Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 47

No matter which chart of the global movie website you look at, the “Godfather” series will always occupy the top three.

Even the top ten can have a seat.

50 years after the release of the movie in the past life, there are still many fans who are willing to relive this classic.

Even viewers who regularly watch popcorn movies can see this film.

“I’m going to give him a reason I can’t refuse.”

“Don’t let others know what you think.”

“Great people are not born great, but growing up to be great.”

“Never hate your enemies, it will affect your judgment.”


Many classic lines are also well known by netizens even after decades.

In fact, Chu Xuan can also only be a producer and hire other directors to direct “The Godfather”.

He is not the kind of producer who often interferes with the director, and since he has chosen a director, he basically lets the other party let go.

David Finch’s “The Silence of the Lambs” was well done, not losing the original.

Unfortunately, the original director Francis Coppola has long since returned home and cannot direct.

No matter which director you look for, it may be difficult to shoot that taste.

Chu Xuan simply went into battle on his own, just to test his own level of directing.

“Philharmonic City” allows him to save up a wave of experience, without the help of the original film, his real strength is almost Lv.3 level, and he can be on par with Wen Ziren, Zach Schneider and others.

With the help of the original film, it is estimated that the feeling of Coppola can also be found.

The script of “The Godfather”, he has already taken the time to get it done recently.

The problem now is casting, there are many characters in the film trilogy, and everyone needs a certain acting skill.

But parallel worlds seem to be somewhat chaotic compared to previous lives.

For example, Ao Mei is still a dragon set actress in her early 20s, and Sister Shi, Sister Widow and others are already well-known actresses.

Anthony Hopkins stuck in his previous life in the 90s, and Francis Coppola was on the same timeline and was in his 80s.

The actor who plays Tom of “Adopted Son/Military Teacher/Lawyer”, Robert Duvall is also 80 years old and can’t play at all.

In addition to Hollywood, the Chinese entertainment industry also seems to be a bit chaotic.

Zhao Jinbiao is 2 years younger than himself and is only 19 years old this year;

Boss Yang is only 25 years old and has not yet met Liu Kaiwei;

Regulus had just debuted, the same year as himself.

The Hong Kong and Taiwan sides are even more outrageous, Cheng Taki, Liu Dehua, Zhang Guorong, Zhou Xingxing and others are also in their 40s, which is at the peak of the period

In short, although these are not important, the actors in my memory may be very different from reality.

He simply called the company: “Mark, have you arranged anything before?” ”

“Ready to go, do you want to start now?”

Chu Xuan’s right-hand man, Mark Lawrensen, asked.

“Let’s get started, it’s better to start the plan early.”

“Got it.”

Soon, North America and even Britain got a message.

Chu Xuan’s third film, the epic gangster film “Godfather” series, is recruiting actors for all!

If it is a casting like “Philharmonic City”, maybe no one cares.

What is the ability of a director who shoots a family DV?

But the global popularity of “Philharmonic City” has made the actors want to move.

Chu Xuan is even a 21-year-old Chinese director, but he does have a level!

Otherwise, how can it be called “Magic-Chu”!

You can’t guess him with common sense!

Check out Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone!

Originally, these two people were a bit tepid, not too angry, not much fire.

As for now, these two people can maintain the top stream for at least a month!

They are one of the hottest actors in Hollywood!

The Golden Globes ceremony all paid tribute to the song and dance of “Philharmonic City”!

If you give up such an opportunity, I am afraid that you will lose your heart and go crazy!

For a time, the phone number of the director group of Infinity Pictures was about to explode, and countless actors and even agents of big stars called to inquire about the audition.


“Tommy, are you really going to try that young man’s play?” Gangster films are different from song and dance, which require a certain amount of precipitation…”

“You might as well take this thriller ‘The Law of Death’, or the special effects blockbuster ‘Minotaur’…”

The British Isles, the city of Lundhorn.

Tom Hardy stood in front of the window, looking downstairs at the traffic, interrupting the agent’s broken thoughts.

“Enough is enough, I have decided, help me buy a plane ticket to Los Santo.”

“Oh, well. If this film is messed up, you are afraid that you will not be filmed for three years. ”

“I’m willing to gamble.”

Tom Hardy looked determined.


“Killian, there’s a gangster movie open cast, do you want to try it?”

“Who’s the director?”


Before the agent could finish speaking, the deep-eyed Killian Murphy couldn’t wait.

“Of course! Let’s go to Los Santo! ”


“Oh? Chu personally named me to find me? ”

“Yes. Al, what do you think? ”

“I’m also willing, it should be very interesting.” It’s just that…… I’m in my 40s and it’s said that the character is a 20-something guy? Not quite right, right? ”

“Say it can be done with makeup and special effects.”

“Okay, I’ll try.”

After the agent left, Al Pacino sat in his office in a daze.

“This young man, it’s very interesting.”

Al Pacino was a well-known male star 10 years ago, winning an Oscar for “Smelling Women”.

At the same time, he has also starred in many classic films such as “AiLanren”, “Angels in the Human World”, “Thief of Fire”, “Devil’s Spokesperson” and so on.

But in recent years, he has long passed, and this year there is not even a show.

There was no shortage of money anyway, and Al Pacino didn’t take the script anyway, preferring to be idle at home.

Even if the media and netizens say that he has been angry, they all say that he will not act and will never receive good films again.

Al Pacino wasn’t angry either.

Until Chu Xuan spread the news of the Godfather.

Hearing about the Gambino family, he immediately became interested.

He himself is of good blood and is interested in the mafia.

Maybe this movie is a good choice!


After a period of preparation, Chu Xuan was finally able to start casting interviews.

Some of the extras with few shots are handled by the casting director team.

Important starring and supporting roles, Chu Xuan personally checked.

After some screening….

Candidate for Sonny Corleone, the eldest son of the Corleone family:

Tom Hardy, Henry Cavell, Sean Bing;

Candidate for Frédo Corleone, the weak second son:

Adrian Browdy, Kirian Murphy, Jay Baruchel;

The youngest son, “the second godfather”, Mike Corleone, has identified Al Pacino.

As for the other roles, the actors are also more in line with the original old drama bones.

Now only the last key remains!

Core C bit, Victor Corleone, the godfather of the play!

Just in case…

Chu Xuan was worried about this, and the exact recovery was given on the phone.

“Director Chu, please forgive us for not being able to reply in time, Mr. Marlon Brando is willing to star in The Godfather.”

The big stone in Chu Xuan’s heart finally fell.

Very good, the crew is basically set up!

Next stop, Niuyo!

The “Godfather” crew is ready to start!

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