Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 71

Chapter Seventy-One Ao Mei kept begging for forgiveness, should the Crimson Witch appear?!!

“Fans have your wallets ready, this is the fiercest summer battle of the gods in history!” 》

“In the first two months, the North American film market was completely ruled by the Godfather.”

“Magic-Chu has won the weekly box office with a near-invincible posture!”

“As of the next screening, ‘The Godfather’ has earned $1.275 billion at the box office, becoming a god-honored work before the summer slot!”

“Chu has also set off a wave of godfather culture, and at present, on Tiktok, YouTube and other platforms, there are still many broadcasters remaking or playing The Godfather.”

“Look at those charts, at least 7 of the top 10 videos viewed are related to The Godfather!”

Such films are often called phenomenal films, but Chu seems to be phenomenal in every movie! He’s a phenomenal director! ”

“But after the release of ‘The Godfather,’ the other giants of Hollywood were finally able to stop shaking.”

“The major film and television companies are ready to fight hard for the next summer season!”

“This is a place where soldiers must fight!” Let’s take stock of what movies are worth watching! ”

“Expectation Top 1: Brave Game: Battle jungle!”

“1995’s Brave Game is still fresh in everyone’s memory. This action comedy film has also become the memory of countless teenagers. After more than 20 years, it continues to be a ”

“Produced by Columbia, action superstar Dwayne Johnson! Popular comedy star Jack Blake and Kevin Hart co-starred! Plus the big beauty Karen Gillan! ”

“The story is still a setting where several students travel into the brave game and return to reality through constant adventure.”

“But this time Columbia invested $90 million, the special effects were realistic, and the action scenes exploded!”

“This is simply the most exciting popcorn movie of the summer!”

“Expectation Top 2: Matt Damon’s Sci-Fi Blockbuster Jupiter Goes Up.”

“Produced by Warner! The Wachowski brothers worked hard! ”

“What? You don’t know about the brothers? “Cloud Atlas”, “Super Sense 8”, “Crazy Flowers”! This pair of directors is simply Awesome! ”

“Plus superstar Matt Damon! You have no reason to miss this movie! ”

“Jupiter Ascends is probably the hardcore and grandest sci-fi blockbuster in recent years!”

“The spectacular space scene will definitely blow your head off! Blowyourmind! A must-see for the summer! ”

During the lunch break, Monica brushed up on this summer movie recommendation of the “Los Santo Times” in the office.

Since winning the first place in the dance challenge held by Chu Xuan last time and winning the ticket for the premiere of “Philharmonic City”, she has become the most hardcore Chu Xuan film fan.

“The Silence of the Lambs”, “The Godfather” she has brushed several times.

Monica has been in a good state of mind lately, and although she has not significantly lost weight, she will never again be unconfident because of her figure.

Hearing that Chu Xuan recently acquired Marvel and filmed “Iron Man”, she was a little puzzled, but she still trusted Chu Xuan unconditionally.

Even the worst subject matter, Chu Xuan can definitely make a good film! Otherwise, how can it be called Magic-Chu?

However, the discussion of netizens, coupled with some news media, is not optimistic about Chu Xuan?

Including this news report, see that “Iron Man” has not been mentioned yet?

At this time, karen, a colleague next to her, glanced at her screen and said, “Are you waiting for a summer movie?” Which are you more optimistic about? ”

Monica blurted out, “Iron Man! ”

As a result, the surrounding colleagues collectively let out a burst of laughter.

“Wouldn’t you really expect Iron Man?” It’s a bad movie no matter how you look at it. ”

“Don’t think about it, just watch Brave Games!”

“Yes, I don’t know who came up with it, but to make this kind of movie, cut the leeks of the fans.”

“He is the director of “The Godfather” Chu Xuan! Won’t make bad movies! ”

Monica argued.


Speaking of “The Godfather”, everyone can’t help but put away their contempt and respect a little.

It’s an epic classic, and all the big directors praise the high-scoring film.

Some people retorted: “But even the director of the cattle will make bad movies.” ”

“Spielberg, for example, his ‘1941’ is a joke!”

“Didn’t Hitchcock’s ‘Yellow King’ also turn over?”

“Chu Xuan is different!”

Monica said firmly, “I don’t explain, when the time comes to release, Iron Man is definitely a box office champion!” ”

Seeing that no one around her believed her, Monica was not discouraged.

Anyway, it is useless to waste words, or it will have to be proven by the release of the movie.

When the time comes, they will regret watching bad movies, and then “Iron Man” will convince them.

“Expectations Top 3: Border Killer!”

“A thriller action film produced by Lionsgate and directed by Dennis Villeneuve. Tell the story of the special elite moving to the Du gang at the border. ”

“Dennis Villeneuve’s ‘Dunes’, ‘Scorched Earth’, ‘Prisoner’ all prove that this is a director who is good at creating atmosphere with pictures.”

“Actress Elizabeth Olson became famous for Ghost In The Shell, and the agent of The Silenced Lambs is impressive!”

This time Elizabeth Olson will play the Special Forces Soldier, and judging from the trailer, her acting skills are still at a high level! Exciting! ”

“Expectation Top 4: The Sleeping Curse”

“I’ll just say one name, Angelina Jolie. With her in there, what else is there to use to miss this movie? ”

Monica flipped through half a day, still did not find “Iron Man”, she quickly pulled down, and finally found at the end of the article.

“Expectation Top 7: Magic – Chu “Iron Man”!”

I have to say that this may become Chu Xuan’s most failed investment. The acquisition of Marvel may only be used to watch comics. ”

“IronMan himself is not a popular hero, even less than The Hulk!”

“Does the big guy feel familiar?”

“Chinese directors + comic adaptations = bad films?”

“In fact, it has nothing to do with the two Chinese directors, they both use their own films to prove that both are one of the best directors in the world.”

“It’s clear now that comic book movies = bad movies!”

“Movie-watching tips, if you really don’t have any money, “Iron Man” just forget it.”

“What garbage is written!” A bunch of gibberish! Don’t look at it, don’t look at it! Monica simply turned off the Prospect of a summer movie for The Los Santo Times. ”

She decided to believe in her own vision and was the first to watch Iron Man!

To this end, Monica even went home and found the 39th issue of the Marvel comic book “Suspense Story”, which looked from the first appearance of Iron Man.

After 5 minutes, Monica simply abandoned the comic.

“Watching the movie directly, I believe Chu Xuan will not disappoint me.”

“Chu, recently many people on the Internet are saying that “Iron Man” is a bad movie! In the living room, Elizabeth Olson sat on the couch looking at her phone. ”

Chu Xuan lazily lay on her lap.

From time to time, Ao Mei pinched a portuguese peach and put it into Chu Xuan’s mouth. This little day is still quite moist…

“Let them say, anyway, the final box office is determined by the effect of the film, and they say that it has no impact.”

Chu Xuan didn’t care about predictions. Ao Mei smiled and giggled: “If my movie box office exceeds yours, it will be… Take me to Universal Studios! ”

Ao Mei rolled her eyes and came up with a “bet”.

“Okay, that’s it.”

Speaking of which, he and Ao Mei have known each other for almost a year, and the two have not traveled yet.

Either they are busy in Lo San Du, or they are separated from each other. That is, she is humble and does not complain at all.

Otherwise, if you change to other girlfriends, you will have already started to quarrel.

“By the way, when are you going to make a new film, I want to shoot with you.” Even if it’s a dragon suit. ”

Ao Mei muttered somewhat cutely.

When the relationship was first established, she hadn’t been so clingy. She herself hated clinginess, for fear of annoying Chu Xuan. As a result, during the time when she went out to shoot, she suffered a lot.

The more you reach the hot love period, the more you want to get together every day. It’s just that Ao Mei is generally careful to reveal.

Even if Chu Xuan had a scandal, she couldn’t help but not delve too deeply.

For example, I occasionally saw paparazzi photos before, and Chu Xuan and Anne Hathaway seemed to be very close.

Ao Mei can only hypnotize herself, they are just good friends. In fact, Chu Xuan also felt some resentment from Ao Mei. He really hadn’t taken care of her lately.

And they theoretically only worked on one movie, the very beginning of “Smart: Ghost Movies”.

That’s where the story of the two began.

Do you really need to let Ao Mei play another heroine, let the Crimson Witch appear early?

But “Iron Man” has not yet been released, and “Avengers 2” does not know when.

The rights to the Parallel World Marvel characters are in their own hands, and in theory, “Avengers 2” can be filmed without the original.

After the first Avengers assembled, the second stage can completely lead to the X-Men, X-Men vs. The Avengers, Hulk World War, M Royal………

In short, after “Iron Man”, Chu Xuan still has to plan the route of the Marvel movie after that.

You can also look for other characters that are suitable for Omei.

Lying on Ao Mei’s lap, Chu Xuan looked at her face while shaking his mind and thinking about his next plan.

From time to time, Elizabeth Olson fed him a peach or potato chips.

For some reason, Ao Mei suddenly became silly and confused Chu Xuan’s thoughts.

“What are you laughing at?”

Chu Xuan said curiously.

“Hahahahaha, I don’t know, just look at you like a little baby, it feels like you’re feeding a child.”

“You’re taking advantage of me?”

Chu Xuan raised an eyebrow.

Have you seen too much of Ao Mei crosstalk? They all learned ethics. She must be punished!

So Chu Xuan reached out and placed his hand on her waist, tickling her vigorously.

“No, no! I was wrong honey! Don’t scratch it, it’s so itchy…”.

Sister Ao begged for forgiveness one after another.

Suddenly, Chu Xuan’s hand froze.

He had an epiphany in his head that he had a work that could be filmed with Ou Mei! Just now Ao Mei’s words gave her inspiration!

Why not shoot a fantasy story of reverse growth!

The male protagonist lives a lifetime, starting from old age, living younger and younger, and eventually becoming a baby female protagonist is just normal growth.

The love of two intersecting lines, the best time is the shortest. Ao Mei didn’t know why Chu Xuan suddenly froze.

She was finally freed from his clutches.

Inexplicably, Ao Mei kind of hoped that Chu Xuan would continue to scratch and not stop…

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