Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 50

“Eh? Do you really want to find him extras? ”

“How? Can’t understand English? Repeat it to you without taking a stupid word? ”

“No, don’t do it, do as you tell you.”

Vito Scaretta wanted to file a complaint in front of the Godfather.

He gave the script to Frank Cary and added fuel to chu xuan’s arrogance.

As a result, Frank Cary read the script with great interest, and it was four hours at a time.

After reading the script, Mr. Cary’s attitude was 180 reversed!

Is he really going to find a dragon suit actor for that kid?

Even have to play a role yourself?

“Vito, are we really going to be actors?” I can’t afford to lose this man. ”

“No way, Mr. Cary confessed, we just did it.”


“Okay, let’s arrange for someone to audition.”

Vito Skareta shook his head helplessly.

Mr. Cary’s exact words were:

“Provide all the support for the crew and help Chu Xuan make this movie as well as possible.”

Maybe the story is really great and doesn’t discredit their mafia.

Mr. Cary only moved from previous opposition to full support.

On the crew side, assistant director Vince Gilligan looked confused.

“Chu, do you really want to find these mafia members to make a cameo?” They’re all dangerous people. ”

“Wouldn’t it be better to just perform the real thing?”

“But, just in case…”

“Rest assured, I have a number in mind. Let’s shoot the next one. ”


When the mafia members entered the crew, they were very obedient.

Instead of making trouble, they helped the crew shoot as smoothly as possible.

At the same time, Vito Sculletta himself starred as Carlo, the son-in-law of the godfather Corleone.

In the beginning, after these gang members joined, they always laughed at the film for not being right, and ridiculed the actors for not acting like the mafia.

“Hey, we gambinos don’t do that, that’s too pompous.”

“Man, that’s not how a real killer holds a gun.”

Later, as the filming progressed, these mafia members were also unconsciously infected by the atmosphere of the film and began to imitate the way the characters spoke and behaved.

It simply surprised an actor.

Al Pacino, who plays the second-generation godfather, quietly asked with a complicated face:

“Chu, they won’t be all right like this, right?”

“Rest assured, you can just continue your own performances and leave them alone.”

Anne Hathaway was a little afraid of the gang members.

Every time she took a break, she would hide next to Chu Xuan, as if it were a safe area.

For some reason, those gang members had great respect for Chu Xuan.

Speaking to him politely.

“What are you doing here?”

Chu Xuan was carefully looking at the material he had just taken, wondering whether to make up for it.

As a result, Anne Hathaway was also close, almost sticking to his face.

“What, the big director hates me?”

Anne Hathaway was squeamishly.

Good fellow, this lady is indeed a tea master.

But her green tea is not annoying, but has a strange charm.

Chu Xuan had just wanted to fight her for a few rounds when his mobile phone suddenly rang.

“Chu Xuan, a good news, a bad news…”

Zhao Jin’s soft voice sounded, and Anne Hathaway’s ears were very sharp, and she raised an eyebrow after hearing it.

She knew that Chu Xuan’s girlfriend was Elizabeth Olsen, and she didn’t expect that there were many girls staring at him.

“At the same time, I said that I would sell less guanzi.”

It was morning, and it was almost midnight on the Dragon Kingdom side.

There must have been something important when she called.

“Hmm, it’s boring.”

Zhao Jinjiao stuck out his tongue and continued:

“The good news is that ‘City of Philharmonic’ has passed the review and can be released normally on Valentine’s Day.”

“The bad news is that we need to submit a co-production plan. Filmed in his home country and starred in no less than 70%. ”

“That’s the bad news?” Chu Xuan was happy.

“Why not, in a short period of time, where can you plan a movie?” There are so many requirements. ”

Zhao Jin mark was about to die, and there was very little time left on it.

In the unlikely event that “City of Philharmonic” could not be released, it is estimated that hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue would be lost.

“Is a week enough?”

“You can come up with a plan so quickly?”

“Not only the plan, but the script is fine.”


Zhao Jinyao knew that Chu Xuan was talented and knew that he had planned 4 movies in just half a year.

Didn’t expect him to be so fast?

“Leave it to me, and you can rest assured to reply to the above.”

“Okay, I believe in you, don’t be too livery, pay attention to the body.”

In the face of Zhao Jin’s concern, Chu Xuan also gushed a trace of warmth.

“Rest assured, I’m doing well.”

After hanging up the phone, Anne Hathaway leaned over with a vague look.

“What, the girl who was raised in the Dragon Kingdom?”

She couldn’t understand Chinese, but she could feel the tenderness on the other side of the phone.

“What nonsense.” Chu Xuan glanced at her, “She is a good friend of mine and a partner of the company.” ”

“Oh,” said Anne Hathaway deliberately dragging out a long tone, “I see, good friend. Rest assured, I won’t tell Liz. ”

Chu Xuan suddenly had a bit of a headache.

Anne Hathaway, who looks like a princess in front of the public, why is she so skinny in private?

Fortunately, she was very serious when filming, and she didn’t need Chu Xuan to worry too much.

Chu Xuan also let her skin.

The crew has such a beautiful woman, and the atmosphere is also very good.


A week later, Zhao Jin mark did receive Chu Xuan’s script.

And it’s two movies!

When Zhao Jinbiao saw the scripts of these two movies, he was stunned!

She could clearly feel that Dragon Kingdom’s Infinity Pictures was not the role of a tool man.

Not just used to release Chu Xuan’s Hollywood movies.

He has bigger ambitions!

Chu Xuan wants to shoot more movies and occupy the Dragon Country and Hong Kong and Taiwan markets!

Probably this is chu xuan’s charm, every time can give her unexpected surprises.

These two films, a cop film depicting undercover.

The film planner specifically mentioned that the story is set on Hong Kong Island, and it is necessary to link up with many stars on Hong Kong Island.

The second film turned out to be a well-known female figure.

The story of Hua Mulan serving in the army for her father, Zhao Jinbiao has longed for it since he was a child.

Moreover, Chu Xuan later sent her a private message.

“I promised you before that I would shoot a movie of Yanhuang culture.” You can try the heroine inside. ”

“Me? Playing Mulan? Can’t act, right? ”

Looking at the script of the live-action movie “Mulan”, Zhao Jin was stunned.

Chu Xuan seemed to trust her too much, and she herself lacked confidence.

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