Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 53

Chapter Fifty-Three The Godfather Kills the Blue! Exposed by the state media!!

“According to the Los Santo Times, the North American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the Oscar nomination list in Los Santo early this morning!”

“The film ‘City of Philharmonic’ leads the way with 14 nominations!”

“The romantic song and dance film ‘City of Philharmonic’ received 14 nominations including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Original Screenplay, etc., matching the 1951 Oscar for Best Picture ‘Comet Beauty’: and tied for the most nominated film in Oscar history.”

“The 21-year-old Chinese director Chu Xuan quickly became popular with a horror film “Ghost Shadow Record” shot with DV in hand, becoming the fastest director at the box office.”

“After he became famous, he did not settle for the status quo, but challenged himself and challenged the good vegetable dock to shoot the new song and dance theme “Philharmonic City”, which has received 890 million US dollars at the global box office after its release!”

“It is worth mentioning that Chu Xuan created Infinite Pictures and invested in another Oscar film, “Silent Gai Yang””

“Silent Gai Sheep” won 7 awards including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, etc.

“At the 74th Academy Awards ceremony to be held at the end of this month, Chu Xuan is undoubtedly the focus of the whole audience.”

“At the age of 21, he swept through the good food dock with an amazing posture, and people can’t help but look forward to his future works.”

“City of Philharmonic” will be released nationwide on February 14, Valentine’s Day…

As soon as the Oscar nomination news was announced, the most excited person was not Chu Xuan himself, but Zhao Jinling.

She couldn’t sleep that night, and the next day she wanted to find someone to hurry up and write a press release.

Chu Xuan’s other news is blocked, and the Oscar nominations will not be banned, right?

Unexpectedly, Zhao Jinling had not yet found anyone, and the official media news agency of Longguo published this heavyweight report.

The public account of the news agency, Douyin and other platforms, have forwarded this news. “Genius Dragon Country Director Chu Xuan Won 21 Nominations, Sweeping the Oscars” Until today, more people in Longguo have discovered the news of Chu Xuan.

“Sleeper! When did a Dragon Kingdom director come out, so? ”

“Only 21 years old, so many nominations!”

“Two films were shortlisted, And The Cow Beer.”

“Chu Xuan’s name is so familiar, I feel like I hear it somewhere.”

“Look at the picture, I was a member of a boy band before.”

“ESO that? Impossible! Banned from running to North America as a director? ”

“Are you all 2G?” The extranet has long spread. ”

“Broken Oscar only, so many years there is no good film, who cares about it?”

“After all, this time it is the director of the Dragon Kingdom, and it will be time to watch the live broadcast.”

Somewhere in the capital manor, a certain big guy was so angry that he was throwing a cup again.

“Grandpa, this is a news agency, a state media.” We can’t help it, can’t we? ”

“Well, what about Oscar? Ten thousand dollars of investment, or song and dance films, what waves can be set off in the dragon country? ”

The big guy was helpless and could only hate it.

Song and dance films are naturally unsatisfactory, and everyone will even think of Ah San’s Bollywood after seeing it.

Singing and dancing without a word, who loves to watch?

“Little Times” has Guo Xiaosi’s self-written and self-directed, plus Stars such as Yang Xiaomi, Guo Caiwa, Guo Biting, etc., and the box office appeal is not stronger than that of foreign films?

When the time comes, let the studio put “Philharmonic City”. The scheduling rate is pulled below 10%.

Being able to beat that kid at the box office is also a bad breath.

Chu Xuan still didn’t know what he was going to face, or if he didn’t care anymore.

At present, Chu Xuan is concentrating on the finishing work of “The Godfather”.

Before the Oscars, “The Godfather” will be finished!

Chu Xuan’s shooting speed also stunned a group of actors, he seems to have a very clear understanding of the film, clearly know every detail of the camera performance.

Tom Hardy sometimes NG, Chu Xuan three words and two words to talk about the drama, can make him instantly understand.

Then there’s the one-line.

All the actors present were excellent actors, and they could basically quickly understand Chu Xuan’s intentions and find a sense of performance.

Tom Hardy couldn’t help but sigh that it was lucky to follow this kind of director. It was the easiest and most rewarding for him to shoot.

Unexpectedly, a 21-year-old director benefited him a lot.

If Tom Hardy and Director Wang Jiayu have worked together, maybe it will be more touching

Wang Jiazhi is a good director, but his filming is simply torture.

He didn’t have a script for filming, and it was impossible to have a storyboard, it all depended on feeling.

Maybe an inexplicable shot, may have to be filmed dozens of times to find the feeling that Tom Hardy’s scene was finished, he specially thanked Chu Xuan for this opportunity.

“Chu, there will be a role suitable for me in the future, on call, and it is too pleasant to cooperate with you.”

“Hahaha, no problem. More than one character awaits you too! ”

“Great, waiting for your news!”

For Tom Hardy, Chu Xuan was indeed ready to continue to cooperate.

“Inception”, “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises”, all need him, but these are as early as the second half of the year, or next year.

At least Batman: The Dark Knight had to be made first.

Soon, the old drama bone Ma Cheng Brando, Kirian Mo Fei and other stars have been successful, and the movie has come to an end.

After shooting the last shot on this day, the filming stage of “The Godfather” was successfully completed.


Chu Xuan shouted and stopped shooting.

In the final shot, it always feels like Anne Hathaway is not in a state.

“You come out of the room and show a state of relaxation on the surface, but panic and torment on the inside.”

“The look in your eyes just now is too much”

Chu Xuan didn’t say anything further.

Because he found that when Anne Hathaway walked towards the camera, her eyes seemed to be looking at herself?

Anne Hathaway also stuck out her tongue: “I know, I’m sorry, I’m in trouble for everyone, the next one must be serious.” ”

Anne Hathaway is a big beauty in the crew, and often buys coffee for everyone.

Everyone was kind to her.

Moreover, she seemed to be very close to Director Chu Xuan.

Anne Hathaway smiled sheepishly and then returned to the point and restarted the shot.

After five or six NG, she finally let go of distractions and let herself enter the role.

The moment the new godfather was in the room, the younger brother stepped forward to close the door.

Anne Hathaway seemed to understand the meaning of this shot in an instant! She has been brought into the role of the new godfather’s girlfriend, Kay.

It was as if at the moment of closing the door, she and the new godfather were already people of two worlds

This confusion and faint despair about the future is fully expressed through the eyes of Anne Hathaway.

Chu Xuan saw the situation through the viewfinder, and he couldn’t help but secretly marvel.

Although there is no Diane Keaton, Anne Hathaway’s performance is also quite in place

Perhaps this “Godfather” will not lose to the original version.

After the lens was shot, the photographer did not dare to stop and continued shooting.

Anne Hathaway also continued to keep that look.

Chu Xuan was slightly stunned for two seconds before he reacted.

“Cut! Well—done! I’m killing! ”


“It was amazing!”

Finally, when it came to the final moment, the crew members recalled this shooting time and couldn’t help but have some feelings.

At first, I heard that Chu Xuan was once again across genres and shooting a gangster movie, and everyone was a little nervous.

Later, mafia members joined the crew, and the cast and crew panicked all day long, afraid that the mafia would make trouble.

Fortunately, they were polite, even much more polite than the average person.

The crew then relaxed their minds and enjoyed the filming of this play.

After the killing, Mafia member Vito Skarita came with his younger brother to congratulate Chu Xuan.

“Chu, well done! I can feel that this movie must be wonderful. ”

At first, he was still unwilling to be an actor.

After a day of shooting, I still can’t escape the law of true incense.

He also called the boss Frank Cary specifically, and after saying a few words in a dull language, he handed the phone to Chu Xuan again.

“Chu, Mr. Cary still wants to talk to you.”

Chu Xuan calmly ended up calling, “Mr. Kari.” ”

“Chu! Congratulations! The champagne I delivered should be coming soon, right? ”

Sure enough, a car pulled in at the entrance of the set, which contained several large wooden boxes.

Open it up and it’s full of premium champagne.

Each bottle is worth a lot!

“Received, Mr. Cary broke the bill.”

“Obscure, this little money is a small meaning.” As long as your movie is good, it’s worth it. ”

“Then thank you very much for your help during this time. The mafia members solved a lot of trouble for Chu Xuan. ”

He filmed on a section of road in Niu, and it may take ten days to go through the procedure for approval.

These ground snakes are out of the horse, and they can be done in one day.

There are also some 40s weapons, such as the “Shibaka typewriter” Thompson submachine gun.

Frank Cary pulled a cart of submachine guns straight from the warehouse. Then load the air package, and the realism of shooting the gunfight scene is directly full.

These are the real guys from the mafia inventory of the year!

“No thanks, I should thank you.” From now on, you will be my brother Frank Cary, and you can just say anything. ”

In the 1940s, the mafia could directly control the vegetable dock, and even influence some policies, and the power was monstrous.

Now they basically retire to the jianghu, low scheduling days.

But on the streets of Nyoyo, they are still a big force.

Suppose Chu Xuan was stolen from his mobile phone in Niuyo, and it was useless to find NYPD.

If you look for them, you can catch the thief in front of Chu Xuan within half an hour. Although it was usually of no use to Chu Xuan, it was still very helpful at the critical moment.

I didn’t expect to make a “Godfather”, and I really unlocked the friendship of new forces.

“Chu! I got the role!!! ”

After the completion of “The Godfather”, the crew disbanded, and Chu Xuan also returned to Luo Shengdu to edit in the editing room.

The filming phase is important, as is the editing phase.

Chu Xuan had to stare at the whole time in order to control the overall situation and get the effect he wanted.

These days are busy editing, and there is no time to date Omei. Receiving her call, Chu Xuan still thought that he was going to ask Xingshi for questioning.

As a result, Ao Mei was quite excited and almost screamed.

“Border Killer heroine, did you get it?”

“Yes! Am I awesome? ”

“Great, darling. Tonight I’ll finish early and let’s go have a good meal to celebrate. ”

Able to beat Emily Brontë, “Big Cousin” Jennifer Lawrence

Ao Mei is now, whether it is acting skills or fame, she has gradually become a first-line actress in the good vegetable dock.

At least T1.5.

In just half a year, Ao Mei’s growth is indeed very fast.

“Hey hey, but”

Ao Mei’s mood suddenly dropped.

“What’s wrong?”

“The day after the Oscars, I will go to Moxigo with the crew to shoot. Do you? ”

Tomorrow is Oscar, and the day after tomorrow will be temporarily separated from Omei for three months

Chu Xuan was also a little disappointed at once.

However, falling in love with a star is also inevitable.

If Chu Xuan were filming outside, he would often not see her for months.

“That night should be celebrated in advance, tomorrow Oscar, you will definitely win a big victory!”

“I can’t say for sure.”

Chu Xuan smiled lightly.

“Twelve Years of Slavery” was also nominated for Best Picture, Best Director and so on

With the urine nature of the Oscar organizing committee, the results are unpredictable.


Anyway, he is going to play, and tomorrow the award ceremony does not know what good drama will be issued

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