Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 42

“The Silence of the Lambs is an atypical and typical Chu film. Although it is directed by David Finch, the shadow of Chu Xuan’s showmanship can be seen in the script. ”

“The film has complex components, you can think of it as a crime suspense film, you can also think of it as a horror film, or a psychoanalytic film.”

“The redemption, sin, and killing involved in the plot are all mixed together and presented in a 2-hour movie.”

“It’s done at every level.”

“David Finch’s footage and Chu Xuan’s story blend together perfectly. Their first time together was a pleasant surprise! ”

“The film makes a lot of use of handheld subjective lenses, and the artistic conception is somewhat similar to Chu’s “Ghost Shadow Record”.”

“This can increase the sense of substitution, let us enter the inner world of the heroine, and feel the evil of the world to her.”

“With just 20 minutes of performance, Anthony Hopkins completely conquered everyone, including me!”

“Of course, in addition to his performance, Chu Xuan’s character is also quite perfect.”

“Such criminals are not simply guilty of the most heinous and repulsive.”

“He actually has his own unique charm!!”

“Oh my God, I can’t believe I could be impressed by an ogre!”

It can be seen from this that chu’s script is successful. Hannibal will also become one of the most classic characters in film history!! ”

“…… Combined ratings, I give two thumbs up! ”

“I won’t say much else, so as not to spoil it. Let’s go to the cinema and watch it for ourselves. ”

Roger Ebert, a film critic who was previously intimidated by Chu Xuan because of the song and dance films, was completely impressed by Chu Xuan.

After he lost the bet on “City of Philharmonic”, he actually ran to the Walk of Fame to sell hot dogs for a week.

This matter has also been ridiculed by the entertainment media for a long time.

Of course, he can’t completely abandon the film criticism industry.

After the release of “The Silence of the Lambs”, Roger Ebert went to see the premiere for the first time.

After watching the whole movie, he stayed up all night, and the ideas in his mind were very complicated.

It is even possible to write a paper of tens of thousands of words based on this film.

In any case, such a deep and exciting film is worth two brushes and three brushes.

He decisively gave the highest evaluation, two thumbs up, recommending fans to go to the theater to watch carefully.

The imdb score of 9.2 also proves that this is indeed an excellent film.

Although he was not directed by Chu Xuan himself, his script, casting, and supervising production were enough to brand the film as “produced by Chu Xuan”.

Originally, many people saw that it was a suspenseful and thriller, and everyone was not very interested.

Many suspense films in parallel worlds are very mysterious, or too silent, making people doze off.

Therefore, such films are not very good at the box office.

However, after the first screening of the film, the audience came out to discuss the plot details with their peers while enthusiastically scoring on the film review website!

“5 stars! He takes pleasure in devouring the darkness of others. I really admire the heroine, can be so strong! ”

“4 1/2 stars! Hannibal, as a serial killer, is fascinating! But some pictures of stomach upset. ”

“5 stars! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a movie that fascinates me so much. The whole film is breathless. ”

“5 stars! The actors’ performances are simply amazing! Hannibal can perform to get the little golden man! The heroine is also good, she is more exquisite than the “Ghost Movie Record” acting skills! ”

“5 stars! I didn’t even recognize Clarice as the heroine of Ghost In the Shadows. Great acting! ”

“4 stars! Don’t watch this film after eating. I vomited in the movie theater. ”

“5 stars! The depressing plot progression is thrilling until the last moment! It will definitely become a classic in film history! ”


After the premiere, Chu Xuan also got into the car accompanied by Elizabeth Olson and prepared to go home.

He sent Omei back downstairs to the apartment and said goodbye to her in the car.

“Chu, are you really not going up for a glass of champagne to celebrate?”

“I also want to go up, but unfortunately there is a meeting tomorrow morning, and I am afraid that I will not be able to get up… You get the idea. ”

“Nasty! Then I’ll go back first, and you drive slowly. ”

“Hey, your performance in the movie, it’s really great. Proud of you, sweetheart. ”

“Hey, don’t you reward it?”

Ao Mei closed her eyes and gently pouted her small mouth.

Before she could prepare, Chu Xuan had already kissed it.

The two kissed in the car for a long time before reluctantly letting go.

Ao Mei caressed his face, then pushed the car door and left.

Every time Chu Xuan saw her back, he couldn’t help but make up for the fact that she was wearing a red jacket and smiling back at the Heavenly Gods of the Wakanda Battlefield.

“No, in the past two years, I want her to play a red witch, and then let her wear the red witch costume… emmmm”

The more Chu Xuan thought about it, the more excited he became, and his body was hot and panicked.

He hasn’t even made “The Godfather”, not even “Iron Man”, and has already begun to plan “Avengers 3”.

At this time, Chu Xuan did not notice that in the imperceptible car in front of the apartment parking lot, there was a figure flashing.

“Oh, it seems that you have photographed a big melon?”


“The Silence of the Lambs” did not directly win the box office of the day like “City of Philharmonic”.

At present, the first place at the box office is still “True Love in the City”, and the second place is “Philharmonic City”.

There are still 10 million US dollars in a single day in the six weeks of release, which is simply terrifying!

The third place was “The Silence of the Lambs”, which grossed $7.2 million in a single day.

Although this result is quite good, the entire film investment is only 10 million US dollars, and it can be returned in a few days.

But some of the sunspots still talk about this phenomenon.

“Chu Xuan Jiang Lang is exhausted, he is no longer magical.”

“The suspense film is too dull, no one watches it at all.”

These statements were quickly refuted.

“Did you watch a movie?” No urine spots throughout! ”

“What does this mean on the first day?” This week’s box office champion certainly can’t run. ”

“Most people are still used to looking at word of mouth first.”

Indeed, there are a lot of movie fans who like to see imdb’s score first, or see the media reviews before choosing to go to the cinema.

This kind of thriller suspense film itself does not have its own heat, and it is normal that the box office did not explode on the first day.

Sure enough, three days later on Sunday, the box office statistics were released!

“The Silence of the Lambs reached the top of 31.68 million in its first week! “City of True Love” was cut off! ”

However, the news did not attract attention.

Everyone was swept away by another piece of news.

“Talented director romance exposed! The two kissed in the car! ”

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