Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 48

In a retro manor house on Noyo, Long Island, Longfellow Street.

Before the start-up, Chu Xuan had already stationed the “Godfather” crew here.

This manor house is the home of Victor Corleone in the movie, the filming venue of the first wedding scene.

The main cast of the whole play has basically expired, and Chu Xuan is ready to hold a script reading meeting according to the usual practice.

The actors followed the script and half-performed and half-read it with emotion.

Not only can you enter the play as soon as possible and find the state of the character, but also let the director see the problem in time and help the actor better understand the character.

The main actor is the old drama bone Ma Yan Brando.

He became a household name during the Golden Age of Hollywood, starring in several classic films.

“Desire StreetCar”, “Dock Storm”, “Julius Caesar”, and even played Superman’s father in the first version of the comic adaptation film “Superman”.

Most of the people in the crew grew up watching The Play of Margaret Brando, and he can be said to be everyone’s old predecessor.

On the set, Brando was always a posture of not entering, and no one had a good face in front of him.

However, for the director Chu Xuan, he is still relatively restrained.

Even if he is an actor no matter how high his status is, he understands that this opportunity is rare, and he may be able to make the end of his actor’s career reach another peak.

Therefore, Ma Yan Brando, who was nearly 70 years old, was still quite kind to Chu Xuan.

The eldest son, Sonny, eventually identified Tom Hardy.

Sean Bin of “Professional Villain” and “100 Ways to Die” is too old.

Henry Cavill, the “Man of Steel,” did not have the impetuous and reckless momentum.

Tom Hardy earned the role perfectly with his acting skills.

The second son eventually chose Kirihan Murphy, whose performance may be different from the original, but he is also competent.

As for Al Pacino, who is in his 40s, using makeup technology and computer special effects, he can perfectly restore his 20-year-old state.

And his sharp and resolute eyes, which are difficult for others to have.

The wife of the eldest son, Sonny, Chu Xuan chose actress Jennifer Love Hewitt.

The heroine of the American drama “Ghost Whisperer”, the movie “Love Again”, and “Garfield”.

She is a very attractive big beauty.

As for the younger son’s girlfriend, there was no Diane Keaton actor.

Chu Xuan really couldn’t find anyone, so he could only let Anne Kathaway try it.

Anne Hathaway received an invitation from Chu Xuan and came to the crew without saying a word.

“Chu! Do we start now? ”

Anne Hathaway stared at Chu Xuan with her big eyes, revealing shallow dimples.

I didn’t expect that the first time I cooperated, she was so familiar with herself.


I remember the first time we met two days ago, Anne Hathaway had long hair and waist.

“Chu, hello. It’s a pleasure to star in your movie. I watched “City of Philharmonic” 3 times and burst into tears every time. ”

After Chu Xuan said hello, he frowned:

“Well, this character needs short hair, short shoulder-length hair, and a bit of a roll.”

Anne Hathaway’s long black hairstyle, Chu Xuan was a little unbearable.

As a result, the next day, she came directly to herself with her short hair.

“Director, the hair is done!” Doesn’t that look good? ”


I have to say that it is worthy of being the “public enemy of Hollywood”, ah, what a perfect woman.

“Chu? Director? ”

Seeing that the crew was staring at themselves in a daze, Chu Xuan was also a little embarrassed, and he coughed lightly and announced:

“The First Script Reading Meeting of The Godfather, let’s get started.”



With Chu Xuan’s shouts, the camera stopped running.

“What happened to Chu?” This scene was filmed very well just now. ”

Next to Chu Xuan, a middle-aged man with glasses and a small mustache asked curiously.

He is the assistant director invited by Chu Xuan to assist in the filming of “The Godfather”.

The assistant director, named Vince Gilligan, is the director and screenwriter of the american drama “Breaking Bad” in the past.

In his opinion, this scene taken by Chu Xuan was already very good!

At the beginning of the film, someone comes to the godfather to do something, and Chu Xuan did not shoot Ma Yan Brando himself at first.

Instead, the lens is constantly pulled away, showing the mystery and strength of the godfather through the half of the old godfather’s back.

“Why did you call the police?” Why didn’t you come to me first? ”

Vince Gilligan saw this scene through the viewfinder and couldn’t help but clap his hands in secret.

Oh well!

Just one sentence shows that the Mafia and North America are not a XX.

The Mafia’s “justice” can directly pierce the “North American dream.”

“You didn’t take me as a friend, you didn’t even want to call me the ‘godfather.'”

In the “North American Dream,” you can only get money, and there is no justice or humanity at all.

In the old godfather, you can get love and justice.

Vince Gilligan didn’t understand at first why Chu Xuan was looking for a cat to hold with his godfather.

Now it seems that it is really wonderful!

A cat embodies the majesty of the godfather, and even the cat must obediently surrender.

At the same time, it also shows the benefits of turning to the godfather, as long as you seize the opportunity, you can get what you want.

A panoramic shot after that explains the character of the character.

The adopted son/military master Tom was sitting precariously, and the eldest son, Sonny, leaned against the window and drank carelessly.

Such a small scene immediately made the three main characters stand.

Originally, Vince Gilligan was still a little skeptical about how a 21-year-old like Chu Xuan could grasp the mentality of a mafia boss.

Now it seems that he can not only control, but even skillfully show the characters through details.

Worthy of “Magic-Chu”!

But Chu Xuan was still not satisfied, and frowned at Tom Hardy:

“Tom, your performance is still a little tight, relax a little more.”

“Got it, director. Sorry, I’ll look for feelings again. ”

Tom Hardy is an excellent actor, the villain bane of The Dark Knight Rises, the pretender in Mad Max 4, and Inception;

He can easily control Sonny, the grumpy playboy.

Just seeing his idol, Martha Brando, Tom was a little stiff, and unconsciously listened carefully to the words of the “godfather”.

But Chu Xuan demanded that he be more impatient and careless.

Fortunately, Tom Hardy quickly understood that this “epic opening” was finally filmed smoothly.

Next up is a more important wedding scene.

The fate of each character in “The Godfather” is revealed in the chaotic but chaotic wedding scene.

For Chu Xuan, this was also a huge test for him.

But Chu Xuan believed that he could shoot the scene perfectly.

At that time, it should be able to increase the experience of a wave.

“Chu, it’s a little cold, I poured you a cup of hot tea.”

During the break, Chu Xuan sat in the director’s chair and pondered the next storyboard.

Then Anne Hathaway came over with two hot drinks.

It’s winter in Niuyo, but the crew is shooting summer scenes, which is indeed a bit cold.

Anne Hathaway took the coffee and specially gave herself a cup of hot tea, which showed her thoughtfulness.

“Thank you.”

In his previous life, Chu Xuan was accustomed to the appearance of Anne Hathaway’s long hair, and he had also seen the heroic posture of the short hair of “Interstellar”.

Unexpectedly, she took the initiative to cut her short hair this time, and showed another charm.

“Chu, about this Kay character, I have made some character biographies, can you help me see it together?” There is nothing wrong with understanding. ”

Anne Hathaway sat down with a stool against Chu Xuan, and could even smell the fragrance of her shampoo.

Is it any wonder that the whole United States hates this woman, so beautiful, still so rolled?

How can others live!.。

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