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Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 72

Chapter Seventy-Two Iron Man! World Premiere!!

Since Ao Mei learned that Chu Xuan will make a fantasy/love movie. Ao Mei herself plays the female protagonist, and Chu Xuan writes and directs herself as the male protagonist. She was so excited that she didn’t sleep all night.

Finally, I can shoot a scene with Chu Xuan! When the time comes, he will be able to stick to him!

However, according to Chu Xuan, the new drama will not start filming until August, and he still has 3 projects on his hands.

At the same time, the company is also preparing to launch an American drama recently, and Vince Gilligan pulls Chu Xuan to chat for half a day.

Chu Xuan became a co-screenwriter.

Due to the production mode of American dramas, if you shoot an episode of a pilot episode, you can directly find a TV station to broadcast, and then broadcast while filming.

So the “Breaking Bad” crew has already started to prepare.

Coupled with the two film producers that Chu Xuan was responsible for in Long Guo, perhaps he really didn’t have time to shoot movies.

Anyway, there is no hurry, as long as she can star with him, Elizabeth Olson is already satisfied.

Lately, Chu Xuan has indeed been busy helping Vince Gilligan sort out the plot of “Breaking Bad”.

Originally, Chu Xuan just gave him an inspiration and let him play on his own.

As a result, Vince Gilligan seemed to be relying on himself, and he came to ask for advice at every turn.

Sometimes his thoughts were very erratic, and chu Xuan had to dial it to get back on track.

No way, Chu Xuan had to hang up the name of a co-screenwriter and co-create “Breaking Bad” with Vince Gilligan.

Such a pinnacle of American drama, it is a pity not to take it out to see the world. At that time, you can also continue to shoot the spin-off drama “The Wind Lawyer”.

Most importantly, it doesn’t take much time to create a plot, and the plot is ready-made anyway.

Chu Xuan considered relying on this “Breaking Bad” to create his own streaming media platform!

That’s right!

Chu Xuan is no longer willing to use Netflix, HBO, Disney+.Showtime, appleTV these channels.

As he grew more and more films, he also needed a library, a platform to watch them.

Counting “Iron Man”, “Mulan”, “Infernal Affairs”, there are currently only 4 movies + an American drama in Infinite Pictures.

But if you count the Marvel Cinematic Universe! And then there will be about 10 blockbusters a year!

Plus after the acquisition of MGM, more than 5,000 film libraries!

If this is not enough, you can also add “Black Mirror”, “Love Death Machine”, “Evil Force”, “Stranger Things” and many other American dramas!

These resources are placed on other websites to play less and more, rounding up at least $1 billion in revenue!

Chu Xuan would not cheapen others in vain.

If Infinity Pictures wants to become a true giant in Hollywood, it is necessary to build its own streaming platform!

Better to pave the way now, starting with Breaking Bad!

Of course, before going online streaming, you still have to find a TV station to cooperate in broadcasting. These can be left to the people under them.

Just when Chu Xuan was constantly planning his own streaming media platform, creating “Breaking Bad”, remotely supervising the crew of “Mulan” and “Infernal Affairs”.

“Iron Man” is finally officially completed and sent for trial.

Due to the presence of violent footage, the film was rated PG-13.

The national review also passed smoothly, as Zeng Jia said, without cutting.

So after the comprehensive global market schedule of the Marketing Department of Infinite Pictures, “Iron Man” is scheduled for Friday, July 22, the world premiere!

This news was also published on the official Twitter account and the official Weibo of Longguo!

For a time, fans and comic book fans around the world were slightly shaken!

The Iron Man poster of Robert Downey Jr. and Mark-3 Armor looks pretty good!

Not long after, the official trailer for “Iron Man” was also officially released!

Under the public relations of the Capital Branch of Infinite Pictures, weibo movie categories have forwarded the “Iron Man” promotional film!

At the same time, movie posters are also posted in subways, theaters, shopping malls and other places!

B station, Douyin, Youaiteng and other video sites have also begun to promote! The Dragon Kingdom audience realized this!

There is a blockbuster commercial blockbuster about to land in the summer slot!

In a previous life, in 2007, a “Transformers” set off a movie viewing boom

Special effects, scenes and other comprehensive upgrades of “Iron Man” naturally triggered a hot discussion on the entire network in china

Trailer with AC/DC rhythmic rock ‘n’ roll. Backinblack sounds, played by Robert Downey Jr

Ni Stark made a high profile!

“Which is better to be respected and feared?”

“My idea is, I want it all!”


Tony Stark turned his back on the explosion and posed in style!

In just a few shots, the image of an arrogant and confident playboy is displayed in front of everyone!

“Tony Stark! Now you’re working for me. ”

Bite! Bite! Bite!

In the cave, an indomitable figure is forging a shocking piece of equipment with a hammer!


“Welcome home sir, Jarvis is at your service!”

“I want to protect people!”


Tony Stark wore gloves and fired a powerful palm cannon!

“Give me 12 soldiers equipped with this armor, enough to flatten Asia!”

“Nice job! Let’s try to fly! ”


Silver and white armor soared!

“Let’s see what it’s capable of!”


【This summer!】 】

“Jarvis, Emmmm, give me some red!”

“Damn! This thing looks so handsome! ”

[Starring Robert Downey Jr.! Boom!

Heroes are not born!] Boom! Bang!

【Hero! It’s made of steel! 】

“There are people who suspect that I have something to do with recent superheroes…”


“I’m not superhero material.”


【Chu Xuan’s directorial works! 】 】

【Iron Man! 】

【World Premiere on July 22nd! 】 】

“Whew! After reading it, I feel pretty good! ”

“Could it really be a good film?”

“Not necessarily, trailers are the best part.”

“I’ve seen American Cartoon Iron Man, and that’s a second-tier hero.”

“Yeah, not even Spider-Man.”

“Spider-Man? What’s that? ”

“North American superheroes?”

“It’s similar to Li Eucalyptus’s Hulk.”

“Huh? That’s it, it’s definitely a bad movie again. ”

Since American comics are also niche in dragon country, the parallel world has not released the original “Spider-Man”.

There are only some cartoons shot around the 80s.

Most people don’t know about these superheroes.

Not to mention that Li Eucalyptus’s “Hulk” has a reputation on the street, and the audience of Longguo is even less optimistic about “Iron Man”.

Just watching the trailer didn’t have any special reaction.

In addition to Chu Xuan’s fan base, his hardcore fans are also gleefully discussing the Iron Man trailer.

Female college student fan Zheng Yuling is also ready to plan, and when the time comes, she will definitely go to see the 0 o’clock premiere!

As long as it is Chu Xuan’s brother’s movie, they will never miss it!

The leader of the group, Yukichihiro, also said: “I am also looking forward to it, but unfortunately I have to shoot a scene that day, and I don’t know if I can come in time.” ”

“Wow! The group master’s sister turned out to be an actor? ”

“Too strong! What works were performed? ”

Yukichihiro: “Nothing, just a dragon suit.” ”

Yukichihiro: “There are about 100 people in the group who are most active, and I sent a 5,000 red envelope on the day of the release, which is equivalent to inviting everyone to watch a movie.” ”


“It was amazing!”

Zheng Yuling was a little curious: “Group Lord, why did you make such a big deal?” Just send a few dollars to it. ”

Yukichihiro: “I just like Chu Xuan’s work and hope more people can see it.” ”

The “Iron Man” trailer has caused a certain response in the Dragon Country. In North America, everyone’s reaction is even more explosive!

The Marvel Comics audience here is, after all, a little wider.

“Sleeper!!! This is really iron man in my mind! ”

“Robert Downey Jr., with the smell of Tony Stark!”

“Handsome! I suddenly changed my mind! I’m going to the cinema! ”

“I’ll go too!” I feel that this movie is not as bad as everyone says. ”

“Didn’t a bunch of people learn their lesson? What’s the use of a trailer? ”

“Even if it’s a bad movie, watching the live-action version of Iron Man soaring in the sky, I am satisfied!”

After the trailer was released, the original one-sided doubts, suddenly half of the people turned against Chu Xuan.

Everyone can’t help but look forward to “Iron Man” skyrocketing! Wait for the premiere of this movie now!

Of course, before the premiere, Chu Xuan still had to get one thing done. That is the problem of Marvel’s peripherals in the future.

In addition to the box office revenue of the film, the surrounding area of the film is also a huge market! Instead of letting others take advantage of the void, I can’t help but customize the official genuine version myself!

Before Chu Xuan acquired Marvel, Marvel’s co-manufacturer was ToyBiZ.

Later, Marvel lost money for many years in a row, and Toy Bjz was almost dragged out of business.

They hurriedly threw off the big pit of Marvel before they retreated completely.

Kevin Feige, the current general manager of Marvel Studios, is the vice president of ToyBiz.

Of course, kevin Feige is already Chu Xuan’s subordinate. On this day, Kevin Feige came to Chu Xuan’s office with some trepidation. The last time he came over, it indirectly contributed to the acquisition of Marvel.

Now, is Mo 843 not Chu Xuan going to fire him?

Entering the office, Chu Xuan was whispering intimately with the beautiful assistant

Seriously, Chu Xuan put such a beautiful woman around, and it was really a pity not to make a movie.

“Chu, what’s wrong with me?” What’s the problem? I will definitely deal with it as soon as possible! ”

Chu Xuan laughed dumbly, “Kevin, don’t be nervous, I came to you to consult a matter…”

“Oh, the toy!”

Kevin Fitch finally put his mind at ease.

“Do you still have a suitable manufacturer recommendation?” After all, you were in the toy industry before and can give me some professional advice. ”

Speaking of the area of expertise, Kevin Feige said seriously: “As far as I know, the current major brands include Lego Lego, Bandai Namco, Fisher,Hasbro, NERF, Barbie, Funko……”

“But a small part of the above is Mattel, and if we want to cooperate, it is estimated that we have to take out more than 60% of the share.”

Kevin Feige briefly analyzed the North American toy manufacturers, the minimum sales share is 40%, the highest may be given 70%!

“Is there a suitable manufacturer that can be acquired recently?”


At the mention of these two words, Kevin Feige is almost somewhat conditioned.

“Yes, according to recent news, there is a Hong Kong Island company HotToys, which has recently been tight on funds…”


Chu Xuan’s eyes lit up!

The premiere of “Iron Man” is still Chu Xuan’s favorite Luo Shengdu TLC Oriental Theater!

Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth, Don Chandel, Clark Greg!

Chu Xuan, Elizabeth Olsen!

The main creative team of “Iron Man”, including well-known media reporters in the United States, have gathered everyone who are old acquaintances, and after walking the red carpet, they sit down in turn.

As the auditorium darkens, the big screen lights up!

At the same time, North America, Europe, Australia, South America, East Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan… And the Dragon Kingdom itself!

On the screens of countless movie theaters, there is a pencil-drawn rocket that continues to take off, and the hand-drawn rocket becomes a real spaceship!

Curvature Engine Starts! Start the transition!

After the space distortion, the words “Infinity Pictures” jumped out! Whenever I see this title, everyone can’t help but feel a little hot! Of course, more blood is yet to come!

Iron Man! This is the official world premiere!

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