enough?

Obviously, it is the commonality of commercial films, but these film critics have said that it has become Chu Xuan’s inadequacy.

This is simply a confusing concept, aimed at Chu Xuan!

Female college student Zheng Yuling also saw the film reviews of these so-called experts and was angry.

“They went too far! It was so black Chu Xuan. ”

“If my brother didn’t have a work, we recognized him when he was hacked.”

“But Chu Xuan has so many excellent works, why do they all turn a blind eye?”

The leader of the group, YukiChihiro, said lightly: “These film critics are suspected of being water troops, and their actions are very unified, probably because they have been publicly treated.” ”

“Eh? So what to do? ”

Xue Chihiro: “We’d better not go to those experts who are brainless, because this will actually bring chu Xuan black.” ”

Yukichihiro: “You can do some movie commentary articles, videos, and interpret “The Godfather” and “Philharmonic City” more.” ”

Yukichihiro: “I hope more people can enjoy these excellent movies.” ”

Yukichihiro: “Just wait for my brother to continue to shoot new works, he will definitely conquer everyone with his works.” ”

Chu Xuan naturally knew these things.

In fact, when the first film critics began to hack him, Zhao Jinbiao could not see it.

She immediately contacted her agent, Wang Jinghua.

“Sister Hua, those people are so black Chuxuan, it’s so unfair!”

Wang Jinghua was also a little helpless: “Some of them are indeed more old-fashioned film critics, and they only like literary and art films.” ”

“But others are purposefully organized black drafts.”

Zhao Jinzhao also suddenly realized: “Sister Hua, you mean…”

“Yes, who else but that one can target Chu Xuan like this?”

“But what do we do?”

“For those brainless film reviews, I can find a way to remove them.” But commercial films are like this, and it is impossible to block everyone’s mouth. ”

Later, Zhao Jinbiao went to Chu Xuan to “file a complaint”, and Chu Xuan felt a little funny.

“Why are you more anxious than I am?” I didn’t care what those people thought. ”

“But……… If they black you equal me! Of course I was angry. ”

“It’s just a popcorn movie, and the audience likes it.”

“That’s true, too. However, “Iron Man” is not bad in the country, and everyone likes it. ”

“When the time comes, I’ll make a movie and stand and make money.”

The box office and word-of-mouth double harvest of the film is not nothing, “The Godfather” box office is very good.

Of course, there is also such a huge production as the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

In the parallel world, Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” series of novels is also popular around the world, but no director dares to touch this big IP.

But anyone who shoots a little flawed will definitely be accused of “destroying the classics”. Chu Xuan had already included the Lord of the Rings in the plan before.

There are more recent film projects, and it is difficult for Chu Xuan to calm down and create a script until next year, he can move “The Lord of the Rings” out and shock the world!

As for now, Chu Xuan had flown to Hong Kong Island.

This time he came to attend the premiere of “Infernal Affairs”.

“Infernal Affairs” is mainly based on Chinese-speaking areas, and has not been promoted to North America and Europe for the time being.

After all, it is still an oriental film.

The premiere ceremony was held at the UA-iSquare Cinema on Hong Kong Island, and many Hong Kong and Taiwan guests attended the premiere ceremony.

Chu Xuan did not walk the red carpet in a high profile, but silently followed Mai Zhaohui to enter, and chatted with him without a ride.

Liu Dehua, Liang Chaowei, Liu Jialin, Chen Huiling, Zheng Xiuwen and many other stars all passed through the red carpet and posed pose in front of the media to take pictures.

When many stars entered the movie hall, they found that the main creative team was sitting on a very handsome young man.

Liu Dehua quietly touched Liang Chaowei: “Hey, Wei Zai.” Who is that afterlife? How to sit with Mai Sir? ”

“Well… Yes yes yes! He is Chu Xuan! ”

“XuanZai? The Godfather that Kid? ”

Liu Dehua was stunned.

Before hearing that “Infernal Affairs” was invested by Infinite Pictures, Liu Dehua still did not believe it.

Aren’t the average investors staring at the crew?

Many producers are eager to take over the power of the director and blindly direct it. Chu Xuan was as if he didn’t exist, and he hadn’t cared about it at all.

For Chu Xuan, Liu Dehua and Liang Chaowei both felt very mysterious.

His reputation in Hollywood, the two have long been thunderous.

So far, the only person who can break out of hollywood is Cheng Taki’s big brother.

Even Fa Ge, Jet Lee, is very difficult in Hollywood.

Liu Dehua has hit a wall one after another and encountered a lot of secret discrimination.

Such a young Chinese director can win the Oscar for best director, and constantly create box office miracles.

Even the two of them were admired.

When Chu Xuan was talking to Mai Zhaohui, he felt two handsome middle-aged men in suits and leather shoes come together.

Looking up, isn’t it Hua Tsai and Liang Chaowei?

“Director Chu Xuan, I finally saw you in person.”

“Hua Ge, Tony Leung… It’s a pleasure to meet both of them, but I grew up watching their movies. ”

Chu Xuan shook hands with the two politely.

In the past life, I failed to chase the stars successfully, and I did not expect that in this life, these two big coffees actually took the initiative to come up and set up.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t dare to be.”

Liang Chaowei smiled implicitly.

Liu Dehua patted Chu Xuan’s shoulder: “Chu Zai, you are too polite, just call me Hua Tsai.” The back wave of the Yangtze River pushes the front wave, and now it is the world of your young people. ”

A few people were polite, and Mai Zhaohui couldn’t look at it anymore.

“Okay, we’ll talk about it later, and the movie will start right away.”

On the other side, Actresses such as Zheng Xiuwen, Chen Huiling, and Xiao Yaxuan were also looking at Chu Xuan, Xiao Yaxuan, and wondering, “Who is that pretty boy?” So handsome! ”

Zheng Xiuwen skimmed her with a delicate look and smiled evilly: “Elva, won’t you, you look at it?” ”

“Yes, Elva, I support you, and I want to go up if you don’t go up.”

Chen Huiling covered her mouth and smiled lightly.

Xiao Yaxuan did not deny it, and said generously: “He is indeed very handsome, it is my dish!” However, why did he have such a good relationship with Mai Sir, Hua Tsai, and Wei Ye? It was the first time I had seen Grandpa so respectful to people. ”

It is indeed very strange that with the status of Liu Dehua and Leung Chao-wai in the Hong Kong Island film industry, only their high and high share, it is impossible to be so polite to a 21-year-old young man.

Zheng Xiuwen said mysteriously, “Because he is the godfather.” ”


“The Godfather, Iron Man, The City of Philharmonics, the director of the crew, Chu Xuan.”


Xiao Yaxuan was stunned.

She wanted to go to the conversation after the premiere and raise the offspring. Unexpectedly, the crew was invested by others.

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