Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 57

Chapter Fifty-Seven Ghost Fire Maiden Anne Hathaway? The Godfather Fix!!

High-end movies often use the most simple editing methods.

After being busy for more than half a month, Master Chu’s editing work can finally be finished

Next, only the soundtrack, color grading and other post-work is needed, and “The Godfather” can be officially released.

In fact, Chu Xuan still had no bottom in his heart for his new version of “The Godfather”.

After all, the original version is too classic, classic to any shot, any change in the performance of the character, may affect the overall look.

But the two core characters, Margaret Brando and Al Pacino, have not changed.

Other changes in the characters do not reduce the quality of the film, and perhaps bring some wonderful chemistry to the film.

Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway and their performances are also quite outstanding.

The final effect can only be verified by the market.

It was time for lunch.

Before, when Ao Mei was there, she could still accompany him to lunch.

Now I can handle a meal by myself and buy two tacos at will.

Ao Mei is currently in the crew of “Border Killer” and is preparing for filming.

The FBI agent she played this time is much more intense than “The Silence of the Lambs”.

The heroine has a lot of gunfights, fighting scenes, and requires more professional CQB (Indoor Close Combat) training.

Including fighting, high difficulty close-range shooting, skilled use of various firearms…

In short, after this set of training, Ao Mei cannot be regarded as a qualified special soldier, and her combat effectiveness is at least more than that of ordinary people.

Special training is closed training, and only at night before going to bed can the two talk for a little while on the phone.

Every time we were chatting, it was quiet, and there was a sound of even breathing.

Chu Xuan had just walked out of the company gate, planning to cross the street to buy taco on the other side, when he overheard the roar of the engine.

But he saw a Ducati slowly parked in front of him, and a sassy woman dressed in black leather and wearing a helmet beckoned to him.

Looking at Linglong’s graceful figure, Chu Xuan suddenly felt a little familiar.


Sure enough, she took off her helmet, and it was indeed Anne Hathaway’s beautiful face.

Ever since she last cut her hair short on set, she seems to like this smart look.

“Chu, get in the car.”

“How did you get here?”

“I want to invite you to lunch, can I?”

“All right.”

Anyway, Chu Xuan was not in a hurry.

“Are you going to try it?”

Anne Hathaway took another helmet from the storage box.

“Okay, just want to experience it.”

Chu Xuan put on his helmet and sat in the driver’s seat, and Anne Hathaway naturally sat in the back, wrapped around his waist, and the whole person was almost attached to his back.

“Why are you sticking so tightly?”

“I’m afraid your skills are not good, throw me down, of course, you have to grasp it.”

Anne Hathaway blinked innocently, but there was a bit of agility in her eyes.

I don’t know what kind of ghost ideas she is playing again.

“Then you’re sure.”

Chu Xuan twisted the throttle, stepped on the gear, and in the roar of the Ducati engine, the motorcycle jumped out like an arrow off the string.

Anne Hathaway hugged him tighter.

After the addiction of motorcycles, I had lunch with the big beauty.

Chu Xuan took Anne Hathaway back to the company.

I wanted to drive her away, but this girl had to pestered her to keep up.

Chu Xuan also happened to take her to see the clip of “The Godfather” and give some advice from the perspective of an onlooker.

Three hours later, in the screening room, Anne Hathaway was speechless.

“Now the soundtrack is not finished, and the color grading is almost interesting, you can watch it.” What, is there something wrong? ”

Looking at her out-of-body posture, Chu Xuan still thought that there was something major in the film.

As a result Anne Hathaway muttered, “Chu, this movie… It’s really a masterpiece, and next year’s Oscars will be yours. ”


“Of course! It’s just that I thought my performance was perfect, but now I feel better. ”

Even if it was just the first cut sample, Anne Hathaway was shocked.

The heaviness of that era is vividly displayed, and the fate of each character in the film is also lamentable.

Because the work is so good, she is not even so confident, always thinking that her performance is not perfect.

“Your performance is good enough, otherwise I wouldn’t have given it to you.”


Anne Hathaway’s eyes lit up.

“What are you lying to?” If you say that, I’m relieved. ”

“When will it be released?” I’ll also promote it on Twitter when the time comes. ”

“Look at the speed of the review, it is tentatively scheduled for early April.”

North American film schedules are similar to Dragon Country, and the market is relatively cold from March to May after the Oscars.

Basically, it is the extended release of the Oscar heat, or some thriller, suspense, horror and other genre films.

Large-scale commercial blockbusters generally choose the summer slot, or Thanksgiving, Christmas slot.

Marketing manager Mark Lawrence suggested that “The Godfather” be postponed and released in June.

In this way, the box office performance can be better, so as not to have a cold market and the risk is greater.

Chu Xuan insisted on his own opinion.

“Mark, you have to have faith in our films. As long as the quality of the film is good enough, it does not matter the market schedule. ”

After the official version of “The Godfather” was produced, Infinity Pictures immediately submitted it for review and grading.

Due to the partial violence in the film, it is not suitable for children to shoot, and the final rating is R.

Children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to view.

However, this has little impact on the box office, and anyway, he is too young to fully understand the movie “The Godfather”.

With a certain amount of social experience, we can understand the human life, human insight, social experience and so on.

After the review was completed, Infinity Pictures released a final poster on the official media platform on the same day.

“Oscar Best Director Chu Xuan’s new work ‘The Godfather’, which premiered worldwide on April 1!”

The cooperation between Chu Xuan and Lionsgate Pictures is also familiar with the road, and it is still a 15% “friendship price” distribution.

Lionsgate Doesn’t want to make much profit, it only wants to have a good relationship with Chu Xuan.

CEQ Joe Drake could see clearly, hugging Chu Xuan’s thighs, there must be soup to drink.

But Chu Xuan had already had other plans.

Since the company’s accounts gradually grew from $100 million to $1 billion.

He is also looking for his own distribution channels.

Always relying on Lionsgate is not enough, what if Lionsgate is acquired by giants such as Disney, Fox and so on?

But the North American film market has been divided up by several giants in Hollywood.

The time and resources spent on re-investing money to establish channels and opening up relationships with theaters are enormous.

It is not as convenient as acquiring a ready-made issuing company.

There have been recent rumors that MGM is not operating well, is on the verge of bankruptcy, and is more miserable than in its previous life.

In the past, Amazon acquired MGM Pictures for $8.5 billion, not only gaining its distribution channels, but also thousands of cinemas such as MGM Cinemas and Digo International Cinema Line, and more than 4,000 film rights.

These include classic IPs such as “007 Series” and “Tom and Jerry”.

In addition to this there are some physical properties, MGM Hotels, MGM Film Resorts.

In fact, the cash acquisition, only about 1.5 billion US dollars is enough, the remaining nearly 6 billion yuan, are all MGM’s liabilities.

Eating this “big lion” may make Infinity Pictures’ funds short-lived.

But as long as it survives this time, Infinity Pictures will become a new giant in Hollywood!

Disney, Universal, Warner, Fox and the like are no longer objects of admiration.

Maybe they’ll have to look up to Infinity Pictures.

Of course, Chu Xuan is still waiting for the opportunity, and what is crucial now is the release of “The Godfather”.

After the film was finalized, in addition to the official social media promotional posters.

The publicity work on various platforms has been fully rolled out.

“#最佳导演Magic- Chu’s New Film”

Quickly climb the Twitter topic list!

Fans also saw the “Godfather” promotional film for the first time.

Lin Lei is a Chinese student at Baylor High School in Los Saints.

From their grandfather’s generation, their family came from Minhai Province to settle on the west coast of North America, and both grandfather and father ran their own Chinese restaurant

Lin Lei is not a “banana man”, and he himself has a great sense of identification with the homeland of the Dragon Kingdom.

Since the birth of the young Chinese director Chu Xuan, he quickly became a fan of Chu Xuan.

Speaking of which, it is precisely because of Chu Xuan that he got off his list last year.

Lin Lei’s girlfriend is Irene Alba, who took him to see “Ghost Movie”.

“Ghost Movie”, “City of Philharmonic”, “Silence of the Lambs” They all went to the cinema every time to date, and gradually came together.

At the end of class this day, Lin Lei and Irene sat together and were tired.

Suddenly, there was an exclamation from the classroom.

“Holyshit! Chu’s new film is coming soon! The Godfather has just released a trailer! ”

Chu Xuan is the idol of many young people, and there are many Chu Xuan fans in the class.

Hearing the news, Irene couldn’t sit still.

“Lin, hurry up and take a look!”

Lin Lei quickly opened his mobile phone and came to the official tiktok account of Infinite Pictures.

Sure enough, the video at the top is the new promo!

Just posted 10 minutes ago, the number of likes has exceeded 50,000! Refresh it and you’ll get hundreds more comments!

Lin Lei also couldn’t wait to click on the horizontal screen to play, and put his arms around Irene to watch it together.

“Your Excellency Corleone, please help me to administer justice…”

“You came to my house on my daughter’s wedding day and bribed me with money to kill for you?”

“You don’t want to get mixed up in the family business?” You have to put a gun to his head, pull the trigger, and their brain plasma splashes on your clothes…”

“I’ve worked all my life, I take care of my family, nothing to regret… Brando’s hoarse voice matches the violin of the film with a slight sadness”

The melody, inexplicably, is somewhat touching.

The 1 minute and 30 seconds promo does not reveal much information.

Everyone was still confused about the godfather’s plot, and didn’t understand what kind of story Chu Xuan had told.

It’s just that from the promo, you can see that the film is really well-made.

The overall texture of the film is excellent, and the scenes, costumes, and props are very age-sensitive, making people dream back to the 4050s in North America.

For many middle-aged and elderly film fans, seeing this promotional video, I can’t help but evoke a lot of memories for them.

For young people, they are more curious.

“It looks like it’s well made, but hopefully the film won’t let me down.”

“Is Martha Brando still alive?”

“How did Al Pacino go back to 20 years old!” This makeup technique is so strong. ”

“3 hours? Good fellow, I hope it doesn’t stink and grow. ”

“I believe in Chu, I believe in his movies!”

“Don’t be appetizing, my wallet is ready!” You can enter the cinema at any time! ”

Chu Xuan’s film fans can’t wait to go into the movie theater and watch this film.

At the same time, film critics, media reporters, and people in the North American film industry who have previously blackened Chu Xuan are also quite curious about “The Godfather”.

What will happen to this film, which brings together many stars? Will it be the Waterloo of Best Director Chu Xuan?

Chu Xuan then also announced the premiere of “The Godfather”, which was still held at the TLC Dragon Country Theater in Luoshengdu!

The “Man’s Bible,” the Godfather, is finally about to meet the world!

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