Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 7

“Hello sir, we are in the film distribution department here, and we can’t sell goods.”

“If you want to sell, this is my business card, and you can talk about it in detail when the time comes.”

In an upscale office building, a blonde front desk girl chewing gum stops a young oriental handsome man.

She looked up and down at the oriental man in front of her, his black eyes deep, like stars.

Before that, she liked the four-point position on the rugby field, and she liked the strong guy like LeBron James.

Seeing this moment of his, the blonde beauty suddenly felt that the oriental male character was also quite attractive.

Even as a young salesman, she ghostly handed him her business card.

“First of all, I’m not a salesman. Secondly, it was your distribution manager who asked me to come. ”

It was Chu Xuan who came, and he was not angry, and smiled lightly.

“Huh? You’re an assistant director, right? ”

Before Chu Xuan could answer, the office door opened in the back.

A tall white man in a suit and leather shoes who looked like Tom Hanks came out.

“This is director Chu, and Marlene went to pour two cups of coffee.”

“Thanks, I’ll just drink mineral water.”

“Okay, hear that, Marlene hurry up… Mr. Chu, let’s come in and talk. ”

The brainless blonde was completely stunned.

So young, at most in your early 20s, right?

Is it really the director?

Of course, Chu Xuan ignored this small episode and followed him into the office.

“Sit casually.”

Legendary Pictures film distribution manager Dane Bradgan has been in the business for more than a decade.

He’s seen countless confident producers coming with scripts or film footage.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of works are mediocre and boring.

If genius is commonplace, it is not called a genius.

At first, when he first received the call, he subconsciously wanted to refuse.

But the other party actually opened the door, directly indicated his intentions, and has already filmed a complete film.

This full of confidence impressed Dane.

Legendary Pictures has been short of movies lately anyway.

They can’t compete with the giants of Paramount, Fox, and Disney, and can only release some unpopular and niche films, competing for some theaters and streaming markets.

Whatever young people have, take a look.

Originally, he still wanted to say two words of greeting, but Chu Xuan opened the door to the mountain:

“Let’s just watch the film directly, and then explain it to you after watching the problem.”

“Okay, let’s go straight to the screening hall… By the way, what type of movie is this? ”

“Horror movies.”

Manager Dann nodded, Legendary Pictures also released independent films before cooperating with big factories.

Including some literary films and low-budget horror films.

Of course, it is still necessary to look at the quality of Chu Xuan’s film before making a decision.

Coming to the screening hall, the blonde front desk girl also walked in with a coffee.

Manager Dane greeted directly, “Marlene, you go to Breño and get ready to evaluate the film.” ”

The blonde girl nodded, stared at Chu Xuan curiously, and stepped on her high heels and walked out.

Not long after, a bald, slightly chubby man came in.

“Dane, new film?”

“Yeah, I’m looking for you to evaluate it.”

Manager Dann turned to Chu Xuan and introduced:


“Your film had better be more exciting, otherwise if our evaluators fall asleep, you won’t be able to play, you know?”

“It doesn’t matter, just look at it.” Chu Xuan smiled politely.

Chu Xuan, Manager Dane, Assessor Breno, and Blonde Marlene formed a viewing group to play “Smart: Ghost Shadow Record”.

Marlene closed the curtains and turned off the lights again.

The entire screening room instantly became dim, with only the light of the big screen in front of it.

In the preparation stage, the assessor Breno also looked at Chu Xuan curiously.

Looking at the rather young director, I don’t know if I still think of international students.

What good films can he make?

Dane’s goods should not be fooled and lame, right?

However, Breno did not say it explicitly, he just skimmed his lips and watched the film with suspicion.

“Smart: Ghost Shadow Record” was officially played.

It didn’t take long for the appraiser Breno to take it anymore.

Is this also called a movie? My grandma can shoot this thing with a video camera?

As you can see with your feet, this is obviously a handheld DV shot.

Dude, Dane was really cheated on!

However, out of courtesy, he did not immediately interrupt the film, but let the film continue to play.

Since this Asian boy has the confidence to show it to people, at least there should be bright spots.

Let’s see for now.

However, the more he looked back, the more he felt that something was wrong, and finally he couldn’t help but pause the playback.

“This… Can’t be considered a movie, right? Mr. Chu, do you want to give an explanation? ”

At the same time, marketing manager Dane and sister Marlene also looked at Chu Xuan suspiciously.

This look was very familiar to Chu Xuan.

The distribution managers of the other major film companies looked at him like this, shook their heads, and said, “No.”

Fortunately, after the previous few encounters, he had already thought of countermeasures.

“This is a form of cinema I pioneered, a first-person mockumentary.”

“What?” The other three were even more confused, and they heard the word for the first time.


“Mr. Chu, are you sure this is not a casual word?”

“No… First-person perspective is a method I deliberately use to shoot. ”

Chu Xuan talked nonchalantly:

“Do you imagine the horror of a story full of traces of fabrication, or the horror of the so-called ‘real events’ that happened around you?”

“Of course it’s a real event! I tell you, not long ago there was a supernatural incident in our neighborhood, which scared me to death…”

Marlene, the blonde front desk girl, was a dumb talker and was ready to continue, but was stopped by a look from the manager.

Dane nodded as well:

“I see. This first-person shooting method is a parody of our daily records. ”

“So… If you shoot a terrifying phenomenon, will it make people feel more substitutionary? ”

Worthy of being a senior film industry expert, he quickly understood Chu Xuan’s concept.

“That’s right, that’s what it means. Just now, didn’t you also mistakenly think that this video is a real video? ”

The three of them nodded in unison.

They really thought it was a casual video.

“Well, I’m sorry Mr. Chu, I just took the risk, let’s continue.”

Assessor Breno wiped his sweat and smiled and apologized.

But he still has a suspicious attitude, is this way really scary?

Shaky, can the audience really accept it?

The film continued to play, and Chu Xuan’s voice soon came from the picture.

“Haha, the newly purchased DV looks good… Oh? She went home and surprised her. ”

“What are you holding in your hand?”

When Elizabeth Olson appeared on camera, the crowd couldn’t help but light up.

Even if the film is boring, watching this heroine should be able to attract a group of audiences.


After 99 minutes.

There was a dead silence in the screening room.

Originally there were only 4 people, now there are only 3 people left.

Sister Massa… She screamed in horror halfway through the sight and was thrown out of the screening room by Manager Dane.

The other two big men were silent, but their trembling hands betrayed them.

Seeing this, the corners of Chu Xuan’s mouth slightly raised a little curvature.

“Gentlemen, this film… How is it? ”

But I saw Breno, whose eyebrows were locked at first, and his eyes were wide open at this time.

“Chu! I’ve seen so many horror movies, and this is definitely the one that surprises me the most. ”

“The sense of substitution is very strong! It’s as if you’re filming ghosts, that kind of oppressive sense of atmosphere… Simply! ”

“Chu, you’re such a fucking genius!”

Manager Dane also nodded his head at this time.

“I feel that this kind of pseudo-documentary will soon be followed!”

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